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Who are some good Type 3 comedians/talk show hosts/actors?

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This is a discussion on Who are some good Type 3 comedians/talk show hosts/actors? within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Potatooesunshinerays Adolf Hitler He was a hoot! and a real visionary....

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    Type 7w6

    Quote Originally Posted by Potatooesunshinerays View Post
    Adolf Hitler
    He was a hoot! and a real visionary.

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    Type 7w6

    Quote Originally Posted by Nissa Nissa View Post
    I love that sketch haha! Also quite relatable to me :D I don't know about his type (Mulaney), his image is fairly 9 I think, and he could be a 9, but I think he could easily be a 3 as well, I do think 3s can have something not-3-ish as their chief image (ok, any type can do that, but I think there can be a self-branding there that doesn't necessarily look 3

    Jimmy Carr, he's almost too 3, I can't remember any good clips (I think his stand-up style is not appealing to everyone, more or less a long string of risqué jokes but I find him very likable and funny, especially on panel shows and as a host. He has that quality of seeming very polished, even manufactured; something really 3ish I've noticed is that he has this very distinctive laugh, and it's definitely fake, he didn't do it before, but he established it as his 'thing', which is a sort of branding I associate with 3s. I can't remember any clips that would really show what I'm talking about but I think his 3ness is almost always obvious:

    (The host of this show - which is hilarious, highly recommend, people tell stories and the other team have to guess if they are truth or lies - is one of the ones I mentioned as a possible 3 but I'm not sure about)

    Anyways Jimmy Carr is the most obvious 3 example I can think of, might be too 3 to actually be a good example though :/

    I'm not very familiar with Robin Williams - I'd guess 3 fix off the bat - but I don't really know enough to answer that question.
    Brilliant videos, thanks for sharing that with me "Blood of pheasant, or peasant?" cracked me up. He is a very attractive man, that Carr. His mannerisms are relatable. Also, I laughed at how he wanted more praise for the coffee he made. I do that too :)) And @nablur , I think he was also probably talking about the general disconnect celebrities have from a normal life, doing things that regular people do, real jobs and the like so it probably felt good for him to get out of the bubble and engage. I still see the 3 though.

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    Type 7w6

    Quote Originally Posted by nablur View Post
    listen to what he says and how he says, even up front within the first 10s of him speaking... "wow, its nice to do something real for a change"

    he feels REAL when his energy is directed towards providing a service for others.

    again after that , he wants to improve what is already there - hes 'noticed' the customers want stronger coffee so now they do 2 shots and something special to the milk. he has made this product BETTER

    unconsciously a 3 is nothing... empty... it knows it isnt useful. it is useless, unworthy, no inherint value. (unhealthy)

    consciously a 3 is looking for themself... and seeks this through acheiving and success for them self (average)

    when a 3 finally finds what they were looking for, they project the energy outwards to the community:
    sub-consciously a 3 wants to be useful, becuase in childhood it learned that being useful is rewarded and loved. doing, in the service of others and community will drive a 3. (healthy/englishtened/self actualized)

    healthy 3's -
    will smith
    dwayne the rock johnson
    arnold schwarzeneggar
    tony robbins
    tom cruise


    all of this information is online btw :)
    This is great. I had a thought. This is probably the reason that 137 and any iteration of it is called the systems developer? I can see that in your explanation. Improvising on what is already existing is a 3 thing, 1 sees what can be improved, 7 wants to do it bigger and better. But ultimately I am not sure the nickname quite fits, but the idea behind it almost certainly does fit one facet of the nickname given to it by the Fauvres.
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    Type 8w9

    he has no idea how other celebrities feel. he is projecting himself.
    he wants praise and admiration. feedback that he is doing well.
    getting out of the bubble... is getting out of his ego, he allowed himself to connect and communicate with his heart. you can tell when you watch the video.

    yes, 1's reform teh system, 3s make it better... 7s want to experience it.

    i dont believe in tritypes either.

    3-6-9 is the standard... a w4 would also add some 4-1-2 to the mix. SP instinct would also align with the w4. try not to get too far down into the weeds.
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    Type 7w6

    Carr has such an obvious, grating laugh. He is worse than Fallon. Fallon at least comes off goofy as heck and you know he is just shamelessly playing it up for segments like Best Friend box, and all that. However this guy just looks like he is totally hamming it up for the cam. Have you seen some of Pete Holmes, and Michael McIntyre's work, @Nissa Nissa . I think you will like it.
    @nablur I was talking about the general disconnect from normalcy and reality that celebrities end up in, the more and more they get into their bubble. Solid point there about communicating from his heart, but I don't think he was really doing that. It may have been a fleeting impulse but I believe a bigger emotional shakedown or experience is what it would take Carr to truly connect with his centre.
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    Type 2w1

    @Girl archer I agree, I did read the video a bit like nablur (think 'nice to be doing something real' is an important 3 thing to say and I felt it there) but I agree it was just a flickering moment

    I love Jimmy Fallon and I'm not annoyed by his laugh (Carr's is obviously fake, Fallon's isn't in the same way and it often feels like he's just having a good time + using Fe)

    But 3, like Jimmy Carr, really is that mechanized...well obviously there's a sliding scale, but the type mechanics involve I think, that branding and fakeness. Of course 3s can be genuine, many are, but there's an impulse to mechanize

    Thanks for the recommendations, haven't seen them but I'll check 'em out!
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    Type 7w6

    [QUOTE=Nissa Nissa;42355205] @Girl archer But 3, like Jimmy Carr, really is that mechanized...well obviously there's a sliding scale, but the type mechanics involve I think, that branding and fakeness. Of course 3s can be genuine, many are, but there's an impulse to mechanize.

    Hm, I am not that brand conscious, looking at myself i.e. Sure is strong enough for a fix maybe though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nissa Nissa View Post
    There's also Jack Whitehall.
    He couldn't be more 7w6.
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    Enneagram 3 Talk Show Hosts: Matthew Wright (ENFJ 3w2), Richard Madeley (ESTJ 3w2), Tyra Banks (ExFJ 3w2), Mary Portas (ENxJ 3w4), Graham Norton (ESFP 3w4).

    I was going to say Carr but Nissa seems to already have. Comedians tend to be 6w7s or 7w6s of the ExxP variety in general.

    I can't think of any 3 actors tbh... They may usually be disintegrated 6s which is a topic that needs to be discussed to be honest. The type 3 has been narrowed down to simply wanting to be successful when it is more than that.
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    Type 7w6

    Graham Norton a 3w4? Seriously, @bundleofraindrops ? Get outta here ! He does seem so saucy and 7 like.

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