[ENFP] ENFPs what is Si? I don't have it :D

ENFPs what is Si? I don't have it :D

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This is a discussion on ENFPs what is Si? I don't have it :D within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hiya, I'm just wondering what you would describe as being your "Si" function? I use Ne, Fi and also Te ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    ENFPs what is Si? I don't have it :D


    I'm just wondering what you would describe as being your "Si" function? I use Ne, Fi and also Te a lot, but I don't think I ever use Si! I'm completely unobservant if that has anything to do with it, I ignore the past and don't refer back to it (because in my opinion life's going on right now and the past isn't that relevant to me because things and people change all the time), I don't pay attention to detail, ... I'm good at sorting things out, like drawers or piles of paper.. but I'd say that's more a Te thing??.. I don't know...

    So, any examples of Si might be nice :-) ...

    Actually I'm just thinking, I use Fi as much as Ne.. I think that's why I need silence and 'reflection time' all the time, so maybe in that way I've never developed Si?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    well im constantly thinking about the past when im introverting so maybe you simply don't use it that much?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Mm yeah I don't think about the past at all. I always find it odd when people refer to the past as if it defined the present.. I realize that what I've been through must play a big part in who I am now, but it's still who I am now and who I could be that is important to me.. when I'm "introverting" as you put it, I just daydream about the present and the future and possibilities, or fantasy unrelated to my own life. I guess I just don't use Si ..but I can't even seem to be able to "tap into it"!

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    Unknown Personality

    Type Resources: Where would we be without Introverted Sensing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Meg Ellis
    We would not remember where we put things. We would constantly search for our keys and get lost trying to find the way home.

    We would not remember which outfits we got compliments on.

    We would not remember fondly our children's growing up years.

    We might not research or care about our ancestry.

    We would not remember recipes.

    We'd have to invent repeatedly how to do the simplest of duties.

    We'd probably not balance our checkbooks. Thanks goodness for online banking.

    We'd rethink what we cooked on Thanksgiving and other holidays. All of it would be a lot more work.

    We wouldn't remember whether a person preferred gold or silver jewelry.


    Type Resources: Extraverted Sensing in the 7th Position
    Quote Originally Posted by Meg Ellis
    Introverted Sensing (Si) is a different story. It compares and contrasts what is happening now with previous similar personal experiences. Si recalls the experience complete with the emotions that it engendered. That implies that one actually stored away and remembers previous similar experiences. For me, I forget the details of an event and retain a vague memory of what happened...at best! If it's over, it's over. For instance I'll remember having seen a movie but few of the details. If someone asks me about an event we both attended/engaged in, I may or may not remember it. If I say I don't remember I appear senile. If I say what I do remember, it often doesn't jive with their memory and I defer to their version. It's a no win situation for me.

    I've learned from Dr. John Beebe that Introverted Sensing also knows where something belongs. It's all about containers. I often search for things because I don't remember what container I've put something in. I never put something in the same place twice. I bought 3 plastic boxes for my office 3 years ago. I still haven't decided what belongs in them. They look good as new...and empty.

    Introverted Sensing also seems to appreciate and establish routines--tried and true organized methods for getting something done. For instance, my husband established a daily routine to write and publish a book. He followed it and has the book to prove it. I have NO routine in my life, not meal time, not the time to get up, not a regular item on my calendar, and certainly no routine when putting things away. I could go on about this. I'm not proud of this and it does wreak havoc in my life.

    Mostly given the option of organizing my life and/or enjoying the memory of past events (Introverted Sensing) and doing something outside in the garden or with friends, I opt for the latter (all Extraverted Sensing activities).

    What am I doing to develop Si? I'm embarrassed to say 'not much'. Although I do periodically reorganize my dresser drawers. I did alphabetize my spices which gives me great pleasure, making cooking that much easier. Such a simple thing. I did enjoy being in a Tuesday writing class. That time was sacred for me and made it possible to pursue something I've always been interested in. Without a routine, it would not happen.

    My current plan is to establish a routine for the month of April to accomplish some of the writing that I've been meaning to do for quite a while. That means tomorrow!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob McAlpine
    This is really more about the differences between Se and Si. This morning, while I was shaving, my cell phone rang. It was a sales person apologizing for calling so early, but she wanted me to buy an ad in the buyer's guide her company is publishing. After telling her NO, I ended the call and lay down the phone. After completing shaving, showering, and dressing, I'm wandering around the bedroom looking for my cell phone. I have no clue where I laid it. I even walked past it several times in the search before asking my wife for help in locating the wayward phone. Two thoughts come to mind as I attempt to process the event. I have vivid recall of the phone conversation with the person, but no recall as to where I laid the phone. The emotional reaction to the conversation allows me to recall it which I believe is Si, but laying down the phone generated no emotional reaction and I have no idea where I laid it, which I believe is more Se.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Oh brilliant, thank you! Finally I understand Si a little better :)

    Obviously I do have it then, I do vaguely remember where I put my keys and obviously manage to find my way home :), as well as fondly remember events in the past, what one cooks for thanksgiving and christmas, and I remember if people prefer gold or silver jewlerry.

    I'm not the best at remembering details tbh, but Ne usually gets me where Si won't :)

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    So the way you see it is that the past defines you as default. The interesting stuff is here & now, and everything after.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Quote Originally Posted by idris View Post
    So the way you see it is that the past defines you as default. The interesting stuff is here & now, and everything after.
    Yes, that's right. To me that kind of goes without saying, so .. I can't do much more about it by over-analyzing it..? I feel like I'd be better off letting the past be and not letting it define me more than is necessary by default.. and let the future define me instead :)

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    According to the cognitive functions test I took, I don't use it either. In fact, I think it said that I find it annoying when others DO use Si. The only ones I used significantly were Ne, Fi, Ti, and Se (in that order I think).

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Ooh what cognitive function test was that? Send me a link, if you have one :) ?

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