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This is a discussion on Dream Journal: Share Your Dreams Here within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Recently, I've been having recurrent dreams that I am up very high and at risk of falling. In these dreams, ...

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    Recently, I've been having recurrent dreams that I am up very high and at risk of falling. In these dreams, I am basically left to hang on for my dear life, do a difficult balancing act, jump a long distance, or climb a difficult surface. These dreams are never realistic, like I'm simply hiking and rock climbing or something. Here are a few examples...

    Last night: I was in a coffee/tea shop and each type of coffee or tea were out on shelves, ready to use in your cup...kinda like a Menchie's or Lemonberry, but for coffee...anyway, the difficult part was that the floor was on a conveyor belt, so you couldn't linger at a station too long. I held the same place too long and the conveyor belt then started to go uphill like a roller coaster. When it reached the top, I was holding on for dear life so I wouldn't fall, then it slowly started to bring me back down the way it went up.

    Another one I had a week or so ago: I was on the top of a huge tree (like Avatar almost), but sitting in an old car that had basically formed into the branches. Just across from me was a house or building, right next to the tree, and the entrance was at the same height the car in the tree was...except like 20 feet apart. In order to get down from the tree, I would have to jump into the building across from me. At times, I was sitting on branches and fearing a gust of wind would take me down. I was very afraid, but woke up before attempting the jump.

    Last example: I was running in a race that was basically parkour, at the end, I had to climb an old, thin, wobbly wooden ladder about 50 feet up the side of a building; when I was one step away from the top, I couldn't move. I was terrified if I moved, I would fall through the slats in the ladder to my death.

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    Ohh man, I dreamed again. It was some sort of roving post-apocalyptic party, kind of like burning man as if the the world was burning. I navigated it and my old friend, always barely within eye site followed me, always standing partly behind something and watched with a smirk on his face. A woman in a plaid skirt offered herself to me in a crumbling diner, but only if we kept all of our clothes on. Hood rats followed me, they weren't throwing rocks like they were in some distant party before.

    I climbed a wall, a remaining perimeter of some building that was torn down. It was built with massive blocks of limestone, it could have been the pyramids. I looked out into empty scrubland.

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    Oh gosh, I had a dream last night I that was walking through a Walmart with a woman from my work for some weird reason. There was this hallway and it had displays, like a wax museum. The final display had a library background and a man in a tweed suit. In a chair was a brunette woman sitting down. They were both plastic, or wax or something and very well dressed.

    Some man was telling me that there was a ruby behind her eye in the corner, even though it wasn't visible and we both said at the same time "She's a girl." In my dream it was because it was a model of some historical time when they gave all woman lobotomies, apparently with rubies.

    I woke up laughing, cause...the hell?

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    We always need a dream journal open, imo.

    Last night (in my dream) I had 2 dates 2 nights in a row and the first one was going great (guy from Love Island— the British one— Johnathan from season 1 if you’d like to know)— but he and I found some kind of mystery in this mansion by the sea where I was taking care of 8-10 children while the parents were gone. (Was I planning to leave them during the date? There was a nanny? I don’t know.). Someone/thing broke in at night, smashing a window but taking nothing and doing nothing else as far as we knew. He and I found the window smashed in the office/library. Nobody heard anything. Everyone had slept through it. My date (who I must have known for a bit before hand) skipped taking me to dinner and “took the case”. I guess he was a detective! The cops were involved, but he also decided to sleep over that night and I was nervous when he left in this trench coat in the rain and came back with Chinese take-out for all of us for dinner. The kids loved him. I was trying to figure out if I should cancel the date with the other dude the next day when I woke up.

    I wonder if you can look up Johnathan— a really great ESTP! There are some great people from every type! But I’ve never dated an ESTP before even in a dream as far as I know. I told my husband about it. Lol. I think we thought it was funny.
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    Yesterday evening I had a very freaky dream which involved my bedroom being invaded by giant spiders, scorpions, and other crawlies. I spent a lot of the dream trying to get rid of them.

    I had another dream today when I was napping about me going on a bus ride journey trip through the mountains.
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    I remember a certain dream that inspired my novel.

    In my dream, I was a child, I can't remember whether I was a boy or a girl. I lived in a shaggy village near the sea, outside the walled city, it was like a slum.

    The whole scene of the dream was a desert coast and a bright green-ish sea. It's not blue, but sea green, it was extremely beautiful.

    In my dream, I was aware that I and people in that shaggy slum wasn't the same race as the people of the city, and they despite us to the point they didn't allow us to set foot into the street or else we would be beaten. We could only entered the darkest corner and begged. The life was hard.

    The event that took place in my dream was when a certain time had came to pass, a time of great exodus. Religiously, it was a time when my people would finally moved ourselves from this dunghole to the promised land beyond the emerald sea. But at that same time, the higher ups in the city also knew of the plan to escape. The lord of a certain noble house planned to kill all of the people of the slum but restrained himself due to political reason, but when an opportunity arose he caught it.

    A child (me) learned of this news when I was begging in the corner and then I came running to the village to warn the elders (spiritual leaders). The elders heeded the child and devised plan to counter the lord's plan to wipe all of my people.

    We had several small boats with sails, they were shaggy however, but with good hands, everyone made sure that all of these small, fragile boats will travel far and brought them away from the misery.

    When the day had come to pass, every women, children and olds were sent to wait on the boat and strong men instead stayed to disoriented lord's soldiers. I was one of them who stay.

    I can't remember the detail of this part, but I do remember that it was bloody, thrilling and very, very scary. I almost not made it to the fleet before it left. But I managed, barely.

    Then we traveled through the emerald sea and we separated on 14 different ways, each settled on the faraway coast, so far from one another that we could never contact each other, then so we vowed to pass on the story of how our people fled from the genocide, we passed them on through songs and stories, and it was known that one day, a certain person of this race will united the broken races and rejoined wives to husbands once more.

    In my dream the language spoken by both people were neither English nor Thai (my mother tongue) and I didn't know what it was, except it was toneless and polysyllabic.
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    Recent dream:

    I was in this sort of mansion/palace. There were courtyards, and it was almost like a pyramid, but not...there were olive trees in the courtyard. There were buildings with windows--I want to say maybe even an art gallery?

    Well, I and another person were fighting something there...we were trying to sneak through the courtyard and get somewhere.

    But there was a sort of creature that would attack us, but it couldn't see.

    The person I was with was really confident we'd be fine because it couldn't see. But I was like 'well maybe it will be able to hear very well...' They were like 'naw...'

    Anyway, the thing caught us and we lost.

    Then it was like this image...of a giant war. And the people were all fallen. But they were vanquished by these things that looked like boxes--like digital zeros? Like those box characters from the old show Reboot. So like boxes with faces.

    Anyway, I got the visual that we lost (maybe it was the person I was with, because I was alone).

    In one of the rooms of this top/roof level area, there was a full length mirror and a pair of shorts. I looked in the mirror and decided to put on shorts (idk what the significance of this is, but I hate shorts and have never worn them), but they fit well and I was surprised.

    I decided I wanted to leave, but I remembered the creature and didn't want to go past the creature, which was the only way out that I knew.

    So I looked off the edge of the building (it was high up), and couldn't find a way to climb down, to avoid going past the creature that would catch me. There wasn't an easy way down.

    So I jumped up onto the edge of the railing--onto a corner.

    It looked like the railing was wide, and perhaps even had a speaker in it. And I just stood up on the corner with bare feet, looking off the edge.

    Then I wondered if I could just fly away.

    I was worried because I was now wearing a red sequin covered dress, and holding a red shawl that was also covered in sequins, and I liked it, but I still jumped off and tried to fly. I didn't want to let go of the shawl because it was so beautiful, but I didn't want to fall either.

    Surprisingly, it was easy to fly and I did not have trouble despite having the shawl in one hand, and not being able to flap my arms very efficiently (in my dreams I fly by flapping my arms, like a bird). My flying took little effort and I didn't lose any altitude.

    It was a desert, however, and I wasn't sure where I was going, but I was determined to keep flying away and then I woke up.

    The ending was peaceful though--I just remember feeling determined, and flying off into the desert, not knowing for how long or where I was going, but knowing I could fly if I focused on it.
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    I was walking through a lost town, and all of the sudden, an angel escorted me...me back to where I have previously been in another dreams, except this time, the seasons finally changed- it appeared with a new horizen, with new trees, flowers... growing, and I turned around and found the old path covered with such a profoundly green wide thicket, I noticed the path leading to the same usual circle into a desert terrain.

    A desolate place. The air was so clean, and skies were blue. True blue. I felt like I was in a Thoreau poem left with a sci-fi kinda feeling.
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    One of my former managers stopped by to talk about politics while I was getting in the restroom. A red headed lady named Irma ran in from out of nowhere screaming, "IMPEACH! ! IMPEACH!" I tried hugging Irma to sooth her. She went crazy after being homeless on the streets. Then I remember the words, "IMPEACH IMPEACH!!" screamed at me in my ears upon waking up. Felt groggy throughout the day, but poor Irma- she's like the many homeless people I see everyday.
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    From what I recall, my bedroom had been completely raided and conquered by colossal monster spiders and scorpions, among other arachnids and otherworldly crawlies. I think a Eurypterid was in there too. I spent the majority of the dream attempting to rid my room of these horrid creatures and in the end I was successful, but I can't remember how I prevailed. Or maybe it wasn't me or I had nothing to do with the disappearance of these arthropods.

    There exist countless possible meanings within this dream. Like every dream, this pondering opens the Pandora's Box of my mind, unearthing the secrets and potential of my brain to a far greater extent! This will be no easy task however, as the inner machinations of my mind are an Enigma. If someone like you is lucky enough to get your slimy, grimy, naughty, dog-nosey doodoo ass onto these wretched writings than good for you. Book-Slut! If anyone is legitimately reading this though however than at this point Iv'e probably bored you into your own slumber by going on and on with these excessive amounts of detail, exposition, and aimless rambling but if you're still reading than I must've done a damn fine job of suckering you into this trash. In that case, I will finally stop screwing around and jump right into some possible meanings of this "boring" dream. So hold your dick steady and get your credit card ready! Vamos!

    Here's the possible meanings cause the possibilities are clearly what y'all want. Y'all couldn't devise possibilities on your own. You needed me to spoon-feed them to your intellectually feeble minds. Exhibit A- All of these colossal monster arachnids in my room were meant to represent what could potentially happen to me, my social life, and my personal life if I allow too many toxic people into my circle of friends and it reaches the point where I completely lose control of the situation. Exhibit B- Anticipational anxiety, meaning my fears of everything that could go wrong during my future social interactions with new people. So essentially, an anxiety within an anxiety= Anxietyinception. Exhibit C- I'm highly interested in arthropods and prehistoric life so I might have just had those concepts simultaneously in my mind when I had that dream. Exhibit D- I was in my bedroom and was dreaming about stuff going on in my bedroom so either Inception or my real "original" bedroom wasn't exciting enough.

    Those are just a few possibilities I've pondered, and I wonder. What do I wish to potentially learn with recording my dreams in these notes? What will I do with this newfound knowledge that I will accumulate overtime? Will this assist me in better understanding myself, others, and the inner workings of the human mind? Will I gain more control over my dreams overtime? The more answers I seek the more questions I receive.

    That's the very first dream I've recorded in my dream journal.
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