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Need some info on sx/so blind-spots.

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    Type 5w4

    I bolded what I relate to:

    SP blind spot - lack of solid foundation, lack in comfort and coziness, lack in attention to health, maintenance, and personal safety. Such individuals often have a hard time focusing on issues such as financial security or the commitment to the development of practical skills. There is fear is of being an "eternal child" who won’t take care of one-self and expectation of failure in dealing with self-preservation matters. At the same time these people tend to look down on SP-domain and may express cynicism towards it e.g. call it "fearful" and "fussy", state that SP people "don’t know how to really live". When the instinct for self-preservation is last in the instinctual stacking, the individual will often be somewhat ungrounded or seemingly "immature." The more extraverted SP-last individuals often find it difficult to develop a degree of “inwardness.”

    I actually talked about this recently. I am the only one of my peers to lack a career. I still feel like I'm eighteen when it comes to long term planning/life goals and I'm in my upper thirties (I really am developmentally a teenager when it comes to 'life goals' sort of stuff; too bad all of the things I want to do are typically done by twenty-somethings- like being in a band). I one hundred percent depend on my husband financially and really, really hate to think about money. I want to do what I want to do because I want to do it, not because I have to for financial reasons. That strikes me as hellish.

    Like @Mizmar I think I often 'vibe' as more sp/sx, and I think that's kind of how it is for a 4w5 or 5w4, especially with a 9 gut. Nines dig comfort and taking it easy, which can seem self-pres-ish, and 4w5s and 5w4s are typically pretty withdrawn and reserved, which can look self-pres like as well. Thing is, my intensity is typically focused toward more introverted pursuits, not doing kegstands with five hundred people. Although when I'm really excited about a person or a situation from which I'm getting energy I can go out every night and barely get any sleep and still do all kinds of fun stuff during the day. Whenever I'm in a new, stimulating situation I don't seem to have much of an off button.

    I also like @kaleidoscope am HSP-ish, so I care about my surroundings and I like to eat good food. But it's not consistent for me. For example, I can go for awhile not even noticing what I'm eating or not even notice what's going on around me, not even notice that my house is a pig sty and then out of the blue I'll care. But I'm terrible at maintaining/sustaining this stuff. If there is one word that has been used to describe me my entire life it is INCONSISTENT. I think this might be an attribute of a self pres last person.

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    Type 4w3

    About , SP blind here. It reminds me to my little brother ( He is ESFP So/Sx ). He lacks about does long term like relationship or career.
    Although , he can save money unlike me. But , he is easily manipulated by someone. Like , he will use his money to his friends and forget to survive himself tbh.

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    Type 9w1

    Oh wow, that description is so true for me. My friend said I still sound like a teenager and Im in my 30s. I still act like a teenager too.
    I sort of wonder how I come across sometimes. I think some teenagers dislike the way I act. and I feel uneasy around teenagers to begin with. Despite me being immature and childish I feel like I have little in common with teenagers when it comes to the wisdom Ive gained over the years to not be completely reckless and angsty anymore.

    I dont have a drivers license yet. I dont have my own place. I dont have a job.

    It seems like social instincts are more attitudes towards life, so I might need to change my attitude so that I can function in society.

    I think self-preserving, though is not natural, so it has to be forced. Ill most likely forget to self-preserve a lot.

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