[ENFP] My bad internship experiences in Los Angeles

My bad internship experiences in Los Angeles

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This is a discussion on My bad internship experiences in Los Angeles within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hey everyone, I've mentioned a handful of times my time in Los Angeles and how it wasn't very pleasant. I ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    My bad internship experiences in Los Angeles

    Hey everyone,

    I've mentioned a handful of times my time in Los Angeles and how it wasn't very pleasant. I learned the hard way that interns should be seen and not heard and it wasn't until recently that I figured out why I had a hard time since was because as an ENFP that goes against my general nature.

    I worked at a small production company in Century City for about three weeks. This was where my bad time started.

    I went in with a cheery face and was kinda excited to work in an office. Well, I knew I had to do drudgery and it ended up me with my other friend interning there doing mundane office stuff. I put up with it but man the drudgery was killing me and the stuffing of binders late into the night after 5pm really annoyed me (because I was hungry and tired).

    I was getting worn down on one front and then the next wham came from the workers.
    During lunch I was eating my lunch and these two ladies came in and sat down nearby. I started talking to them, but I noticed that they were kinda annoyed so I bowed out and went back to watching TV.

    Well after lunch, my supervisor called into her office and told me kindly that I should mind my business during lunch and just eat.

    I felt bad and went on. The next two times hurt the most.

    I was eating lunch on our production days and there were two actors eating in the cafeteria. Same deal we were talking about the traffic on the 405 and getting a good laugh. I mentioned a story about driving on i95 around the beltway in DC and another one about some road rage on the 101.

    Again afterwards same boss called me outside and said to just keep to myself. Hurt I just kept pushing on.

    And finally I discovered the last straw which was when again during a production lunch the CEO who was really outgoing asked me a question about where I get my media from (discussing the Comcast/Universal merger). I told him and agreed with his stance of the difficulties of having a small business in a big business climate mention the small group of power players at the top etc etc.

    And finally I got a stern yelling from my boss about if the CEO starts pontificating about the world and he asks you for your opinion to just nod and agree. However at this point I didn't care because I already found another internship with a sound designer.

    My 2nd internship was better, but my spirit was crushed. The guy I worked with was what I figure to be an ENTJ because he reminds me of my uncle who mentioned he was an ENTJ.

    He always made fun of for my lack of knowledge in acoustic science (audio production major) which I just swallowed. It wasn't until I stood up for myself and I fixed his computer that he started to really like me. The guy for whatever really liked me, but I just didn't trust him at all (racist, mentioned stealing, etc). For whatever reason I just don't trust ENTJS because I get the impression if I ever pissed them off they would get me back in some horrible way.

    I've been really turned off to the entertainment industry. My dream was to work as a sound recordist and post production mixer for film and TV but this attitude has me scared to high hills.

    My gut tells me to run the other way, which to be honest I'm ready to listen to. I've been planning on grad school, the peace corp (yes!), or to keep on this connection I have to an investment banker I met during my job as an orientation leader for my college.

    However my heart still dreams of making movies. What does a discouraged ENFP do?
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I wasn't there, but from what I read, the issue sounds as if it might have been a fearful boss and not necessarily that you really were NOT allowed to be social. I have worked with people who got terribly nervous about levels and who's "allowed" to to speak with whom, and they were totally crazy. I am sorry, whether this boss was correct or not, that it put you in such an unnatural position.

    I had a bad internship also (veterinary in this case) that indeed WAS predictive of the first real world job that I took, sigh. I ended up changing jobs and was not scarred for life, though. It was quite a learning experience, AND served as a good stepping stone to better things, believe it or not. So you just never know...

    Welcome back to your regular life!

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Well, I'm sorry your internship experiences were less than you hoped for.

    But, wth? You're going to give up your life dream that easily? Listen, the world is full of crappy bosses and I can guarantee you're going to run into more than a few in investment banking. I think that this sounds like an ideal career for an ENFP as it's creative, collaborative, and project to project. Are you really going to let a few difficult people spoil it for you?

    Shake it off, chalk it up to necessary experiences to thicken your skin and resolve and look for a better fit. I'm sure there are decent people working in the field. If LA turns out not to be your town, then take your skills to another film/music hub. I just don't think you've given this a decent shot and I truly think you will regret it if you bail so quickly.
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    You gotta hang in there..

    You have to start somewhere. Unless if you're rich/have a nice network of people, internships won't be cushy.

    I have a friend who used to sleep on a mattress on an apartment floor (I don't know if you've heard of Anaslime- but it's sorta like the very raunchy/depressing part of town- similar to life in depressing parts of L.A.)- his job was horrible the first few years in school. He hung in there, and now he animates for pixar. The guy would come into class starving and professors (some) would clown on him really hard. But you know what? Bureaucracy and politics exists anywhere:

    Even- in the peacecorps, even in nonprofits- that's the reality. Have you seen people who work hard, put on a calm happy face, nod, have talent, (probably mutter STFU inside their heads every time they have to deal with douchebags, pricks, and histrionics), but they do their job with humility and they're great at it? Years later- it pays off. I know it must sound like pulling teeth, but don't let it derail you when certain dreams do not fulfill expectations.

    And if it becomes irritating or you start feeling out of place, I find that reframing the situation or engaging in extracurricular activities (taking care of yourself by finding an outlet to be passionate about) really helps prevent burnout. Best of Luck!
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    There's a lot of uppity pretentious people in the film industry. I've heard so many horror stories about interns on film sets and production offices. I too hope to write and direct movies someday, but I'm not going through the internship route. I'd rather do independent films and gather a fan base that way. I refuse to be a slave to anyone just so I can get a job as a best boy. Don't give up on your dreams. If you have to walk another path to achieve them, then do what you must. Never let other people dictate your life. Be patient, save your money, gather up a group of trusted companions and start making your own movies. Post them on youtube, and if they're good enough, enter them into small local film festivals. Also, have you thought about moving to Atlanta? The film industry is booming there. It might be a better environment.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Thanks for the insight frenchie. I'm sorry about the fear office politics you were subjected to by the less than secure supervisors you mentioned.

    We should all work together on a group independent film! :) We could bring each of our strengths to the project and actually turn out a product someone might think about picking up. I don't know a thing about sound. Always have to replace the crummy on location track with adr. But I am good with dialogue.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Interesting read. I did a 3 month internship at an effects studio in LA during 2009. The internship itself was pretty good. I absolutely loved the studio and most of the 3D artists there where really down to earth and helpful. We still had to run reels around town, do a lot of food runs, mundane office stuff and cleaning the kitchen. But in between that we had opportunities to work on some TV shows and movie shots every now and then. My car is actually composited into a matte painting in Zombie Land lol. So, It was a lot of fun most of the time. The crappy part is that it was unpaid. We got reimbursed for gas and could eat whatever food we wanted in the kitchen, but that's it. I literally had to scrape together quarters just to eat off the dollar menu most nights. Some nights I'd have nothing but a slice of bread or 2 to eat. The worst part is that I didn't know anyone in the city, and it was difficult making friends for whatever reason. So basically, the internship was pretty good overall, but I hated the city. I'm trying to get into 3d for games instead movies now so I can work in Texas where all my friends and family are and where the economy isn't complete shit.
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    Hang in there =D Me and my ENFP bf are designers in LA and it's tough ~ this town isn't for the weak... it's kind of like a dog eat dog world LOL

    I have another ENFP friend who is doing an internship in Michigan, she commented on how the environment was so different from LA (calmer, less selfish, etc...)

    You'll make it, keep going for your dreams!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    People are horrible! There, I said it! You will run into more angry, mean people in your than life nice people. It's a sad reality :C

    The way I see it, people really enjoy feeling superior to others, and will rag on anybody below them, just to give themselves the illusion of power.

    Yesterday, I was doing my closing duties at the pool I work at--picking up garbage on the pool grounds--and a woman came up to me and told me that I missed a spot, then walked away laughing.

    This woman was over forty years old, and still acted like she was in the fourth grade! Truly disheartening. But my love for and from my coworkers keeps me going C:
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    My goodness, maybe I have been living in the south for much too long where there are a few more manners. I can't imagine my boss bringing me in to say all that - repeatedly. I think I would start to think the problem was with the boss and not me, although, I may not verbalize it. I would be silently knit picking the bosses brain and psychoanalyzing her brain parts to understand why she is the way that she is. BUT, alas, that is my job. :) I enjoy picking the brains of my people.

    I do know, that there are dues to be paid and you have to start somewhere. Don't give up on your dream just cause of a few bad apples. The truth is that there is office politics everywhere that you go. There will always, always be people that you have to be around that you don't care for or simply hate. My husband always says "it is easy to work for a good boss and ANYbody can do that but not everyone (only a special few) has the ability to work for a crappy boss".

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