[ENFP] Ideal love match?

Ideal love match?

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This is a discussion on Ideal love match? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Ok ENFPs, in your experience what has been our ideal love match? I have heard that INTJ would be ideal, ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Ideal love match?

    Ok ENFPs, in your experience what has been our ideal love match? I have heard that INTJ would be ideal, but I just can't see why so far with the interaction I have had with an INTJ friend of mine.

    Insight anyone?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    NT's plus NFs tend to do well together, because we both love talking about abstract things, but where we NFs are co-operative, the NTs are utilitarian. It's a good dichotomy and balancing act between "Head and heart" essentially. the balance makes for a generally stable relationship platform, where one partner is strong in areas the other is weak in.

    However, nothing is as important as who the person is as an individual. Trust, honesty, respect, all those intangibles play a much larger role than the type a person was born with in finding a good match. INTJs are awesome, but don't just pick one because you hear it's a good match, pick him because you like him specifically.

    If he seems cool but you're just having trouble warming up to him, just hang out with him a bit more, you never know.

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    Yeah...my sister's an INTJ; good friend, but definitely not an ideal love match hehe
    I would say an INFP...probably any NF really
    I would like someone I can relate to and who'll get as lost in things as I do....I honestly think an NF is the best for me
    I sometimes think Id want someone as extroverted as me, but in reality I think an introvert would be best for me
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Yeah, maybe NF would be a better match. He is a great friend and we have spent a ton of time together, but the face that he doesn't outwardly express his emotion when dealing with issues is frustrating. He always wants to plan out EVERYTHING and approach things slowly. Sometimes that doesn't work. I need someone who can do what needs to be done and can be assertive. I would love an I with a bit of E tendencies.

    What about other people? Ideas? Preferences?
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I dated an INFP for a long time and we're still really close friends. We understand each other perfectly, but are different enough to keep the other interested. So I guess I'd also say NF types. I'm not sure what other boyfriends in the past have been, but he was defintiely my best relationship.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I've been dating an INFP long distance for about the last 11 months, and I think that he's amazing. We have similar values, and we "connect" in ways I've never experienced with anyone else. Even though we live two hours apart, I feel like he is right beside me in spirit. Regardless of how long we stay a couple for, I know that I have found my best friend, truly.

    The only problem is that, when we do see each other, we don't always click on an in person level yet. We're confident, however, that as we can see each other more and more, we will overcome that. :D
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    My sis is an ENFP, and she's into INTPs.
    I personally find almost all INF's to be simply irresistable. They're all like, "I really love people, but I'm gonna make you work for it." just adorable

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    Unknown Personality

    INTJ are pure <3
    I've said this so many times in this forum, but seriously, I can't think of a better match than INTJ at the moment.

    I believe that S/N barrier is the hardest to cross in terms of communication, and we happen to both be N dominant. Thus ENFP and INTJs can be each other's enigma and teacher without much of the irritating friction (as long as both are mature) that comes from our apparent "oppositeness", really, INTJ and ENFPs are like the same people, except inside out. It's like looking out the opposite direction of the same platform touching back to back (The differences not only coming from the other 3 letters, but from Ne-Ni as well) making the conversation with INTJs fascinating. Being with them, the perspective just widens, it's like opening a box of mystery.

    I can see (and has experienced) that the F/T barrier can be a bit of an irritation. But remember that both our second and third functions are the same, the position just switched. We can understand each other as long as both of us keep an open mind. The Fi in common can make us both stubborn...but hey! It makes for an interesting debate. :3

    tl;dr - INTJ love fest.

    (Personally though, this applies to INTJ females only for me. I prefer INTx females, and INFx males.)
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    I am convinced it's INTJ for me. I once was physically attracted to an INTJ. We had a wonderful relationship. We had disagreements and even those were rare. We never really argued. We could usually see the other's point. But the main thing was that we were both into analyzing the shit out of our relationship. That was HEAVEN for me! He had serious endurance in analyzing the crap out of our relationship and other's.

    Beyond that, I find the INTJ to be well spoken. They know how to use their words effectively even when battling an argument. This is so important to me. I can't stand screamers or name callers. I've since dated others after the INTJ relationship ended. I still hold the relationship with the INTJ in high regard. There was much mutual respect and growth.

    I also dated an ENTP and we never argued either. It was a lot of fun. It wasn't as deep as the INTJ/ENFP mix, but the ENTP and I just "got" each other. We were very similar. (Lol-he just texted me! Twilight Zone )

    Anyway, I think I tend to get along with the NT types rather than other NF's in romantic relationships because F is not my dominant function, Ne is. On top of that, my tertiary function Te is pretty well developed now. Therefore, I am finding it makes a huge difference if I date a person whose has F as their dominant function. I am still a very sensitive person but to a certain degree. Most of my best friends are NF's. However, romantic relationships conjure up even more emotional feelings for the both of us. I feel an INTJ keeps me more grounded in the type of person I truly like being.

    At the very least, it helps in communication if I am with someone else whose dominant function is Intuition, even if it is Ni.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    How about INFJs? We're the most extroverted among the introverts.

    One of my gal pals is an ENFP and we have lots of fun whenever we get together. She "gets" me in a way most people don't; I'm pretty certain she'd tell you the same thing about me as well. We have a gab fest of several hours whenever we see each other and often end up in quirky places together. And we are both able to give each other the space we need.

    I like the ENFP personality. I often imagine that the guy I'd get together with one day could be an ENFP :)
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