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ENFPs and Infidelity

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This is a discussion on ENFPs and Infidelity within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; What is Infidelity to you: For myself I view all cheating as infidelity however there are certain types of infidelity ...

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    What is Infidelity to you: For myself I view all cheating as infidelity however there are certain types of infidelity that bother me more than others. If I know my partner is coveting another woman, it destroys me, I might be somewhat conceited but when I'm in a committed relationship I want him to need and only want me.
    I would prefer that my partner have a drunken one night stand with someone he felt no emotional connection to than to fantasize about another woman regularly.
    As for myself I tried to be in a polyamorous relationship and I found my jealousy got the better of me. I simply cannot share when I'm in love with someone.
    And in concern to forgiveness, if my partner was actually genuine, and the unfaithfulness was not premeditated I could forgive him.
    I have myself cheated on a partner, it had been a three year relationship that was on and off and while we were 'back on' again, I saw a man I knew from university at an event and we just hit it off and ended up in bed together. I never told my partner, knowing it would hurt him more than it would satisfy my need to be honest and I stayed in the relationship for another six months longer than it should have lasted.
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    So I think the question is, do you find that to be your case, fellow ENFPs? Or, if you know any ENFPs in real life, or have dated or been married to one, were they of that opinion?
    Well I definitely believe in being monogamous and having a very deep connection to one person as opposed to a whole bunch. Unfortunately, all the other ENFPs I know have had quite a few men in their lives. I don't think any of them ever cheated but they've been rather indecisive or have gone through men pretty fast. The closest ENFP friend I have regrets it horribly though and I know she'd be completely faithful if she ever finds someone else.

    - What is infidelity to you?
    Infidelity is basically giving to someone else what you should be giving to your partner. I would consider it cheating if my boyfriend were to be all affectionate with another girl. I'm not sure exactly where I'd draw the line but if I feel like he's giving to someone else what he should be giving to only me, that would be cheating.

    - How much are you or have you been willing to forgive from your partner?
    I'm not sure. Depends on the level of cheating. If he slept with someone else (even as I sit here thinking about that, I feel amused because I know he'd rather eat mud than do that) I would probably be out the door. Not sure about smaller offenses.

    - If you're comfortable sharing, have you ever cheated on a partner?
    Absolutely not. I would never do something that hurtful.

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