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How were you as a baby/young child

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This is a discussion on How were you as a baby/young child within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Marvin the Dendroid FYI I don't think all 9s are calm babies. I remember we had a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin the Dendroid View Post
    FYI I don't think all 9s are calm babies. I remember we had a discussion on this on the 9 subforum but can't find it now... Unless I misremember, @EyesOpen wasn't a calm child? Anyone else? @Napoleptic ? @ButIHaveNoFear ?
    I was pretty calm as a baby, actually! I was the "perfect" child, as my mom puts it. There was always a video camera on me. I wasn't a spacey comatose baby, just relaxed and a bit cautious later. When I woke up in the morning, I would coo contentedly in my crib and wait for someone to come and get me out of bed. I was very chill. One of the only times I wasn't chill is when diphenhydramine/Benadryl cream was rubbed on my bug bites. I would get VERY VERY angry. Diphenhydramine still has a strong effect on my mentality, and I can't take that or any other allergy medicine, including non-drowsy types. The other time I would get very very angry was when I would fall asleep during a car ride and then be woken up at the destination. I often had to be driven back home. I remember my mom telling me she was going to be my "riding buddy", and I think this was a ploy to prevent me from dozing off on the road. After I had more of a mental life, this wasn't a problem because I could just stare out the window and imagine things.

    I had bad eyesight that no one knew about until I was 5, so I was very careful when it came to steps. I was afraid of men who weren't my dad because they were so tall that I couldn't see their facial expressions. I couldn't tell if the low voice was happy or angry, and the faces looked like dark pits for eyes, so it was no use to look there. My eye contact is still not what you would call standard. I didn't have a firm grasp of routine and the passage of time until I was 10 or 11. School had a routine, and I had a routine, but I was completely unaware of it. I was busy imagining things, so why bother giving any thought to the things that sort themselves out?
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    Type 6w5

    As a baby, I dont know. My mom doesn't seem to remember. Mostly she just says "you were all really good babies". But mother was a coke head so maybe she was just distracted? Hard to say. As a young child I was energetic, loved zooming around, loved exciting things like the holiday parties my dad would throw at the house, loved animals. At home I was basically a "spaz", in school I had trouble focusing on work, with strangers I was very shy and uncomfortable. My dad and step mom communicated with us by yelling and expressing anger and disapproval and I would cry a lot. I remember one time I went exploring in the woods behind the house after being told not to by my step mom. She spanked me and I remember being proud of myself for not crying. She would ocassionally yank, pull, throw us around.. one time I told my mom about it and she came over and banged on the front door and threatened to whoop my step moms ass if she ever touched me again. I always respected my mom for that.

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    Type 5w6

    o_O I was just like your 5w6 brother, cheerful but a cry baby. My mom says that I was a little rebel who loved testing my limits lol. I was a curious child but only when I wanted to learn myself.

    My 4w9 INFP younger sister was the opposite, placid and obedient. She idolized me while I hated her guts :/ Still we were forced to always be together. Our parents are emotionally unstable and I think that left us confused about people, considering our social problems of today.
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    Type 7w6

    i remember being very shy with most people, i would hide under my mothers skirt or just sit and watch people at social gathering.
    although with people i knew i was quite the opposite, so much so that i was labeled the hyper kid and seen as the talker who wouldnt stop

    I use to always enjoy being in nature though, at the beach or looking at different animals. i loved forests (this hasnt changed)
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    Hm, I don't remember anything from then, so I'll just be relying on what my mother told me.

    She often says that I would cry for milk once every three hours without fail, like an alarm clock. If I didn't get my milk then, I'd cry really loudly and persistently, so my parents would always have the milk bottle ready before to 'stuff into my mouth' :P

    I also refused to drink from my mother's breast, so she would have to pump it out into a bottle. Later, I refused to drink from the bottle as it was too slow, so on it was to having it all at one go with a cup.

    The first time I went to a playgroup, I created such a fuss and didn't want to interact with the other children there, that it would be my last time there. I was very shy; that would stay with me as I became older and attended primary school.

    I'd be different at home though. I have a younger brother, and would be the 'leader' in whatever we did, making the decisions and plans while he followed along. I also indirectly got him to ask for things that I didn't want to myself.

    I don't remember much of what she said, so these sorta isolated incidents/traits are all I have. 9w1 here :)
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    Type 6w7

    I don't really want to be a representative of 6s, because I don't know that I'll ever be totally sure which type I am. All I know is my own experience.

    As a child, I was extremely sensitive. I mostly spent time with adults because they were always kind to me (since, what adult is gonna be rude to a kid?) and obviously calm/matured. I was a target for bullying amongst people my age, so I think that was a big part of why. I had great manners, was very polite.

    But I was also unmotivated to do things I was supposed to. Instead of doing homework/studying, I would draw and write. I procrastinated on housework a lot. It wasn't so much that I was rebellious, rather if I didn't see how something directly correlated to my happiness and well-being, I didn't want to do it. I still struggle with this. And yes, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

    I was lonely, but I was able to entertain myself a lot of the time, probably because a lot of the kids around me were doing things they shouldn't (getting into trouble, feeling each other up behind the school n whatever lol) and I was such a nerd that I didn't want anything to do with it. It wasn't until I got a little older when I more actively started trying to fit in. That was a mistake. I think I was actually on the right path back then, and I would love to get back on it.
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    Type 5w4

    I'm not sure as a baby, but as a young child (based on memory and video evidence):

    Energetic, boisterous, friendly and goofy, loved to make my classmates laugh.
    Sometimes rebellious and domineering, willing to get physical like the other boys did.
    Curious about pretty much everything imaginable (loved reading encyclopedias) - sometimes I'd be too curious that it'd get me into trouble...
    Had an active imagination and always felt an urge to express myself creatively. Daydreamed a lot, always longing for freedom and adventure.

    Academically I was quite successful and achievement-orientated. I always tried to be the most well behaved and hardworking in school so I'd win a lot of certificates and even sometimes "student of the week" where you'd be able to take the school cup home for that week. Judging from family photos I looked very proud of myself having won that. Lol what a dork.

    Overall, I was a happy child. Things have changed quite a bit since then.
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    Independent, assertive, and very strong-willed. I did what I wanted and took issue with my parents trying to be parents.

    A lot of my childhood involved my parents trying to assert themselves as parents.
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    Type 1w2

    As a baby, I'm told I was very "happy," and didn't create a lot of issues. There are a lot of pictures of me, though, with this furrowed eyebrow face I still have today when I'm deep in thought, like "I'm going to make this be a different way than what I see here." That said, I didn't cry a lot, and smiled often. At times, I had (and still have!) a ravenous appetite, and ate a surprising amount. I learned to speak at a very young age, but that was in part because my Mom (who stayed at home) read to me every day. My dad, who was a doctor, used to read me books about bacteria and diseases, and take me to the hospital to look at petri dishes under microscopes. I loved being read to, but I was also curious to tie meaning back to my world. If Mom read a story to me about a butterfly, I wanted to see and touch a real butterfly immediately, and know everything there was to know about them.

    As a child I was serious, a mini adult, and had a resistant streak. If I said X and someone else said Y I felt a need to say no, it's X, and was willing to argue over it. That said, I tried to be as obedient as possible to my parents, and not get into trouble. Over time I developed many interests, but continued to enjoy reading and later, writing.

    Over time, I grew very close personally with Mom, and somewhat distant from Dad. My mom is the affectionate, loving kind of mom - although she also leaned on me as kind of a "kid psychologist" at times. One area I find happiness even now is when I listen to someone, can sense what they are in search of, and am able to give them the exact thing they need to hear to feel better - I got a lot of practice with this as a child.

    The one thing I'm really grateful for with my parents is how I knew they were always right there to support me if I needed it, and stepped in when I was on the wrong path - but always gave me space. Also, that they were faithful to one another and, in a slightly different sense of that word, taught me faith.
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    Congratulations on the baby!

    I'm a 9w1 INFP, I'm told that as a baby I cried a lot, but that's partly because my brother and sister used to make me cry all the time to annoy our mum (because it'd take her ages to get me to stop). People don't seem to have much to say about the me from when I was a kid before I started school but from what I have been able to gather I was quite a happy kid, loving, and would always talk to random girls wherever I found them. Little me had game, yo. I do remember being prone to throwing paddies when I didn't get something I wanted though. I remember being quite energetic/hyper too.
    I remember being quite oblivious to things too, I never really questioned anything, just took everything at face value. I found out when I was older a lot of bad drama happened around me back then and I was directly involved in a lot of it and I had absolutely no idea until I was told about it much much later.
    I think the stuff that made me into a 9 came much later, and I think if I wasn't a 9 I'd have become a 4.

    Edit: Oh if primary school days also count as the period you're looking for, I was pretty much the same happy/hyper kid then but I was quite weird, I never really fit in. Me and my best friend of most of primary school were sort of the class nerds, and pretty much all we ever talked about was video games and Pokemon. But he'd later be diagnosed autistic and I've recently found out I have ADHD so in that context a lot of our weirdness makes sense. I think we did tend to talk "at" each other rather than "to" each other.

    When I wasn't playing with him at break/lunchtime I'd always play pretend on my own. I really liked playing with my imagination. I remember pretending to be characters from Final Fantasy 8 a lot. I don't remember this but apparently my now-best friend used to come up to me and ask what I was playing and if he could play with me and I'd always reply "It's a one-player game!"

    I was really smart for my age though (at the time ), in particular I was very literate. I remember always being confused as to why everyone else in my class read so slowly and I used a lot of big words (mainly because FF8 taught me them). My handwriting sucked though, drove my teachers insane. It never got much better.
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