[ENFP] Top 5 characteristics ENFP women prefer in men

Top 5 characteristics ENFP women prefer in men

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This is a discussion on Top 5 characteristics ENFP women prefer in men within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Nevermind. I didn't see the other thread here: https://personalitycafe.com/enfp-foru...refer-men.html...

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Top 5 characteristics ENFP women prefer in men

    Nevermind. I didn't see the other thread here: https://personalitycafe.com/enfp-foru...refer-men.html

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    Hehe, a thread like this is already in existence, but I'll copy and paste my answer. I'm a lesbian, but I wanted to answer anyway. This is my (copy and pasted) answer:

    Top 5 Characteristics
    -Confidence. I like confidence, but not arrogance. I just like someone who can speak their mind and defend their point. I like someone who knows what they want and goes for it with confidence in their abilities.
    -Creativity. Creativity is a huge turn-on. I don't mean just artistically, but creativity in general.
    -Open-mindedness. I like someone who isn't completely stubborn or closed to outside perspectives and ideas.
    -Intelligence. Intelligence is great. I want someone who's interesting, interested, and able to speak in depth on certain topics.
    -Originality. I want someone who is their own person and is not afraid to show it.

    Top 5 Physical Features
    -Nicely shaped buttocks. I don't like flat-asses
    -Breasts. I don't care about the size, just the overall flow of the body.
    -Big eyes.
    -Nice abs.
    -Cute mouth.

    Top 5 Dislikes
    -Close-mindedness. That goes at the top, k?
    -'Stuck-in-their-ways-iness'. Slightly different that the first one.
    -Dispassion. I prefer people who have things that they care about and put their hearts into, somehow.
    -No sense of humor. I need someone who I can laugh with and share good times with. I also appreciate sarcastic humor. I can usually play off peoples' humor pretty well, so I really notice people who can surpass me haha.
    - People who concentrate so much on things that don't matter that they forget to live life.

    Top 5 Desires

    I want someone who is strong and honest. Sometimes I can't take honesty, but it helps me grow. I want someone who is straightforward so that I know I can trust their word and not have to constantly wonder. I want someone who is emotionally stable and won't smother me. I want someone who I can have interesting and in-depth, one-on-one conversations with, so preferably someone who's more introverted. I want someone who is receptive to my ideas and point-of-views. I don't really want someone who will have pity on me when I have a problem, but rather someone who thinks clearly and rationally enough to know better.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Aw, might as well respond to this anyways while the thread is here, right?

    Top 5 Characteristics:
    1. Trustworthy/honest
    2. "Good" personality
    3. Open-minded
    4. Accepts me for who I am
    5. Is about to talk about his feelings

    Explanations of the Above:
    1. I think trust is one of the most important things in any type of relationship at all.. even non-romantic ones. But for romantic relationships especially, I can't see how one would be able to work out without this. =\ If you can't trust your partner, how can you be sure you can believe anything they say? ...Even with something as simple as "I love you"? And also, with trust, you won't have to be paranoid about everything your partner does when you're away... you should NEVER have to worry about the possibility of your partner cheating on you.
    2. This one's pretty broad... by having a "good" personality, I basically mean don't be a homicidal maniac, a rapist, a sex addict, a verbal and/or physical abuser, etc... don't be cruel. ^^;; Be kind!
    3. Being open-minded is important in order to learn more about yourself, others, and the world around you... and to be able to mature. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a partner who will agree with you on every single little thing (and to be honest, I think that would be a little boring ), so when you do have your disagreements, you don't have to necessarily change your opinion... but at least be open towards theirs!
    4. If your partner tries to change who you are, how can you be sure they even loved you for who you are in the first place? Letting your partner try to help in changing you because you WANT to change a certain part of yourself is okay, as long as YOU are 100% okay with it, but other than that... acceptance is a part of love.
    5. The stereotypical image of a "manly" guy who's too "tough" to talk about something as mushy gushy as feelings and emotions... does not appeal to me. x_x Being able to talk about your feelings is especially important during conflicts, so that you can both sit down and calmly talk it out. And also, being able to talk about your feelings with each other is a good way to understand each other better... and plus I particularly just like talking about feelings/emotions in general. <3

    I don't really have any specific physical desires, except...
    1. A touchy/feely person (Hugs and kisses! :3)
    2. "Friendly" eyes (hard to explain XD)
    3. Taller than me (he doesn't HAVE to be, but it's an added bonus if he is ^^;; )

    Aaand... I think that's it!


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