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Common things said to ENFP's

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    personal experience

    Frequently heard by me an ENFP: (it really all happened, my personal experience)
    I’m a mechanical engineer, so you know the context at work

    At work
    “What are all the balls and connecting lines on the whiteboard again Bart?”
    “A mind map”
    “Man, ‘m I glad I’m not in your head!”

    “I know you explained it ten times, but could you please try again?”

    “Why the hell do you know all the birthday dates of your friends?!”

    “Why, after 60 years of developing, do you come up with an idea like that?”

    Secretary at work
    “Bart, explain to me, why are you dropping your empty banana peel on your desk when the trash can is one feet to your right?”
    “hmup mhmp”
    “Never mind”

    “As a project leader the maximum amount of projects you can handle is 2. How many do you have Bart?”

    “Bart, having 3 mechanical projects, 2 school project groups, being a trainer, coaching the new apprentices, helping everyone with a question that mite remotely concern you, is way to much.
    “Yes, but I like the diversity!”
    “I find that rather hard to believe” from a ESTJ

    “So, correct me if I’m wrong Bart, you’re having a party but it’s not your birthday, new house, new job,….., there is no one remotely known to you having a baby… you just ‘felt’ like it….?!”

    “Ask Bart, he probably already did it.”

    “Ask Bart, he knows who knows.”

    “O o o this is so awesome, I’m so excided I can hardly contain my self, it has so much potential!”
    “Bart, we’re 5 minutes in to the project kick-off meeting, please sit down.”

    “What’s that? I mist a detail?”

    “Oo isn’t this nice Bart, nearing the end of our project lots and lots of details to consider, no new developments no open ends just four weeks of finishing the project!”
    “Pfff, this is going to be the worst month ever!”

    “Did you prepare for the meeting?”
    “I know the subject, does that count?”

    Normal life
    From a girl I just met
    “Ooo your so cute, it’s like I have known you for years!” (Another good chance wasted

    “So, do you want to become anything else besides, writher, actor, service man, ……………, fire-fighter, pilot, and comic art writer?”
    “Doctor is way out of my league right?”

    In a relationship:
    “Is it so hard not to leave a trail of clothes, empty glasses and chairs in strange positions?”

    I’m an ENFP but my mom thought I was ADHD.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Ha ha ha,u people really made me smile

    That's so true that everyone of u wrote down...

    I really think that everybody who knows me think's that i'm not gonna do any good in my life cause i have kad so many idea and from everyone of them i give up...

    That doesn't bother me anymore....

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    "I can't figure out how to read you, and it really bothers me!" (Said to me by an ENTP)

    "You're really intimidating" (Same ENTP)

    "I think you're really a natural blonde--are you sure you don't dye your hair black???"

    "I wish you would pay more attention to money!" (Said in exasperation by my ENTP husband at least once a week--not the same as the ENTP from the other two quotes)

    "What do you have that no one else does that you got her to loosen up so much??"

    "I've been saying that same thing to him for years, but he never listened to me"
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Probably been said but I'm sure it's been said a lot to ENFP folks... ;) it's been said to me at least a dozen times this year. Woo woo!

    "What the fuck, man?!"

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    the things I've gotten used to hearing from my friends:

    "One day, I'm gonna write all the random crap you say and show you how often you change conversation topics!"

    "How and why are you still awake?"

    "OMG! I hadn't said anything, how did you know something was wrong?"

    "Only you would listen to all this crap without breathing a word of judgment"

    "You can't make me laugh me this much, you're too sarcastic!"

    "How do you pick all these little details up so quickly?"

    "Do you ever stop daydreaming?"

    All in no particular order, but when I showed them the ENFP personality profile, the friends who have said those quotes have suddenly been able to "make sense" of me...

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    Unknown Personality

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Some of these may have been said already but here it goes!

    Blond joke references...even though I'm not blond.

    "You're so cute!" or "You're so sweet!"

    "Are you on crack?!?!"

    "How do you talk to random people like that?"'

    I guess this isn't really said but I get a lot of looks that say "You're crazy."
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    'What's your fave position?'
    me-'The one where it goes in?'

    'You are crazy'

    'Do you know that you're flirting with this guy?'
    me- 'erm'

    'Stop talking shite.'
    Me- 'You just don't get it'

    'I just don't know myself anymore?'

    'Chrissy, you are soo cool'
    Me- 'Oh.. thankyou, I guess'

    Me-'I can't help it if I upset her, she's too bloody sensitive!'

    Who can't wait for halloween!!!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    "Why are you still awake and how are you still alive?"
    "Do you ever listen to things you say YOU FUCKING WEIRDO"
    "Stop lurking"
    "You know just what to say to make me feel better"
    "Freak" (this is usually said lovingly)
    "Pay attention"
    "All you have on your mind is partying" (thanks dad)
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    "You're so intriguing." (from about 95% of all NT's that I've ever met.)

    "You're so alive."

    "You don't complain."

    "Stop dreaming and get grounded."

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