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This is a discussion on Sakinorva Rheti test within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Paradigm Ah, right. I just didn't go into much detail so there wasn't really much to criticize ...

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    Type 5w4

    Quote Originally Posted by Paradigm View Post
    Ah, right. I just didn't go into much detail so there wasn't really much to criticize aside from what you assumed. But you did choose to take my usage of "posing" poorly, which I'll admit wasn't the best word choice on my part but it wasn't a word I chose with a negative intention, either.
    I guess where I take the most issue is with the idea of this sort of "prism superiority". Depending on how you perceive thing, your "reds" (or let's say INTJs) will include different people. I am perfectly fine with this "subjective thinking" or whatever you want to call it that leads to these individualized type-sorting results, but... I feel like this pathway should include the awareness and admission of how typings will differ as a result and allow for a mutual toleration for those who have decided to take that same pathway. Without that, you just end up with people talking about how they're right and other people are wrong, when neither are standing on high ground.

    If three different people develop their way of seeing people as 16 types, and all come up with different combinations of INTP, INFP, and INTJ for both me and you, who is right and who is wrong? Honestly I don't mean to be overly critical here - I think they could be all right from a certain perspective (whatever that is). I may have some problems with using MBTI type codes for this if they're using functions or Socionics or whatever just because of the confusion it leads to when people are referring to such different things with the same codes, but the essence of what they are saying can all be "right".
    My "prism" nowadays, as far as MBTI/CFs/Socionics/Keirsey/etc, tends more towards Socionics. And, broadly speaking, the "prisms" I take issue with are those which I find superficial or biased. (I know, "I find," annoyingly subjective.) Not, as much, the definition-based prisms, but rather the sort which say Sensors are all dumb, or Ni is the source of all power, etc. I borrow a little from "CFs" because my usage of Socionics terminology is rusty/beginnerish-as-hell, and I can 'translate' into letter dichotomies, just depends. But yeah, I find most things I'm talking about to be somewhere in Socionics, so maybe I should just make the switch. The CF community here is much easier to get "into," though...
    So we both take issue with similar things, and we also may also take issue with some different things. I think that's healthy. I personally only use MBTI type codes to describe letter typing because I value clarity. If INTP doesn't mean Introvert iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving then why use those letters? I believe when we're abstractly representing something with the code, the code should NOT be counter-intuitive.

    Like you mention getting into Socionics, so wouldn't it just make more sense to use Socionics type code to describe a prism which is sorting based upon Socionics concepts?
    ...I would be interested to know which questions score on which types...
    Me too...
    But yeah, my system probably isn't as blended as you seem to think. I'll defer MBTI/CFs to you for now; Enneagram is more my jam, anyways. The older works of Enneagram are really interesting, especially if you notice how some types' identifiers got moved or switched with other types'. That's why I tend to see certain Enneagram types "differently," since it's often a little more divorced from MBTI than most people here work with, and it's based on a generation before the mainstream. In any case, I will say that combining systems to Type with is bad practice, imo. There's patterns but no guarantees, so the conflation leads people astray. I suppose that's my biggest gripe about this test.

    I could ramble on about Enneagram, but I get the impression you don't care as much about it, so I'll stop here :P
    Please do ramble on about Enneagram. I think it can be interesting. Maybe not so much in describing people but just like how the prisms differ so much even within respected references (let's say Riso-Hudson vs. Naranjo vs. Chestnut vs. Fauvre). It's interesting to look at people as "Riso-Hudson 3's" when they would be completely different types in other prisms.

    I've always just assumed I was a tritype 9 but it just came to my attention that I can be more of a 1 than a 9 in some worlds... Parallel universes where light refracts differently. That's what it all is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaka View Post
    How do you answer this questionnaire if at different points in your life, you have identified with both of the alternatives? Do you go with what you feel is the most natural for you?

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    Type 1w2


    It has been fairly accurate for me, got my tritype right but in the wrong order (I believe it's closer to 154)

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    Type 3w4

    I don't trust this at all, this test has terrible questions.

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    Type 6w7

    rheti enneagram - 2
    with wing - 2w3
    calculated "tritype" - 269
    raw likely mbti - ENFP
    comparative likely mbti - ENFP

    2 > 4 > 6 > 3 = 7= 9 > 5 > 8 > 1

    I liked the experience of taking this test, though I was surprised by the sheer length. Still, it wasn't one of those "this is obviously measuring ____", at least not for me. I also tried to go as quickly and instinctively as possible and I think that helped, too. Not too surprised by the results... 2w3 is the type I relate to the second-most. I think my current job brings out my 2w3 as well. And I am easily ambiverted, though I relate more to INFP than ENFP.

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    Type 2w1

    rheti enneagram type
    (with wing)
    calculated "tritype"
    most likely myers-briggs type (raw)
    most likely myers-briggs type (comparative)

    definitely a 2, x79 could be right, ENFP could be right

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    Pretty good,
    Picked up my 5w4 and my 1 fix. Went for INTP over ENTP but hardly surprising for an ILE-Ti/E5

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    My results came out as ENTP 7w8, 471

    This test is too black and white IMO. Still could be a good starting point for those new to the enneagram I guess.

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