[ENFP] Sexual Modalities and Learning Style in ENFPs-- Figuring out the 32 types of ENFP

Sexual Modalities and Learning Style in ENFPs-- Figuring out the 32 types of ENFP

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This is a discussion on Sexual Modalities and Learning Style in ENFPs-- Figuring out the 32 types of ENFP within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; This information is from DaveSuperPowers. I don't quite understand it all yet, but the stuff about visual/tester in learning style ...

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    Sexual Modalities and Learning Style in ENFPs-- Figuring out the 32 types of ENFP

    This information is from DaveSuperPowers. I don't quite understand it all yet, but the stuff about visual/tester in learning style is true for me.
    Here are the 3 videos that I know are out there. You determine this (according to DaveSuperPowers) by figuring out if your Si is feminine or masculine and then if your tribe function is feminine or masculine.

    There is a coin flip. If you have feminine Si then you have masculine Ne and if you have masculine Te then you have feminine Fi.

    I am probably ENFP FM consume/play-blast/sleep (typical Ne and Fi next in what I use). I think it's written like CP-BS ? And the FM means I'm visual-testing. The visual/testing is my biggest cue because it is hard for me to figure out what the heck is going on with my Si. I'm afraid I have masculine Te... so I'm sorry for all the times I hit you all with clubs. Meaning I am masculine Ne (sounds right, right? I'm pretty certain) feminine Fi (for sure.. you hit me back with a club and I will go down...lol), Masculine Te (to annoy the heck out of you all) and feminine Si (for what? This is the part that makes me look feminine first? THIS little baby Si....I am wearing pink today, I guess...)
    My husband is very auditory in learning style and I think that makes him MF? So that's masculine Fi, feminine Ne, masculine Si (yep, for sure) and feminine Te. Oh yeah.. .this works great for us chemistry-wise.! There's a lot to explore with all this, I suppose.

    So what are we all? Do we look alike-ish???

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    First video made me really uncomfortable. Made me wish they chose something more like "alpha" or "beta" to describe the functions, because that's what they mean. I hate stereotypes on gender, I hate it being so binary, even if it is just individual functions.

    Second video intrigued me but they didn't feed me enough information. I want to see this data, do they publish it? They were using LGBT terms but messing up which word meant what. They were also lumping gender and sexuality together, I'm not sure they understand how they might influence eachother but are not the same. Obviously not all LGBT females are going to be on the masculine energy side because you are associating butch lesbians with trans women and they have very different energies most of the time. I'm thinking that what ever they came up with won't give me validation though. I see both strong feminine and masculine in myself and it balances.

    There are times when I think LGBT does influence typology but that's normally when people are strictly assuming heterosexual male/female.

    I don't know how to categorise myself. Not sure how much I want to. Te and Fi can both be aggressive and submissive for me. How can Ne be masculine/feminine? They were saying look at what you argue with but that's always been the judging functions for me.

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    @Falling Foxes . I have a bunch of questions about how it works out or what they are seeing too. They say that just using their method of typing that this came up for them.

    If I’m FM then that means my first function— my Ne— is masculine which is kind of weird. They were saying NF is soft anyway... so it’s weird. And if I experience myself as feminine (my introverted functions are feminine) but put out masculine to the world ( my extroverted are masculine) then... what does that mean... and there are other people who come off as feminine but inside have masculine functions and experience that strongly?

    I identify most with the mode of learning they associated with mine. The visual/testing. That’s totally how I learn. My husband with MF is extremely auditory. This is true. And I had to really look at his Fi compared to mine to see if I thought mine was feminine in comparison. I think a feeling function is softer anyway, but the only thing that came to my mind is how we were at some kind of “The Secret” kind of conference. It actually didn’t have that name or any name at all but it was woo-woo and my friend was trying to get us into it. People walked up saying this was the greatest thing that ever happened to them and would we commit $600.00 for s 3 day conference. My husband said “No.”. And some guy said, “You’re saying no but what I’m really hearing is ‘yes’”. My husband stormed out of the place. I think this shows his masculine Fi. He was seething. And it’s now something we say to each other as a long-standing inside joke.

    Well.... when I get mad it usually seems to be my Te getting mad, it feels almost like a protection of the Fi.

    Basically I have no idea.... they are going to have to talk a lot more about it for me...
    Is it harder because I have both F and M? Instead of someone with FF who has S and tribe functions in their first 2? Lots of questions here.,..’
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    If we are going to talk about this from the perspective of who comes across as "masculine" or "feminine" vibes then you have high feminine energy. Things I associate with you are protective, caring, gentle, considerate... there's a reason why you have a motherly feeling.

    What is it that makes you say that Ne would be masculine? That confuses me.

    I know I get passionately heated over Fi values and identity, so I guess Fi would be masculine to me. I also get frustrated when people are are too narrow minded and fail to see the bigger picture/perspective (Ne) but also when people disregard facts and events that happened or try to put personal opinions on those facts... (Si?? Or Te?), either way that last one contradicts the others because I can't have Masculine Fi and Te apparently or Ne and Si... I don't know how Ne can be the passive/submissive function. It is subtle to begin with... Perhaps Masculine Ne asks more questions outloud, Feminine Ne waits for those answers to come to them? Even then I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in which my preference is...

    To be honest, typing anything of myself based on "anger" seems kind of redundant because it's not common for me. I can be argumentative but I have always seen myself utilising all of my stack for that and it depends on who I am talking to as to which one comes out. Most of the time it is Ne because I am strong with Ne and quick to pick up on people who are missing perspectives to their arguments... but I have noticed that when I am arguing with high Ne Si and Te comes out more strongly. Si is subjective, so I tend to look at Te as being my fact finding function. It's a part of the ENFP Te-bitch slap which is normally Fi-motivated but Te driven... which one of those functions is the masculine/feminine in that example?

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    I’m so confused too on it. And @Falling Foxes I really appreciate you telling me those things about me this morning. I know my Fi gets passionate about things too! I have basically the same questions you have and then when it’s correlated with LGBT or just the femine/masculine outsides of how you present and I’m like “Help!” This matters to me to figure out if it is legitimate. And yes I think it is hard to figure out masculine or feminine Ne... or Fi... anyway, thank you!!

    I do relate fairly strongly with visual/testing learning style which would be FM energy according to them. I’m not sure how that has to do with it. They might have figured out a lot more on it than I’m getting from the videos?

    Do you relate to any of the learning styles in particular?


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