[ENFP] Hey, ENFP - do you think it's funny to tease animals?

Hey, ENFP - do you think it's funny to tease animals?

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This is a discussion on Hey, ENFP - do you think it's funny to tease animals? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hi, I'm an INFJ and out of my three brothers, the one that is ENFP is the only one who ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Hey, ENFP - do you think it's funny to tease animals?


    I'm an INFJ and out of my three brothers, the one that is ENFP is the only one who ever teasted, taunted or tormented my dog.

    Tonight, our family had a small religious thing with several families in our street. My dog likes to smell everyone as they enter, and the only other ENFP in our street that I know of kicked him (not viciously, but it still rates in my book) when he came to smell her - and she smiled at the fact he tried to bite her shoe after that.

    I know two people doesn't exactly equal a pattern - but why?!

    My brother also does this with little children too. Why do you (he) need to get reactions out of things? I don't get it - animals and kids are there to be loved - they are not toys for amusement.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    are you sure you aren't being overly sensitive about it? i can't imagine an ENFP crossing the line with that kind of thing, maybe joking around yes.
    define "tormenting"

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Tridentus View Post
    ... maybe joking around yes. define "tormenting"
    Tormenting is him applying any set of behaviours to my dog to illicit barking, or any other frenetic display of excitement and anxiety, not typically arrived at by a normal course of action. In short he would do whatever he could to get a reaction of my dog while he was growing. What happens is that when Basil would finally tire and maybe nip at my brother - this allowed him to create a story whereby my dog hated him, was evil, possessed or otherwise deserving of whatever treatment he chose to give it.

    The woman from down the street is about 25 years old or something like that, she grew up in a different city and MBTI is the only commonality between her and my brother. She was under no threat whatsoever and is familiar with Basil - still she kicked him. No one else in our street has ever treated him like those two do.
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    I am that way. I love to tease people and animals.--Break: I just had some freaky deja vu right now--
    Anyway, I would never intentionally hurt people or animals and I'm very aware of when I'm crossing the line. In my opinion, you are making a bit of a deal out of it. I'd just leave it alone as I assume it's nothing. That's as much of an answer as I can give since you're asking ENFPs about their behavior that's similar.
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    I love to tease people. Well, until I sense something bad unfolding, no crossing the line. I used to tease my dog with food a lot and even trap him in his dog house. Of course I've over that now, and looking back obviously it was a childish thing to do. I don't really tease animals. I haven't really been in contact with any recently either.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Shofixti is that person don't are Te???

    We woudn't never even think to torment others-And personally it's so hurt me when someone kick animals-then I feel like I could kill that person!! Ohh I hate boorishness!!

    But animals sometimes run away from me becouse I love them so much that I could kill that animal with kidness. hehe I like abuse with stroke ^_^.

    And once I was lightly kick one little cat when I went to school 2 years ago-becouse my dad don't want animal in home and I didn't want that little cat to tie to us._And You know what-someone was plant that Kitty to our hous-And now -It's my favourite creature in whole world-My little bubble Yetii:-))
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    i still doubt what you said sorry, INFJ's sensitivity is the greatest part of their charm for me but i can't imagine an ENFP would kick a dog hard enough to hurt and it seems you might be slightly overreacting- i might do that in a prodding it with my foot kind of way.
    also ill tease animals in a joking way but that wouldn't mean that i was being nasty to them, like try and get them overexcited or something in which case they might start barking or give me a nip. basically yes i do find it funny but not in the jerk way that you seem to be putting it as.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    How old is your brother?

    I read somewhere that the secondary function, which for him would be feeler one, develops later only in teens and early 20s in people but can lag behind in early childhood. I can say that in my case it was very much true. I've developed my Ni way before my Fe, so when I was smaller I have done some things to other living things and other kids that I wouldn't do right now. As a kid my empathy for others was very shallow and short-lived, but my Ni gave me extensive curiosity that needed to be satisfied. So if you typed your brother correctly he will simply grow up and grow out of it. Alternatively you might not have typed him correctly and he may be an ENTP instead of an ENFP in which case he will need to rationalize why it isn't right because he isn't going to feel that it is not right naturally.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    About the worst thing I do to my cats is bowl them over and tickle their bellies until they grab my hand and start licking it. I'm generally very pro-animal, to the point that I won't kill house spiders or swat at mosquitos.

    That said, dogs are probably my least-favourite animal. When I was a kid, I had a bit of a fear of dogs after a bad encounter with a golden retriever (dog saliva allergy + lung condition = freakish swelling and a week-long hospital stay). That's not to say that I got violent with them; it's just that my instinctual reaction to them jumping at me was a quick palm strike.

    That said, I have gotten over this, and learned to love the things. It wasn't too hard to rationalize either: I love people unconditionally --> lots of people love dogs unconditionally --> I learn to love dogs for the people who love them. It also helps that my allergy lessened after hanging around my buddies' German shepherds, labs and collies-sheepdog things.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I would never intentionally hurt an animal.
    I kinda have that elmira syndrome thing goin' on.
    The only way I would actually HURT an animal would be from hugging it too hard.
    With people, ESPECIALLY intelligent INTJs I love to tease.
    I don't mean in a playground type way, either.
    You can take that how you like.

    And like with essay, I won't kill spiders or bugs of any type.
    I'll usually pick them up and move them elsewhere.
    I really do love just about every living creature.
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