[ENFP] Ah ha! That's an ENFP! (How did you know?)

Ah ha! That's an ENFP! (How did you know?)

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This is a discussion on Ah ha! That's an ENFP! (How did you know?) within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'm ENFP. There aren't a whole lot in my life, and I'm not close to any of them. But I ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Ah ha! That's an ENFP! (How did you know?)

    I'm ENFP. There aren't a whole lot in my life, and I'm not close to any of them. But I remember reading about a girl I knew writing about her fight with depression. I didn't know her well, but she was super bubbly, outgoing, loved attention, and loved parties. I guess I assumed that most of her living went on on the outside, and I was so startled to hear how she had struggled internally with depression after her best friend had abandoned her. I pointed at my computer screen and said, "Ah ha! She's definitely ENFP."

    I did the same thing when I read The Diary of Anne Frank. She talked about having an inner life that no one knew about. She felt like all everyone else saw was her smile, and no one knew about this deep, creative, moody inner self. I thought, "That's an ENFP" and people online agree.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Or what tipped you off that someone was an ENFP?

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    I can think of maybe 5 ENFPs. None did I work it out after learning that they were struggling internally.

    The first ENFP was certainly struggling but she didn't do a good enough job of hiding the trainwreck that was her life. Even though she tried because she would lie to her friend's faces to keep up a happy pretense. She has a lot of issues. I knew she was an ENFP because she used Ne like she had ADHD along with Fi to be overly enthusiastic about everything.

    The second ENFP took me a little longer. On the surface, she seemed like an ExFP for sure. She would project a louder than life persona but again, like the first one she wasn't any good at hiding her troubles... or maybe she just opened up to me a lot? She was incredibly insecure about many things, and I typed her as ENFP instead of ESFP when I realise just how much time she spends in her head driving herself mad.

    The third much healthier than the previous two, full of creative ideas, practically overflowing with them, can't settle on one idea, thrives for ideas that think outside of the box and offer absolute freedom to expand upon and give her the creativity she needs. I was in denial that just because she was like me meant that she was an ENFP until she took a test and proved me wrong. No inner turmoil, actually seems to have her personal life sorted, she's working more on the physical issues in life.

    The fourth ENFP doesn't outwardly project excitement or overbearing Ne-like attitude. I realised he was an ENFP because he was the most like me, I didn't need to analyse him because I could practically read his mind because we thought the same. I'm sure people look at him and see a calm introvert. Nothing on the surface seems to be loud Ne, besides his obsession with roleplay.

    Fifth ENFP, a similar situation in that I saw a lot of similarities between her and myself, although I know her boyfriend better, an INFJ and to be honest that was what confirmed it for me? Their Dynamic couldn't be anything else other than an INFJ/ENFP couple.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I see ENFPs quite often. Especially the female ENFPs aren't too uncommon at all. My female housemate is an ENFP, and two women on my course are ENFPs I'm 99.9% positive.

    With the two ENFPs on my course, it's clear that they juggle ideas quickly, and thrive off new ideas, while they also show individualistic morality in that they are vocal about morals that are subjective to their own experiences, and you can see a bit of Te in the way that they validate both those things with "2nd guessing through Te". We talk about interaction/people/ethics based reflective concepts a lot on our course, and it's usually the three of us driving new subjects of conversation, and between us we get through a lot of different connected topics. It's literally like watching Ne work in seminar form.

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    For some reason I am terrible at noticing an ENFP. I always think they are an INTJ, ESTP or ESFP.

    The only person I knew was an ENFP was my little brother, which doesn't come as a shock lol. I think it's because I expect all ENFP's to have a dark side that I can see as well as I see my own. But it seems we can be pretty good at hiding it.

    I work with an ENFP guy and we sometimes finish each others sentences. Or each others weird noises.... I could make a strange noise (without thinking) and he be the other side of the office and start chuckling, while everyone else has ignored my noise lol. The same goes when he has little outbursts. I would have probably guessed he was an ENFP if I hadn't made him do the test before getting to know him properly (I make people do it all the time.. Whooops!)

    Three people I know who have came out as ENFP, I couldn't fucking believe it. I just did NOT see them as one.
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    OMG I do the weird noise thing with my ENFP friends as well! I wouldn't say I really knew any of the ENFPs in my life were ENFP untill recently after discovering MBT in general. Now I can spot them and INxJ the easiest in terms of who is in my life and our interactions from memory. The biggest clue is how another ENFP will run with your goofy expressions, who understands and reacts to your ENFP randomness in a way that's even more random and continues the story like it's exciting. Two ENFPs will just keep going. (Food for thought but INFJs have the unique ability of concluding or adding a punchline to this randomness.)
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