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Why You ENFPs Are Hard To Date

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This is a discussion on Why You ENFPs Are Hard To Date within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Llyralen @ ai.tran.75 . Yay, Love Gilbert Blyth! Who looks like my son, btw. @ providence .... ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llyralen View Post
    @ai.tran.75 . Yay, Love Gilbert Blyth! Who looks like my son, btw. @providence .... if @Falling Foxes isn’t an ENFP then Neither am I. I don’t know why, but I didn’t like you even joking about it. Falling foxes is the heart of The ENFP forum for me. I would not be here and wouldn’t have felt safe sharing here without our FF.
    It's fine. I'm confident enough with my typing that I can laugh this stuff off. ;)

    But thanks, Llyralen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Falling Foxes View Post
    I didn't take it personally. I do like joking around. But I'm still gonna respond to this seriously?
    I actually think that is quite interesting! So the comment was joking triggered by this statement:

    "It doesn't come naturally to me. But I make the effort if I think the other appreciates it."

    Lets break it down:

    1. everything comes natural to ENFPs. Except the things that don't, which we don't think about and are so good at escaping from, do they even exist?

    2. You used the word "think" doesn't that make you a T? I feel this is correct.

    3. "I make the effort" is extremely decisive, like a J type. Or is it....?

    4. To further solidify my hypothesis, you used a period. ENFPs are never sure enough of themselves about the things we say to add such dramatically decisive punctuation.....? Calling for Dr. J, Dr. J please report to the office at once;

    5. "the other appreciates it" picking up on sensory cues from others there, looking to meet their needs...maybe organize their mail?????

    In closing, @Falling Foxes is clearly ISTJ.

    and this post is totally satire if that wasn't obvious ;-)

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    This is one of those threads I want to say something, but not sure how to add to the conversation. Maybe I was just meant to sit and watch. I don't think I'm hard to date, I just think people have stupid high standards. My standards are both really low and really high at the same time! Low in that I don't consider or care for what are dealbreakers for many other people, and high in that... I like my girls a certain way, especially with no kids. Having kids is a dealbreaker. Like, being thrown from the Sears tower breaker. Or dropping a penny off it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    1. You guys fall easily....And its intimidating.
    2. They get moody and don't mind being stuck in a mood.
    3. They make grand romantic gestures.
    4. ENFPs can be passive aggressive.
    5. Your needs can be intimidating.

    You're idealistic and you're social. It can be hard (especially for introverted thinkers such as myself) to keep up and feel disappointed when we don't live up to the expectation. One of the reasons many of the ENFPs are attracted to introverts is the mystery that comes with being an introvert. ENFPs are curious and want to know more and will apply this to relationships, especially because they know that they get bored easily. They will ask you many deep and philosophical questions which you can appreciate but need time to answer well and it'll be asked all on the first few dates within a short span of time.

    6. You can be blunt.
    I see some of those do apply for me, some don't exactly.

    1. Yep, I'd say I fall in rather quickly than slowly. But fortunately this happens when I feel right about the girl and usually my inner "detector" system doesn't make big mistakes in this area.

    2. I can be moody and my moods had quite big amplitude in past. Getting calmer with age but I still can't say it doesn't apply. I call those some "modes" and it's sometimes possible to get stuck in some particular "mode" for a while.

    3. I think I'm bad at making whatever romantic gestures in "classical" way as it feels fake. Though, I have my own way of showing it via other means, mostly related to a few geeks and kinks.

    4. Passive-aggressive - mostly not. Just aggressive - yes, more often. Depends on which "mode" is dominating in my mind at the moment - more introspective, sensitive and "softer" in Fi mode but less considering feelings of others and focusing more on drivers of external world in Te mode. The latter also makes me more aggressive than being in Fi mode. It was only this year I realized that Ne-Te mode tends to show up more often than needed and I started to conciously balance it.

    5. I do agree with your example above.

    6. Yep, sometimes I'm blunt too and sometimes I even don't mind it :)
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    1.Depends on what you mean by 'easily', and I usually fall for women that I let myself fall for after seeing that they fit well in the grand scheme of things. No need to be concerned about falling for another woman while I'm dating someone, I'm loyal.

    2. I embrace any of my moods, and I think that all of my moods have got something to offer. Theres no need to be stuck in positivity all the time, it's exhausting.

    3. I make these romantic gestures without any expectation of receiving something back, and I'd usually try to pinpoint a gesture that'd fit the recipient.

    4. Unless I completely hate the person, no, I'm not passive aggressive. If something bothers me, I'll say it.

    5. I think my needs are legitimate, considering what I bring to the table.

    6. I can indeed be blunt, but thats only in cases where I know it will be received in an appropriate manner. I usually try to be more nuanced with how I communicate things.
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