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How were you as a baby/young child

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This is a discussion on How were you as a baby/young child within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; 6w5 - Sx - INFJ I never cried. Mom says I was "The Perfect Baby", LOL. Slept through the night ...

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    Type 6w5

    6w5 - Sx - INFJ

    I never cried. Mom says I was "The Perfect Baby", LOL. Slept through the night the first night home from the hospital (2nd day). Always put myself to sleep thereafter.
    One day I actually cried. Mom freaked out and took me to the hospital. They didn't understand why she was so upset because her baby was actually crying. Turns out I had an ear infection.

    I waited a little while longer to try to talk, at about 1 yr... and then it was a complete sentence (well, a very short one). But mom says I always spoke in real words strung together properly. And I did everything that way - wasn't crawling around like other babies my age, but then one day just got up and started walking. Never anything by half measures.

    As a toddler I was incredibly shy... always hiding behind my mom, even from my father, I was very bonded to her and felt her emotions like my own - when she was upset I was upset, if she was happy so was I.
    She loved dressing me up, and I would cry if I spilled anything on my dress. Not noisy tears like a normal toddler, but silent big drops falling from my eyes and a visible effort to compose myself which melted everyone around me.

    I stayed very quiet throughout my childhood... not for lack of having anything to say though. Once it was just my mom and I, the walls fell down and I would talk and talk and apparently was quite precocious and aware of all sorts of things I wasn't supposed to know.
    Really didn't play with peers - I stayed pretty scared of them until... wait, I still am now in my thirties

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    Type 7w8

    7w8 here. I argued with others to death, I had a short temper, and I wasn't patient. I was physically active - I disliked team-based sports though and prefered gymnastics & stuff. I wasn't so "edgy" I think.

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    Type 4w5


    What type are you? Putting the answers in a table but don't know where to place you :)
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    Toddlerhood was really .. something. It was when my anxiety disorder was at its peak. I had trouble talking to people, or looking at them in the eyes. Every social event were awkward. I have to thank my parents for being tough cookies for raising up a little hellion they didn't fully understand. They still don't, but they care for me anyway..

    I was extremely introverted. I spent most of my time at home; playing with my toys, reading, roleplaying by myself and watching loads of crap TV. I day dreamed a lot too.

    Now as an adult, I'm the complete opposite of my child self. I go out a lot and feeling hyped about doing many outdoor activities. I still have anxieties, but I'm able to talk myself out of it occasionally.
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    5w6, 514

    When I was in my mother's womb, the umbilical cord somehow got wrapped around one arm and one leg. Didn't cause any damage, though. The doctors thought the placenta was crushing my head and that, if I manged to survive my own birth, I'd suffer brain damage. The jury's still out on that one (lul). Not really sure how I "was" as a baby, though. Didn't cry too or often or not enough from what I understand. Was eager to communicate and absorb information. All that sort of thing.

    Even as a young child, I was notorious for being observant and intuitive. My mom always reminds me periodically whenever I visit her of this one time in the early-mid '80s (most likely 1984 when I was 4 years old) when I made an observation regarding the different styles of headlights on cars. Even at that age, I noticed that older cars tended to have round headlights, whereas newer ones had square or rectangular headlights. My mom always encouraged my intellectual curiosities. She even gave me a 1970s-issue Old Dominion marine biology textbook when I was in elementary school. I used to read it at recess in the gym (when we had recess indoors, that is). You know you're a genuine-article nerd when you read college-level marine biology for fun when you're not even 10 years old.

    Andre Meadows can eat his heart out. Nah, I'm kidding. It would be a major challenge to out-nerd him, but I'm pretty sure I'm at least on-par with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newana View Post

    What type are you? Putting the answers in a table but don't know where to place you :)
    Well, not sure about that. But since the table's already in front of you - what do you think?

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