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ESFP vs ENFP? Mistype?

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This is a discussion on ESFP vs ENFP? Mistype? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by elvis2010 LOL. No honeymoon yet. There isn't much for me to say on this thread (much more ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis2010 View Post
    LOL. No honeymoon yet. There isn't much for me to say on this thread (much more on the other). The OP posts like a S not a N. The math video was interesting, and it should be helpful to teachers, and it explained a lot, but I kind of felt like I knew it already. I was a math major and always preferred a sensor approach to math. The N approach they are describing didn't do it with me, and I griped about it, not knowing what it was at the time. But when you go far enough, eventually math gets into this impractical N type world that I had a hard time handling.

    I don't agree with a lot of what Fru2 posted. Sensors can mostly certainly do abstract, and Ns do concrete. These are preferences, but all types can and should expand to use as many functions as possible. I don't get the part of Ss not doing math well. Every ESTP I knew excelled at math and loved history. It was the more subjective/feeling classes like art, music, and literature where there were issues with many ESTPs. I was envious of an ENTP friend who could catch all the symbolism in the art world and explain things to me. We'd see a movie, and I felt like I got half as much out of it as he did.

    I am not sure if it is our hypomanic state but when this ESTP has his Se processor and Ti database humming, I can mentally speed along faster than any other type. Still, I think the Ns can see pitfalls and a better path better than I ever could.

    One of my math teachers thought Euler was the greatest of all mathematicians. One of his teachers gave the young Euler's class a problem, to add all the numbers from 1 to 100. Euler thought about it and came up with the answer correctly in 30 seconds. The sensor part of me would employ my fast processor and add all the numbers up one by one and grind it out. Maybe, maybe it would occur to me to add 1 through 9 and come up with 45 and realize there were ten sets of these numbers and that would be 450 then add to it the other numbers 10*10, 20*10 ETC. That would take dozens of steps, and I would probably get the answer right, but it wouldn't have been as fast as what Euler did.

    What Euler did was see how many sets there were that could add up to 100. 1 + 99, 2+98 and realized there were 49 of them which is 4900. He then added in the 100 and 50 to come up with the right answer of 5050.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that my processing power, the speed, accuracy, and ability to make mathematical calculations, exceeded Euler's, but even as a child Euler was much smarter than I ever could hope to be by seeing ways to work smarter not faster. I honestly never would have thought of what Euler did so brilliantly as a child, not in a millionaire years, so I suspect he is a N.[
    Yay, Elvis!!! What a fantsticly fun and interesting post! I’m glad you are around! When is the big day, anyway? And I hope you post tons of thoughts on the Dario Nardi thread... I’m going to go peak...

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    @elvis2010 Thank you for the post, I appreciate your perspective.

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    ESTP - The Doers

    Quote Originally Posted by Fru2 View Post
    @elvis2010 Thank you for the post, I appreciate your perspective.
    And I yours. I tend to focus more on disagreement than agreement (It's more fun. LOL), but your critique of how Ns and Ss learn and apply math differently is right on. If you had said Ss suck at the higher level math theory, I would have been completely in agreement with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis2010 View Post
    And I yours. I tend to focus more on disagreement than agreement (It's more fun. LOL), but your critique of how Ns and Ss learn and apply math differently is right on. If you had said Ss suck at the higher level math theory, I would have been completely in agreement with you.
    Glad to hear that. My point wasn't to show how better Ns are from Ss, I wanted to create a dialogue in order to understand the Sensor perspective of things and see if my own theory is accurate. And about your experience with your ENTP friend, you probably caught on to more details from the movie than he did, and probably could feel more in the moment when watching the film. Each type has its advantages.

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    About Se and Ne. Here is a catch. Preferences on informations and perceiving styles.

    Like many have said, it's a matter of preference over S or N since we are both extrovert perceiving dominants.

    Me (Enfp) and my aunt (Estp) would watch a movie and focus entirely on the different things, while in the same time overlapping. It's like Venn Diagram actually. There are some parts that overlap and other that predominantly to each of us.

    Like: watching Black Swan

    Aunt (Se): The visual is great, the visual dynamics are so very twisted! Wait, are those wings?! The movie is really twisted nature of human though, there are many symbolism to decipher.

    Me (Ne): The emotions and symbolism are so very dynamic! Gosh... are wings mean she is Ni-dom? So in the end, is the ending really like this? The visual and performance are decent!

    See? This comes from actual experience so it's like that. Se process raw sensory first then move to abstract because abstract informations are not the main focus, while Ne processes abstract as they observe sensory but the sensory informations are not the main focus.

    So both types can come to the same perception through totally different perceiving process (In this case, the visual and performance, Estp comes to this through the raw informations she took, and me after I process the symbolism and realize the visual dynamics)

    And all sensing type can certainly do abstract (Estp and Estj talking about spirituality and religious symbolism) while all intuitives can certainly be concrete and grounded, especially those with higher Te and Se. (look at Entj) It depends totally on situations and background. (Which enneagram helps patch up the flaws) Say, Estp 7w8 would be very much like Entp but still being Se-dom. Intp 9w1 can give of very Infj vibe, for instance.

    Sorry if I might go off the road ;)
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