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how is an ISFP and type 8 person

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This is a discussion on how is an ISFP and type 8 person within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Brad Pitt is an ISFP 8w7, so is Roman Reigns from WWE...

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    Type 6w7

    Brad Pitt is an ISFP 8w7, so is Roman Reigns from WWE

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    Type 1w2

    The idea that an ISFP "cannot be" an 8 because "8 is Extraverted" takes type descriptions at their most absolute surface level interpretation, making it possible to weave together a conclusion that sounds more conclusive than it is. The intent of "Extraverted" in Jung is to describe the orientation of a function; "extraverted" in MBTI means one gains energy being around other people as opposed to losing it; "extraverted" or "extroverted" in the context of Gut types means outwardly (environmentally)-focused, in service of a habit of self-neglect and forgetting. These are clearly not equivalent. Besides, Temperament (E__J/E__P) also has a substantial impact on extro/extraversion and isn't fleshed out much in mainline MBTI.

    There isn't anything in any theory that conclusively says an ISFP can't be a type 8, and this is true of any combination. The Enneagram and Jung/MBTI weren't co-designed, so an apple in one can't necessarily be taken as an apple in another even if it looked that way.

    Anecdotally, I don't find the 8-ness of 8's to be tied to how socially extro/extraverted they are. It's the cluster of things you can track back to the Passion of Lust - overdoing, constant need for intensity, denial of anything that makes them look or feel weak, rejection of experiencing sensitivity, attacking/aggression against being constrained or controlled, mocking people they feel aren't strong enough, and the like.

    Obviously, most people are anecdotally going to say that they'd have a hard time imagining an ISFP type 8, which is totally reasonable. I personally could see it, although much more so as an 8w9 than 8w7. I think you could see someone who is Fi + Se and still be that cluster of traits above. It'd be someone who probably strikes you as being over-intense and pushy, not able to not over-do, but just within a smaller scope of people and situations because of the Introverted orientation. That 8-ness would be equally pertinent in public and private settings, and more so private than with an E.

    The E__J/E__P 8 IS the one that is going to be extra/extroverted across all theories and, because it's more common, probably inspired most of the enneagram character type descriptions of type 8.

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    It'd be very unusual. Enough that I'd seriously consider a mistype before truly entertaining it. I recently read some old description on E4 SX, and it claimed that these 4's can very much look like 8's. Also CP E6 could look like an 8, or a 9w8 who is feeling unusually stressed could lean far into their 8. All of these would be more likely, imo.. than a ISFP 8.

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