[ENFP] ENFP music that satisfies your soul

ENFP music that satisfies your soul

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This is a discussion on ENFP music that satisfies your soul within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; How the hell isn't there an ENFP music thread??...

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    ENFP music that satisfies your soul

    How the hell isn't there an ENFP music thread??

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    the Mild High Club song you posted sounds great, I'll check this band ! It reminds me of Mac Demarco.
    With 60ish, psychedelic vibes, maybe you could like this :


    Else I'm obsessed with Beach House (very different from what I posted above) and I'd recommend everything from them. Song of the day :

    My personal favorite album is Depression Cherry, totally dream pop. @Llyralen what do you think about it ? :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mangosloth View Post
    The Beach House
    Oh my gosh... I freakin' love it. You brought this one to my attention. Nice music taste, Mango!

    These are the sounds I'm craving this morning, anyway... =)

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    @mangosloth Didn't think I would, but I absolutely love the Rough Song, gives nice vibes, I dig it, I checked the album too, loved Space Song and Bluebird. The babe rainbow seems decent, I'll check it out. Do you know Tame Impala? One of my favorites, and on a different level from mild high club imo:

    And last but not least, my all time favorite performance of Californication, my all time favorite song(to play as well); This song means so much to me, I'm sure the meaning of life is hidden there somewhere:

    @Llyralen I want moarrr, need to pin down what kind of music you like, and seems like we have another bingo on things we have a different view of. What do you seek most in music? Is it the lyrics? The sphere? Memories from those songs? If all of the above, then we're still on the same page, just different experiences.
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    Glad you both like Beach House !

    @Llyralen Cocteau Twins ♥

    And Wicked Game always (pleasantly) aches, this slow/quiet version even more !

    @Fru2 yep it also reminded me of Tame Impala ! I have a preference for their most recent albums

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    @Fru2 I’m pretty broad in my music tastes. I know what I like and what I don’t....I want music that makes me feel strongly, so usually I go for deep lyrics or sometimes more fun stuff and often melodic or interesting rhythms....but it would be hard to pin it down for others I think. I am in voice lessons singing opera, am in a classical-type choir and I grew up with musicals but also listened to dark alternative, sang in a punk band at age 23. I play piano and harp, but you can’t stop me from singing. I guess the only stuff I’m not into is mindless stuff that doesn’t seem to have much soul, no matter how well mixed it is. Your stuff that you are posting seems like quality to me. I liked it!
    Okay so for example....
    I’m performing this coming up in a month with my voice teacher ( our voices sound good together)
    And I’m totally in my dark deep 90’s mood today:
    But I also like folk, swing, big band, and jazz like Ella Fitzgerald.
    Like if you ask me I just like “quality”. But it’s “quality” according to me and it’s really broad and luckily there is so much music out there! I do get a hankering for the stuff I was into in the 90’s like today sometimes.
    @mangosloth . Cocteau twins is one of my top favorite bands, I think. Oooh Pandora was perfect for my mood. =)

    So what about you two fru2 and mangosloth? What do you guys look for in music? As far as you can explain?
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    @Llyralen Just came back from a house party, it's 9AM here, so I'll come back to you later after I catch up with the land of dreams. Zzz
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    @Llyralen I listen to very different genres and artists to fulfill very different needs :) sometimes (when in a rather reflexive mood) I'm a picky listener who seeks experimental and uncommon stuff, like Oneohtrix Point Never or Yello ; sometimes I enjoy easy listening tracks for car rides/train/transportation ; sometimes I want strong, raw emotions in soulful music like Beach House (often the accent is put on melody); sometimes I just want to be energized by cheesy italo-disco or new wave... I can't really sum up what I look for in music in general, I feel like it always enhances my sensitivity, like a sort of stimulant. Everything I do/feel with music on is more intense and satisfying ! What about you ?

    Have a nice sunday dear ENFPals !
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    INTJ - The Scientists



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