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ENFP guys and mysterious girls

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This is a discussion on ENFP guys and mysterious girls within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; 100% yes. People who are more open make great friends since we are able to bond quickly, but the "burn-out" ...

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    100% yes. People who are more open make great friends since we are able to bond quickly, but the "burn-out" just happens much faster. If I'm going to be "required" to spend a lot of time with someone, and commit to being close with them (friends are different- friendships can get closer and further and it doesn't matter so much) this obviously can't be the case. There's also obviously the case of "a challenge". With girls who are more open, I'm likely to figure out where I stand very very quickly, and then it just loses its excitement too quickly. I feel like mysterious girls force me into the correct pace and slower build up which is what I need.

    Mysterious people are also more introspective in general, and that's important to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creationsh View Post
    I like mysterious girls, however, i do lose my interest pretty quickly if I can't find any clues about her.

    I like INF's our crazy ideas can sync up pretty nicely and effortlessly. I like how they receive ideas and just run with it. If I have to explain myself, the sensation is gone before I even finish. My friend of 10+ years and I can still hold a 3 hour conversation over the phone.

    I like girls who are like magicians, everything else is already understood a million times over.
    For me, that's the sign of a lasting friendship. I generally hate talking over the phone but with my best friend, an ENTP, I can be on the phone for hours having the time of my life and not even realise it's been a long time. My ENTP and ENFPs suit me the best out of all the 16 types and I'm super grateful for having them in my life. As an INFJ-T, it's very hard to go your whole life feeling like you're an alien who's speaking another language to everyone else.

    The deepest connection I ever had with a guy was an ENFP. I was so comfortable around him that my guard lowered without me feeling pressured to lower it in order to keep him interested. Which is something I haven't experienced since. If it weren't for the fact he was immature and moving in a very different direction in his life, which I couldn't deal with, I would still talk to him :)

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    I'm a gay ENFP, so it's boys for me and not girls, but yeah, I've got a thing for mysterious guys. Or actually it's less about mysteriousness for me than it is about appreciating guys who are reserved and a bit shy/aloof. I like the challenge of getting someone to open up and trust me, and I find that introverts tend to have these rich inner lives and see the world in a really special, distinct way. The Producer was dead on when he said ENFPs tend to go for INxx types, and that's definitely true for me, too. Although I do like plenty of other types, as well.

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