[ENFP] Childhood hobbies and interests?

Childhood hobbies and interests?

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This is a discussion on Childhood hobbies and interests? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; When you were a little kid (say, 6-12 years old) what were some of the hobbies and interests you most ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Childhood hobbies and interests?

    When you were a little kid (say, 6-12 years old) what were some of the hobbies and interests you most enjoyed? Did you stick with any/ all of them as you grew older?

    My mum (bless her heart) gave me skating, dance and tennis lessons. I loved skating but not the other two. I didn't become any good at any of them, and stuck with none.

    I loved loved loved to read and to write stories. I still read a lot but don't write very much.

    I learned chess and played with a beloved uncle when I was about 8. Stopped when he died when I was 10. Don't play now. I enjoyed the chess but realised what I really enjoyed was time with Uncle G.
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    Looking back when I was little I seem to have been mostly floating in my own imaginary world (like probably many - most? - kids). I have always been very impressed by stories, mostly movies or stories told by my grandparents about past times and somehow I would make up my own stories with these inspirations. I wrote a little "book" as soon as I could write about my granddad and his cat but I started writing only later, I guess when I was 13.

    Though I loved stories, I didn't have much patience to read books on my own when I was kid. I preferred that someone would tell them to me in an animated way. But I loved to paint. I was an only child and could sit down and paint for hours and days in a row all by myself.

    I liked badminton and riding my bike but I was not very sporty - on the contrary, I was always among the most nonathletic folks in my class and my class mates wouldn't want me to be in their team because of that. This changed, though: I simply decided one day that I wanted to become more sporty and now I'm enjoying several forms of sport.
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    Understanding the world was a big interest of mine since I was little, I loved to read encyclopedias and watch documentaries and observe around me, in particular living things and how they function. Later I studied physics for a while though I changed my mind and switched to nutrition. I got a degree but now I just wanna do something else again, expand. I've been toying with the idea of just sucking it up and go through the annoying system of getting into uni here and go for a biology degree.

    Other than that I had a big love for music and I was in a choir and learned keyboard for a few years until depression kicked in in my teens. I've been picking them up slowly since, as well as guitar. I was also obsessed with learning English, I wanted to understand it as close to native as possible, so I put a lot of effort into that.
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