[ENFP] The stream-of-conscious venting thread for ENFPs

The stream-of-conscious venting thread for ENFPs

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This is a discussion on The stream-of-conscious venting thread for ENFPs within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; So I know the INFP version of this thread has billlions of pages and I figured we could use one ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    The stream-of-conscious venting thread for ENFPs

    So I know the INFP version of this thread has billlions of pages and I figured we could use one too. I know there's a bunch of times I just have random thoughts or things to say and want to put them out there but don't usually know where. Hence the creation of this thread!

    I suppose I will begin...

    Today I stood up for myself and took action against what was stressing me out, instead of running away from it, which I usually do. It made me feel a lot better. I don't know why I fall into the vicious cycle of realizing something is bothering me, and instead of fixing it, avoid it to no end. Something to work on!

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    So at the retail store I work at only has 3 check out registers, even though we're a pretty big name retailer. Anyway, after people complaining about the "maze" we had before, we set it up so that the line would clearly lead to where you would want to go--straight for checking out, and turn right to go to customer service. Couldn't be simpler, but we still have people just standing there at the beginning of the queue in a daze and look totally confused about where to go.

    Also, the sob stories I hear people tell just to get a discount help me lose faith in humanity.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Here's some from last night:

    Why am I in school? Why do I need to pay thousands of dollars--probably $200,000--to prove that I learned something--especially since the certificate is, essentially, a passport that enables me to make a living off of learning something further? I want to teach, but I hate putting up with the trivial bullshit that are gen. ed. credits because it's basically stuff that I already learned on my own, just expressed via $2400, a piece of paper, and a hundred hours of my life.

    I've always wanted to open up a card shop. I could probably find a small space in my hometown downtown that's pretty affordable for a start-up. The card shop we had before was really nice, but they just spent way too much money on stuff that generated barely any revenue. If I kept things simple and affordable, it would probably do well for a hang-out for middle and high school-aged kids.

    I hate bureaucracy; I hate modern policy; I hate the hoops I must jump through daily to show that I can. I know I can. I know I can prove that I can without a piece of paper saying so, but I need to prove that I can with a piece of paper saying I can. How does that even make sense? How does that even justify who gets hired and who doesn't? Grit? Is grit really that important in hiring? How does that even prove grit? It just proves I can sit on my ass for hours on end listening to lecturers talk about something I may or may not be interested in. I highly doubt the "real world"--whatever construct that is--has you sitting in a room being talked at for hours. At least, that's not how my summer government desk job works. I get bitched at, but at least that's engaging.

    I really love English, but I really hate literature. I have five more literature courses to take at least, so I don't even have the chance to take a ton of composition courses like I'd want. I won't even benefit a whole lot from the lit courses. I understand requiring maybe three or four, but I have to take at least six, probably more; there's probably something I'm missing, which means I'd have to talk to an advisor. Yet another reminder of the hoops I must jump through to prove that I, too, can do this! Me too! I'm just like them, so you should look at me!

    I'll never amount to anything ever. Even if I become a professor--which is a sure bet as long as I can endure red ink, paperwork, and phone calls--I'll just be another one among throngs of them trying to make a name for themselves. What makes me special? At the moment, absolutely nothing. The classroom won't do anything for me, unless I run into someone important by happenstance. I hate the classroom. I just sit and listen and don't do anything else. I'm a sponge for their expansion.

    The tests don't prove anything, either. So what if the first and second quartos of Shakespeare's Hamlet were--respectively--published in 1603 and 1604, with a "misprint" Q3 in 1605: the only difference between Q2 and Q3 being the publication date, thereby making Q3 a Q2? Will that really help me to have that ingrained in my head? I doubt it.

    I have just as much chance at being mildly successful in life (That is, a balance of happiness at work and in life and a comfortable salary.) as a professor or as a card store owner, but I know dropping out of college isn't an option; I'm stuck. I hate being stuck. I guess I'll just stay here and whittle away at Shakespeare and Jon Donne and TS Eliot and Emily Dickinson instead of composing an argument or demonstrating change in the modern language because that's what they want. It's not what I want, but I guess that's greedy. It's what the administration wants, and I'll just have to deal with that for the next two years... Two more years, and I'll be taking the courses that (for the most part) I want.

    Hopefully, it's worth it.
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    I am sick and tired of liking everyone, then getting shat on... again and again.

    It's draining.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    vivacissimamente... I can so relate to what you stated. How often do I run away from situations I don't like rather than stand up for myself? And all in the name of avoiding the ENFP proverbial hate: conflict!

    I have decided that no longer will I be quite so adaptable simply to avoid conflict..especially with my ISTJ SO because quite frankly; I am tired of always trying to be reasonable and nice all the bloody time. You know what I mean I am sure! So this ENFP is going to actually have my own opinions and not buy into the opinion or needs of others to be more important than mine. I'll still be nice though... Damn!!!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    My geographical location sometimes frustrates me to no end.
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    I don't understand how people can complain about their life ALL THE TIME, and when I say "that's not my problem" after 15 minutes of complaining they're like: "I didn't say it was your problem." No, so why were you talking to me? I can't solve your problem. If you don't want to do this because you're lazy, then don't. If you feel that you reallyhave to do it, do it. Do you want me to help you? No? Well, shut up then!! "I'm not talking to you!" Nah, really? Who are you talking to then? Your imaginary friend??

    Negative and damning people. I can't stand them

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I do not know many good bands. the story of my life: here lies______ who knew few good bands. I have money I want to spend on music, but find nothing that captures me.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I read this today, and it really struck a chord with me...

    "When a pen stops writing, you have two options: throw it out, or scribble it around on the paper until the ink appears again. When something stops working, whether it’s a job, your academic major, or a relationship, you have a choice whether to move on, or to try hard to make the broken item fixed. But like a pen that has been scribbled back to life, something that has stopped meeting your needs before will probably stop meeting them again, no matter how hard you frantically scribble to bring it back to life."
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    @Dan ceonthestars
    If you want a really cool psychedelic but rockin band check out Broken Bells or Animal Collective
    A couple cool blues rock bands are Cold War Kids and The Black Keys
    A few favorites you might wanna check out are Julian Casablancas, Tokyo Police Club, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

    Oh, and I've been frustrated lately when people only wanna make small talk and never talk about anything deeper than what kind of precipitation we've had as of late.
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