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ENFP Picture Thread

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    ENFP Picture Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sygma View Post
    Goddamn Ai stop

    These untied long hairs are too much :P

    Are you wearing an actual fake golden nose ring on that photo or ? just wanted to say that it would absolutely suit you if not
    Thatís fake - pretty much half of the pictures are fake with the exception of the first pic and and the third one in black and white

    Lol yeah I donít think Iím punk enough for a real nose ring now am I brave enough to put on contact lens - however app was fun

    Me now :p

    With Princess Leia

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    Quote Originally Posted by ai.tran.75 View Post
    Lol yeah I don’t think I’m punk enough for a real nose ring now
    I mean aesthetically speaking you'd pull it off !

    Princess Leia is so adorable

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    Because some people still say I'm ENFP, I'm allowed to post here

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Headless Horse View Post
    Because some people still say I'm ENFP, I'm allowed to post here

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    That's ok im an ENFP too

    Cute pic :D

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    Non filter

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    Did everyone have a good Halloween?
    Attached Images
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    Yuck. I wanted to add that picture in the post, not as a attachment, but for some reason mobile won't let me. And clicking on "desktop site" does nothing.

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    Some recent images of me and my crew.

    INTJ Hubby

    Our new baby Ares

    Me with INTJ hubby and INTP brother in law.

    With the ISFJ best-friend and now sister in law.

    Feeling like I'm eighty, the check engine light is on but still able to keep a small smile on the face. These were mostly taken in October, which seems so long ago.
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    You're lovelier every time I see you! Amazing green eyes btw.
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