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This is a discussion on Developing Si within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by 0rgans In short, I am trying to develop my Si. Or develop something that mimics Si, at ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0rgans View Post
    In short, I am trying to develop my Si. Or develop something that mimics Si, at least.

    I understand this can be treacherous for ENFP's as we can go too far and start over thinking minute details, creating more stumbling blocks for ourselves in the future.

    But, the thing is, I am getting a little older now and really want to get my life in order.

    My observation so far is that it actually will get much better with age - that's good news. Not sure if that works for everybody but for me I can see clear improvements which rapidly started around ages of 35+ and tends to continue. It's still not like we'd become Si-people but rather are not so much stressed about using it more.

    One aspect I've noticed is that it helps a lot if you don't try to conciously apply Si to implement mundane/boring tasks or bring order to your life but still rely on Ne instead to think those tasks being interesting/inspirational for you at least some way.

    For example, cleaning a room: find a way to think of it as what cool options it could provide at the end if you just do it (ie your partner could be happier and could do something cool for you as "reward" etc). Or if there's a boring task at work which doesn't require imagination or creative thinking at all, try to focus more on alternate options - often there could be at least any of them available.

    If you don't figure out creational way to think about it, you'd possibly run into Si-grip and that's a weak and frustrating way for us to implement anything :)

    So it looks to me a bit like conciously adding enough Ne to the tasks which require more Si could help to overcome our weaknesses better sometimes.

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