ENFP dating ENFP....can you read minds?

ENFP dating ENFP....can you read minds?

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This is a discussion on ENFP dating ENFP....can you read minds? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I went on a few dates and hung out with a female ENFP about a month ago and we really ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    ENFP dating....can you read minds?

    I went on a few dates and hung out with a female ENFP about a month ago and we really hit it off well. Unfortunately she had to move for work so it didn't work out. But while we were hanging out, and especially in more intimate moments, it was like I could read her mind. I could read her every move and knew exactly what she was thinking and going to do before she did it. Maybe it was because we are both ENFPs and think alike. My intuition isn't very strong for an ENFP but it was like I was reading her mind. Anyone else had an experience like that with an ENFP or any other type?
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    >.> We're good at reading people and we don't usually try to be anything but genuine. ENFPs are open books. ^_^ All the Ne is bound to make all sorts of connections - bet the conversation was jumping all over the place.

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    like a swan!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I would love to experience something like this sometime. I'm pretty tired of being wrong all the time... Like with this last girl, I couldn't read her at all. We where on a date and she leaned in to me. I thought, "whoa, Could this be?" So I leaned in as well and letting my hearts instinct take control. With all the tender care in the world, I lifted my sandwich to her lips and not taking my eyes from hers. She pulled back with a confused half smile. I let her know it was ok and that I wasn't scared, that I was ready to share my sandwich with her. She looked very nervous. Then she took a quick bite. Something was wrong. I thought to myself "Something is wrong. I don't think she was ready for sandwich sharing." I just wish I was able to read her and know this. I could have told her, "Whoa, there! How abouts we take it easy, huh? Nice and slow like."

    I guess it ate her up inside, because after that, she told me that this probably wasn't going work out. And she ran away, probably in hopes to figure herself out. I just Wish I was able to read her, to know that really deep down inside she wasn't ready. Grant it she thought she was ready, but I Should have known we where moving too fast. I should have know what was good for us. I should have left that damned sandwich on my plate. Curses!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    i had a friend who was gay and enfp. we probably would have made a great couple.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I had a crazy intense relationship with an ENFx a few years ago. It was super intense and we vibed in a very deep N and F way...I hadn't been exposed to that type of energy before. His work options took him away and we tried to maintain a long distance relationship but it was doomed for failure. We are trying to be friends and he does return once a year to visit various family but I am finding it difficult to have had such an intense experience to just settle with being just friends...it's like we can't turn off the N thing and it's hard...we both have had different realtionships over the years since he's been gone.

    Anyway - I would put my heart on the line again with another ENFP type.

    T-Rex - I completely understand about the N thing not working. It's difficult when I can't read people - I don't know what they're thinking or will react to so I find myself toning myself down.
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    im dating an enfp. he's trying hard not to show his feelings (cultural pression) but it's kinda easy to read him, and he reads me well also. i love it!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Sure, I dated an enfp and he allways knew exactly what to say in the precise moment... it was like telepathic magic
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    Unknown Personality

    Woahh, found out. Yes, we're superhumans with psychic abilities.

    But on serious note, yes, we (or at least I, as I can only speak for myself) are able to utilize our Ne to read people pretttty well, and I think it's true especially for the significant others we're trying to please, as ENFPs has the tendency to always strive to be the "best lover," even if it's not always truly genuine.

    This is a double edged sword, I feel, because as helpful as this ability is in establishing a connection with others and being a good friend, partner, etc. we can also be manipulative because we can read them so well. I hope I'm not the only one when I say that I've had more than a few experiences in which I knew exactly how to act to make the others feel/think exactly the way I want them to, and used this knowledge to my advantage. Also, as good as we are with our Ne, we're not exactly Psychic yet-- which can sometimes make us convinced of the "fact" that is absolutely untrue, provoking unnecessary stress and strain on relationships.

    tl;dr: We are good with "reading minds," and we can either use this for good or for bad.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I can totally read other ENFP's and INFP's I'm with, as they can read me, it's not exactly telepathic usually, just a natural understanding of what makes the other tick.

    I have had a few that went far beyond that though, really telepathic, even from distances we could feel what was going on with eachother. I tend to call these types my soulsisters/brothers. These kind of connections also tend to be instant connections for me, there's no need to get to know them first to know that's how the connection is going to be, I just know it when I meet them. Of course to get to the point where we feel eachother over long distances takes a bit longer to get to, but not that long. A few hours of conversation can even do it sometimes.
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