ENFP Man and an ENFP Woman

ENFP Man and an ENFP Woman

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This is a discussion on ENFP Man and an ENFP Woman within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'm an ENFP (borderline INFP...ha ha ha ha!) man who is smitten with an ENFP woman. We are so much ...

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    ENFP Man and an ENFP Woman

    I'm an ENFP (borderline INFP...ha ha ha ha!) man who is smitten with an ENFP woman. We are so much a like, but it feels great. Anyway, I feel a chemistry when I'm with her. I think she digs me too, but it's still early days and she hasn't directly expressed her thoughts yet, either. I catch a couple hints...or at least I think they'rehints. Unfortunately for me, she already has a boyfiend whom she lives and has children with, but I'm not sure that's going well.

    My question is: what sort of things can an ENFP man do or say to an ENFP woman in order to win her heart? What will she respond most positively to?

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    Have you read this thread yet?


    In terms of how to actually talk to ENFP girls to win their heart, say things to make them smile. ENFP girls smile at almost everything and that is one of the tools they use to flirt. Just wait for the ENFP girls to come to this thread. They are all sleeping because they had a "wild social" day.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by bdm View Post
    I'm an ENFP (borderline INFP...ha ha ha ha!)
    Another borderline INFP. You know who else is borderline? Darth Skywalker. (Yes, I'm aware you weren't talking about BPD)

    Anakin Skywalker: Borderline Personality, Bipolar or Narcissist?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I've really lost track about what interests me in people.. but here I'll try to resurrect that part a little.

    Definitely pure confidence. Someone who doesn't need to be pampered all the time to feel special and can accept bizzare humor every once in a while without jumping to bizzare assumptions about their self worth or about them feeling *special*.

    Self control, coz i lack it. So it's nice to know the guy has it.

    Generosity; hands down.

    Social etiquette and men to be gentlemen; in a charming way. Don't want to be ashamed of taking my date to an over the top restaurant.

    Maturity, smartness, patience..

    Now that I listed the characters that I personally like.. Most probably missed out some, but you got the picture I hope.

    I've had in the past this ongoing fantasy of dating an ENFP for 2 weeks to explore the realms of human boundaries in a passion full relationship. Reach spiritual highs of uncontainable emotion..

    I think you can charm them by your diverse interests and unlimited social capacity and enthusiasm that we all have in common. Nothing is like being reminded with our good side. Exhilarate her with unhumanly passion, with daredevil spirit =)
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    My best friend is an ENFP. While it feels fantastic to have someone who gets me like that, we put the possibility of somethign more on the table and discovered soem shortcomings...

    Like the house never getting cleaned and bills never getting paid and stuff... but if you've got the P and F under control you might be okay.

    Things that interest me... hmm...

    I like confidence (but not arrogance) and yet I need to be needed- don't ask me how that works...
    I like a guy I can talk to
    I like to spoil guys... so he's gotta be a guy that will let me spoil him
    Considerate guys... I've realise lately hanging out with my female friend who's an ESTJ, that I need people around me who consider the feelings of others, because her systematic decisions sicken me sometimes... still he can't be a ball of mush :)
    A guy who I can hang with. I like to spend time with my partner a lot, so it helps if we have similar interests and are of similar intelligence and like-minded in general.
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    Ok, me personally:

    I like guys that can stand on their own two feet emotionally. I'm not saying the guy must be cold, but he mustn't be needy or clingy. I love my freedom.
    He mustn't be into image. He must be care free. He must be fun to be with. He must be spontaneous.

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    my bf is an enfp just like me. we're very same but very different at the same time. im an arien, he's a piscean... we're both dreamers and idealistics... our relationship is not meant to be at all but love bounds us so deeply! we know this is gonna lead us inevitably to a crash, but we're making it beautifully worth it.
    im personnaly attracted to creative, clever, daring, intelligent, understanding, fun loving people, and somehow "different". like me
    i really dont feel comfy with narrow minded people, stupid people, self destructive people, people not frank enough (big liars), people lazier than me, and withdrawn personalities.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I personally like the INFJ, because their so soulful and they listen. They are so quiet and brooding yet protective and artistic.
    So basically my guy is caring, protective, brooding, quiet, deep, unique and funny.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    yeah not gonna tell ya how to win someone over who is unavailable. :/
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Yeah I'd say just leave things alone until she's available. You don't wanna have any part of that, even if she were to fall desperately in love with you and leave her boyfriend, you've made an enemy out of him, not to mention if she's that flighty... what happens when you get boring. Let her do her own thing, and if she marries the guy, then find yerself a new girl. There's plenty of them around. :) You REALLY don't want to get her involved if she has children with a guy, that could REALLY make things messy. But then again, those are just my thoughts....
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