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Do You Approach People You're Attracted To?

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This is a discussion on Do You Approach People You're Attracted To? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Fru2 Forget it, I have my reasons and trust my feelings and judgment. If you have your ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fru2 View Post
    Forget it, I have my reasons and trust my feelings and judgment.
    If you have your feelings and she is somebody unworthy, then I'm glad your time is not wasted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eugenia Shepherd View Post
    Are you me? Lol. I won't even attempt recalling the countless instances I've been "interested" in someone--out of innocent curiosity. As in, "I want to know you, under the intention of psychological study/experimentation, or compiling a character sketch."
    If I find a particular individual is knowledgable in a field I'm interested in, has a strange cognitive style, etc., I may encourage a connection. Occasionally, the line between romantic attraction and investigation ends up blurry.
    It could be confusing for the subject, I'd imagine.

    It's rarely (if ever, at all), "love at first sight". That circumstance doesn't compute.
    In contrast, I see my personal -emotional- life as a possession, in a sense; and am unlikely to share too much at first.
    I'll tell you what, I've been on both sides of ENFP attraction, and yes, it's confusing even without any SP/avoidant stuff involved. We're kind of a mess in our exploratory and discovery stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhySoStan View Post
    Interesting question.

    Personally, I don't make a move... but I would passively be around them.
    Sometimes, at the initial stages, I would be too nervous around them...which makes me freeze up lol... but that mellows out after some time and ill be my enfp self again.

    haha so if an ENFP guy suddenly acts awkward around you for some time ...then that could be a sign...
    I like the image on your profile pic
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    I like to approach first and initiate conversations about various topics, but it's never flirty. The romantic atmosphere just slowly develops in time on its own if there was a potential for it in the first place. The people I end up really liking and not just being curious about are usually introverts, so the dynamic I reach-they respond rarely changes throughout the relationship.

    I've always been afraid of losing freedom and being controlled, so when someone approaches me instead. I can get rigid. The more aggressive and overt they are, the more I lose interest and turn cold. Even if I know I have romantic feelings for someone, more often than not I forgo the relationship with them, unless they seem to value freedom and independence as much as me. I took a chance and compromised in my last relationship, only to reaffirm what I wrote above.

    I've known very few other ENFPs IRL and I desperately wanted to meet more of us as a child/teenager. I remember thinking that no one could understand me better than a person of the same type and I still think that if I ever get married, it would have to be either an ENFP or an INFP.

    Edit: I have the same problem deciding whether I like a person, trying to figure them out or wanting to learn something from them. Whenever I meet someone interesting, I feel like I'm chasing a white rabbit.
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    When I like someone, I observe first and approach later. Even then, it's in a friendly way, seeing where it could go next.

    I would never approach a stranger in a sexual or romantic manner cause that doesn't make any sense to me. For a strong thing to exist, a strong foundation must first be built!
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