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This is a discussion on ENFP Rant / Talk Crap / Spill Tea / Throw Shade thread within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'm pissed off at NF types I know who are doing sh*t and not taking responsibility for their actions. So ...

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    I'm pissed off at NF types I know who are doing sh*t and not taking responsibility for their actions. So many NFs in my personal life seem to project anything negative that happens to them, on others, even if it's obviously their own fault to any normal observer. There's a disconnect in the NF world for history and circumstances 'causing' an anti-social behavior. If you rage at me today because you had a bad day at work yesterday, you are responsible for that. Your bad day at work did not 'cause' you to needlessly blow up at me.

    Why I'm ranting at NFs is I feel we're very self-aware and know what we're doing. We pursue the concept of our "self" and then to attribute what we do wrong to others annoys me. It seems like cowardice.

    I'm actually not really dealing with any current circumstance to cause this rant. Just something I've seen.

    Also I don't like people who are late! Yes, I'm an ENFP who is almost always on time!
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    @Mob ey. We are the only NFs with any bit of development in Te. And Te is “Reap what you sow” “Take charge” “Push back against the world”. “Responsible” “”Change it yourself or shut up”. I personally think it’s a nice edge. I’m grateful for it. I can rely on me to make sure things get to be how I want them. I can rely on me to make me happier, Etc.

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    xNFP men are among some of the most passive aggressive types and yet they still require positive affirmation. It's pathetic.

    Even those who claim to have developed Te have zero backbone when it comes to actual confrontation.

    ENFP women are some of the most flaky, self-absorbed and inconsistent people I know (I'm looking at myself too) and I doubt their solid on whether they would have my back if I'm ever in trouble.

    Frankly, I prefer ESFx folks as friends. At least they reply back to my texts and messages in a reasonable time frame if not immediate.

    I love you, Dahee (ESFP.) I don't deserve you.
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    The whole IxTJ and ENFP magical ship has got to be one of the biggest bullshit ever since I joined the MBTI community.

    When will people realize IxTJ x ESFP is where it's at.
    Most IxTJs prefer and adore ESFPs too and I have no interest in being shipped with a type where my type will always be second (or less) place.

    Seeing so many ENFPs fangirling over supposedly INTJs make me cringe big time.

    I also find IxTJs some of the most boring people on the planet.
    Thanks but no thanks.

    The only ENFP theoretical ship I SOMEWHAT I agree with is INFJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alassea View Post
    You're Si gripping. I know that feel.

    ENFPs who Si grip become more harsh, cut throat, overcommitted and uncharacteristically over ambitious.
    Yeah, might be. I've been working a lot on tasks which require huge amounts of Si and Ti over last 2-3 months which could have maybe taken its toll on me.

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    My whole life turned out to be a lie today.

    My sexy manager whom I thought was ESxP is actually ESTJ.

    IssaVibe (my luv) whom I thought was ENFP is actually INFP.

    One of my "ENFP" friend is actually ESFJ.

    Another "ENFP" friend is actually ISFP.

    Another "ENFP" friend is actually an Ni/Se user.

    Another "ENFP" friend is actually an ESTP.

    My "ESTP" guy friend is actually ESFP.

    My "ENFJ" mother is actually ISFJ.

    My "ESFP" cousin is actually ISFP.



    And I'm still ENFP.
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    Issa has too much joy and Te to be an INFP. She is definitely ENFP, tell her I said so and that we love her. A lot of really stupid tests might get us messed up. Official MBTI is the best and even it asks about soap operas....
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    Also tell her the joy part I’m talking about she can look up in the neuroscience info on personalityjunkie. There are some studies showing that happiness isn’t the goal of introverts, they don’t feel like themselves. There is a brain chemical extroverts make in order to push through things and not ruminate as much about the bad. When we are depressed a lot of us type INFP... or the tests are just off.
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    This wasn't the results from a test, sis. No online tests were involved today.

    And yes, Issa knows she is loved. I told her many times today and we talked it out.
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    Isssssaaaaa, Sis...

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