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This is a discussion on Is There A Relation Between... within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I believe everyone is insecure, is related to experiences rather than personality, I believe....

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    I believe everyone is insecure, is related to experiences rather than personality, I believe.

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    I've become far more secure this year but I still have bouts of insecurity. A lot of ENFP males have this problem as well. I spent a few hours last night assuring one that he wasn't a horrible, unlikable person who would die alone. I felt like I was talking to myself less than a year ago! I must have sounded idiotic. It was such a good experience being on the other side because for the first time, I started to realize that all the crap I believed about myself wasn't true, that if I could assure what was basically a male me that he wouldn't be alone forever, I could sure as heck assure myself of that fact.

    For the record, I apologize to everyone who has seen my rampant insecurity this year. I now acknowledge how stupid it all was.

    For any insecure ENFPs (and any other types) out there... YOU'RE AWESOME!! You have no real reason to be insecure, you just believe a lot of lies your brain is feeding you. And they are lies, all lies. You are special and wonderful and there is no one else out there exactly like you! And if no one likes you now, give it some time and someone will see you for the person you want to be. Just hang in there. Things can take a turn for the better in an instant. Just believe in yourself and don't get discouraged when you fail.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    The ENFPs I know are all 40 and over, and we are very self confident.
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