"This Is Us" Enneagram Typing

"This Is Us" Enneagram Typing

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This is a discussion on "This Is Us" Enneagram Typing within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I have been binge watching the t.v. show "This Is Us" (who else is a fan ? ), and wanted ...

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    Type 7w6

    "This Is Us" Enneagram Typing

    I have been binge watching the t.v. show "This Is Us" (who else is a fan? ), and wanted to try some Enneagram typing!

    I have almost finished season 1 (season 2 is set to premiere in the fall!), but I don't have guesses for all of the characters yet.

    I'll start us off in a subsequent post, with my Enneagram type guesses!
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    Type 7w6

    Jack Pearson: (unsure - possible Type 2)

    Rebecca Pearson: (unsure)

    Randall Pearson: Type 1 (possible type 3)

    Kate Pearson: Type 6 (possible type 2)

    Kevin Pearson: Type 6w7 (possible 3w2)

    Beth Pearson: (unsure)

    Toby Damon: Type 7w6

    William Hill: (unsure)

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    Type 7w6

    OK. I watched the show some more (Season 2 ftw! ), and I want to change some of my guesses.

    Jack Pearson: (still don't know - Type 2?)

    Rebecca Pearson: Type 4

    Randall Pearson: Type 1 (I'm doubling down on this guess)

    Kate Pearson: Type 6

    Kevin Pearson: Type 6w7 (strong connection to 3w2)

    Beth Pearson: Type 8w9(?)

    Toby Damon: Type 7w6

    William Hill: 9w1

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    Type 8w9

    Jack - 8 SO
    Rebecca - 2
    Kate - 9 SP
    Randall - 3w2 SP
    Kevin - 4w3 SP
    Toby - 7w6 SP
    William - 7w6 SX
    Beth - 8w9 SX
    Olivia - 6 SX


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