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How were you as a baby/young child

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This is a discussion on How were you as a baby/young child within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; INFP 6w5 or 4w5. According to my mom I barely moved in the womb, which always scared her. As a ...

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    Type 6w5

    INFP 6w5 or 4w5. According to my mom I barely moved in the womb, which always scared her. As a baby I was usually very quiet, but when bothered I had a blood-curdling scream. I was also an escape artist and would fling myself like a ragdoll out of the crib. I was a very shy toddler and hid behind my parents' legs a lot. I scared and cried easily. Otherwise I was a very easy child to raise, compared to my more rebellious siblings I was and still am a sensitive person so just being scolded was all it took to discipline me (atleast when I was little, its a different story when I was older). Also compared to my sister (who would run around the house nude) I had a very strong sense of privacy even at an early age, and was locking doors as soon as I figured out how to. I would tell mom to turn around when I was potty training.
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    Type 7w6

    I am reminded that as a child i spent so much time in a dream land my dad use to say "earth to ......"

    i loved my dream land.

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    Type 8w7

    As a baby, I've been told that I would listen/watch the adults talking very intensely as if I understood what they were saying. I wasn't a very smiley baby. In a lot of my baby pictures I'm glaring at the person taking the picture.

    As a young child, I was pretty shy with adults and would hide behind my parents legs. During kindergarten years, I was pulled out of the public education system for a while because I would get very aggressive and domineering with my teachers and other classmates. My parents told me I was tough to parent because of how strong-willed I am.
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    Type 4w3

    Quote Originally Posted by Newana View Post
    Anyone knows/heard how they (or others) were as a baby?
    My parents were very present and nurturing in my life, but I was personally rather distant. According to their stories I was withdrawn as a baby. It took me a while to learn how to talk, for instance, and I wasn't responsive to their games they tried to play with me. However, I loved watching children's shows and I learned to read at an early age.

    As a young child I was just as introverted and really loved to read. I didn't like playing with my toys as much (mainly because apparently I didn't want to clean them up when I was done). I didn't get much socialization in because my siblings irritated me, and whenever my parents invited other children to play with me I was either distant or bossy.
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    Type 4

    I've heard tale that when I was born, one of the nurses said she could tell i was going to be a "gentle spirit". (i hardly cried despite how difficult it was to get me into the world and all of the extra procedures that had to be done on me because of it). My tritype is (i'm pretty sure, anyway) 497. Coincidence??????

    My parents like to boast on how I pretty much taught myself to read as a really young kid. I have also been told that I really loved music and dancing around (even before I was born! wow.) and there are hours of home videos to prove it. I was often in my own little world, and would play games with/make up stories involving imaginary friends. Even by the time I got to elementary school, I was kind of a ~loner~ kid with a big imagination. It's all really very telling, I'd say.
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    I'm a 4w5.

    I've been told of my baby/toddler/pre-grade-school years: I was quiet and climbed everything; my mom would have her back turned to me for 30 seconds, and turn around to find me silently hanging off a railing or a tree or a car door. I'm told I preferred to keep to myself/entertain myself and tended not to cry or complain if I was ill or hurt. I was overly attached to my pacifier. Willful. Imaginative. Cried a lot if my parents tried to leave me somewhere. Slept often. Had frequent ear infections, if we're getting into my medical history. That's all I got.
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    I was a quiet and shy kid with few friends. Curios about the natural world, unco, got bulled from grade 2 but had no defence mechanisms of any kind (like running away or hiding) Other than hating being alone and arguing with my bossy older STJ sister, no real sign of extraversion. I was always able to learn quicker than my peers, but hated having to do anything other than learn. I probably looked INTP back then, the ENTP SX was hiding from a hellish external reality.
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    As a baby I apparently cried and screamed a lot. My twin brother and I always were up to something, running away and doing not-so-nice stuff. One of my personal favourite stories is that one day we (as toddlers) put one of our cats into tupperware because we were unaware that the cat would not really like that. Luckily our mother found out about it and rescued her. Another story would be that we were playing with lego and one piece fell behind the heater in our room so we tried to reach it and damaged the heater so as our room ended up being flooded.

    As our mother says I used to ask "weird questions" and I was very easily overwhelmed and irritated and suffered from anger tantrums. I was obsessed with my topics or interest - not interested but obsessed (which was, at the time, dinosaurs). Something I always did was drawing; I loved creating stories and I wrote a short book (which I still have to this day!) that was a Hamtaro fanfiction with pictures. In kindergarten I apparently used to be by myself most of the time, running around and singing very loudly for hours, most of the time football songs (funny considering I am not a fan of football). As a very young child I loved animals, especially our cats.

    Also, my most favourite childhood story: I ran away from kindergarten whilst climbing over the fence separating it from the schoolyard and went into one of the classes and sat down because apparently I "wanted to go to school already" (heh, that changed after the first day). School started and the kids played along, laughing, when it took the teacher some time to realize that there was an unknown child in the class. It was an elementary school so it was most likely not apparent at first sight.

    A very important note would be that I did not have much consideration for others, spouting insults at them and crushing bugs (gladly I stopped though!); while being very sensitive myself I could not see it for other people or animals beside cats. On my way to kindergarten as well as elementary school I used to imagine myself going on a journey, sometimes accompanied by Pokémon or I pretended my hand was a runner who ran over the fences and did awesome jumps.

    As mentioned before, in a wierd way I was very sensitive as to the point I would begin to cry immensely whenever I watched the movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis so our mother forbid me to watch it. I used to rewatch my favourite movies almost every day, including Jurassic Park (to which I was exposed to at the age of about 2 I believe), Spirit, A Land Before Time and Annabelle’s Wish. Had a very low self-worth, felt misunderstood and thought about running away in elementary school, maybe even kindergarten but I am not sure about that.

    Oh, and something else 'cause it's so much fun right now: I once put an ice cream cone inside my drawer and when it was found I said I did it because I "wanted to eat it later".

    Hated being ordered around throughout my whole life as it seems, hehe.

    TL;DR: A troublemaker
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    Type 2w3

    Very, very, very stubborn. And not cuddly at all. Well-behaved and polite in public but difficult at home because of reasons. That's all I can remember.
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    Type 7w6

    A loud and annoying little shit
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