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INFJ or ISFJ lovers?

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This is a discussion on INFJ or ISFJ lovers? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by tarmonk I'm together with INFJ but I've done the same mistake occasionally when I'm very excited about ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarmonk View Post
    I'm together with INFJ but I've done the same mistake occasionally when I'm very excited about some ideas - expected very quick answers without realizing that not every person's mind works the same way. But in most cases it's not even required that the partner needs to answer to absolutely everything - that's the way we often just brainstorm out loud and explore our thoughts. What matters is that another person is willing to at least listen to you :)
    I think I can understand this - whenever I have overactive Ne or am very excited about giving my ideas or something I'll say/write everything down and keep going to make sure the thoughts are out there. I'm not expecting an answer straight away I just don't want my thoughts to get lost but sometimes people will give me a short reply and apologise for it because I've thought of it a lot and they feel their reply isn't good enough. It's the same when INTP bf is in Ne mood and he sends a lot and I feel bad because I'm listening and I understand but I can't give an in-depth full answer like he does, but he also says he isn't looking for an answer/reply as such, just acknowledgement of listening and having that safe space to get his thoughts out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin the Dendroid View Post
    FWIW I'm the same. Can't really keep up with aux Ne users even, never mind Ne-doms. On topics I've spent time researching and contemplating, I'll generally have several perspectives they haven't thought of, but I'm relatively mute on new topics or topics I haven't previously been interested in. Give me a few days to research and think about it and I can do reasonable damage, but dominant Ne often operates on a timescale of seconds or minutes at best.

    My conversations with my ENTP brother tend to either go nowhere, if I happen not to be interested in or knowledgeable about the topic, or everywhere when I am.

    I call it mental ping-pong. I'm more of a sniper.
    Talking to an enfp whom I used to know and cherish always reminded me of a puppy chasing a butterfly. So enthusiastic - the eyes on the top of it's head completely absorbed into where that butterfly is flying, following it no matter what - until another butterfly flies before the puppy's nose and the chase continues - or not? The same chase, different butterfly but the transitions are so settle. He could chase five of them within the period of five minutes. Sometimes he would be able to make himself into two puppies and chase two of them in the same time while conversing with you on completely unrelated topic.. With me it was more like with the cup of black coffee. The question falls in and then after a second, day, year or a decade the answer surfaces impossible to track where and how it came from. His butterflies are always traceable - all the communication is just open process of associations and what leads where.. He very often came to the same conclusion as me - after chasing many and many perspectives in great speed. It would take me just one movement of the black coffee to get to the answer but you have no control how the coffee works and when it decide to do what it does so - yes - it feels slower. More concise and to the point though..

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