[ENFP] Finally a Book for all ENFPs!

Finally a Book for all ENFPs!

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This is a discussion on Finally a Book for all ENFPs! within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; While I was obsessed with MBTI stuff, I ended up buying an eBook for our voluptuous ENFP human beings. I ...

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    Finally a Book for all ENFPs!

    While I was obsessed with MBTI stuff, I ended up buying an eBook for our voluptuous ENFP human beings.

    I learned a lot from this book because, in real life, my ENFP friends don't really satisfy me with their answers when I ask about their personality and all that. 'Caus they think that I'm weird for craving for detailed descriptions of themselves. They tend to feel awkward when I ask them too.

    But now I have my secret weapon!

    Just read this if you want:


    I discovered that it's cheaper in iBookstore and Amazon Kindle, so choose carefully.

    So what I have learned so far are these:

    1.) Sometimes they think whether they look crazy.

    2.) Interested in other human beings.

    3.) ENFPs battle their constant worry about how the many facets of life work together with lots of planning. (Is this true!?)

    4.) ENFPs control their anxiety or worries to make the most out of every situation. (so far, so good.)

    5.) They over read a situation or overthink the possibilities. (Not too good with INTJs, cus we also overthink hahaha)


    THere are a lot of stuffs to enumerate, but so far, so good. I learned a lot of stuff you sly ENFPs do not tell us INTJs.
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    1. True. This I do wonder about often, especially when I get too many weird looks/stares from others in public. It get's even more disturbing when I find out that I was looking normal all this time ... so what was their deal with me?

    2. True. Always, it's fascinating and dynamic, predictable yet unpredictable.

    3. True. This is torture though, it easily leads to overthinking and wanting to grasp each and every possible concept. Unable to let go of anything, nor able to just leave an understanding of things in a superficial and vague way. It has to make sense somehow, there must be a conclusion so it can be put to rest (for now). If things are not clear for me, I usually don't act upon it either, nor make decisions. I then resort to working on happiness and fulfilment by ''whatever'' means in the meantime.
    Life decisions have to be solid/responsible and not generate regret later on. After all, when you fuck up and are sad with your life, 90% of it is probably your own fault. At least, you better hope the 90% is your own fault, that way you at least can do something about it. In that case you are still in the clear. In the end you only need one skill though, adaptation. After all, it is how humanity survives.

    4. Not sure about this one. I do my best, but I also notice that certain things create far more anxiety and nervosity in me than in others. Yet, in the end it really depends on what it is is about. We all have our natural skills and set of things we avoid. Maybe ENFPs are well at improvisation, if that is where you are getting at with this one.

    5. True, however with me it is different when other people are involved. When someone else is affected then I turn into some sort of guardian angel, wanting to fix it right away (hence why i'm also enjoying customer services/support so much).

    A problem arises when it is me against the other though, then yes, I can overthink and get easily suspicious. I need others to explicitly state their intentions and thoughts/feels in order to believe them. The more I care for them the more important this is to me. With friends I usually let things slip 9 times out of 10. With family or lovers I do not.

    @INTJikan - How come dem sly ENFPs haven't told you much? :p If you ask the right questions i'm all ears. 9 out of 10 people are waaay too boring to have a conversation with. 5 minutes tops. Well ... maybe that's not fair, i'm just picky and eccentric about my interests I guess.
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    Thanks for the book recommendation. There will still be parts of that book that are more relevant to some ENFPs than others of course.

    Think it offers any good advice for growth for an ENFP?


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