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This is a discussion on Dream Journal: Share Your Dreams Here within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by barathrum Sooooo, I was a ghost and ran so fast I lost my legs, hit a bucket ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by barathrum View Post
    Sooooo, I was a ghost and ran so fast I lost my legs, hit a bucket and fell in a well. Dreamt of a kiss and lost my forgiveness of the situation I was in. Hit a wall, melded so fast I lost my mind, was in fear. Felt the wall and wanted out. The dream lasted, longer than I'd like. Mocked in a hole, I threw my shoe. Hit a bystander, and apologized out of love. Retraced my steps with regret, found new logic, pondered my existence and relocated my personal space.

    I'd like to say it ended there, but there are monsters and horror stories crawling in that space. Never regret, that's how I slept.
    Interpretation: there are things from your past that are tripping you up. betrayal by a friend. it's driving you crazy. don't remove the peace that you walk in from yourself. you'll end up hurting those who stand by you. go back to the original place of hurt, the root of your pain, gain clarity through forgiveness, and you'll come into your true self and peace once again.

    basically it's a dream telling you that your are being attacked (negative, false thoughts). you need to get ahead of this in order to move forward to the next season in your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeirdlyAwesome View Post
    I dreamt about having to meet my ex's family and greeting them all and hugging them and telling them I miss them.. then the older brother comes and tells me, "why are you here? go home before he (my ex) comes"
    this is a dream to show you where you need healing in your life (showing you the root). you have not been rejected. your are loved despite what happened with your ex. people love when you are around. don't believe the lie that you are not welcome.

    if you believe the lie, you'll end up putting up walls where they shouldn't be, robbing others of the love you have to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemons333 View Post
    Short interpretation of your dream: this is about you and a cycle you are in where you have wanted to help people but always have been blocked by someone's disagreement or a friend who has sabotaged in a sense what you attempt to do, while you also getting caught in the crossfire because of short sightedness. but you will soon enter a "restart" in your life, a new season where what you have learned in the past will help you move forward out of this cycle. sounds like a very good dream. the people in the dream are strangers who you have helped and will help because of your ability to give good direction. you'll also be able to recognize where people are trapped in their personal problems or bondages (straight jacket). sounds like a warning dream and a calling dream (showing you what you are purposed for).
    That's a very interesting interpretation! Definitely something to think about... Thank you! :)

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    @Lemons333 . I’m excited to tell you about the next time that I dream! And the time time after that and etc! Don’t go anywhere! Stay right where you are! Where did you learn all this? It seems so wise!

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    A few days ago, I had a pretty strange dream that I'd like to share. I've been having a harder time interpreting this one.

    I was in prison with an older lady, a stranger. The space was wide and didn't feel very constricting, but we knew there was no way out.

    We went to the showers while deep in talk (I realized once I woke up and told my dream to my partner that the actual things discussed held no meaning—I was just hearing what was being said on the radio haha). As we were stripping, we noticed that two (male) convicts were staring at us through a big hole in the wall; we became suspicious but didn't really try covering ourselves and carried on.

    As the lady was talking her face started bleeding, and it would just get worse as the conversation went on. At some point she left to go in the shower (apparently there was only one working), and I just stood there naked, waiting, knowing the two convicts were still staring but not being really bothered by it. At some point I pulled out a cloth doll from a console where the towels were piled. It was like a reverse voodoo doll, so its state reflected the older lady's like a mirror instead of being the cause of her injuries. Its face was badly disfigured, with the cloth around one eye completely wrecked and hanging in weird ways. I just cradled the doll in my hands, wrapped a tiny doll-sized towel over its head to hide the injured eye, and told it that I hoped the lady would stitch herself up before coming out of her shower. I woke up after that.

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    @Norse Gods and Peaches what an interesting dream!
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