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SP Dominant people, how do YOU know your primary instinct is Self-Preservation?

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This is a discussion on SP Dominant people, how do YOU know your primary instinct is Self-Preservation? within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Merkurin As I said, if I don't see or if I'm not involved with people to some ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkurin View Post
    As I said, if I don't see or if I'm not involved with people to some extent at least, it eventually drives me insane.
    It's all energy. Some percentage SP, some percentage SX, some percentage SO. With some fluctuation.
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    Type 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Merkurin View Post
    Interesting, I always thought Sp 4's would still be somewhat outwardly oriented as part of the so called "image" - or "heart" - types and therefore be somewhat more oriented to relationships and interactions with others, to some degree at lesst. I'm really starting to doubt if I am Sp first(I'm a 9 though), also taking into account what the others have brought up here. I seriously start thinking if I might actually be Sx last.

    The wing, however, does certainly play a role in here too, as 4w3's regardless of instinct will always be more "extraverted" or externally oriented than the 4w5 obviously. Do you know your wing?
    My wings are pretty balanced but do lean more towards a 5 wing. I used to be more 3-wing oriented in my teenagehood and early 20s when I was trying to seek validation from the public more and impress strangers with my style too much, lol. Usually there's a counter-type for each enneagram energy; a SP 4 is the counter-type, thus more subdued version of the 4 family and so is the SX 9 more intense and unlike the usually mild-tempered 9 family. Also if you're more assertive and impatient as a 9 you may be a 9w8. If you're more patient and rule-mindful you should be a 9w1.

    Last but not least, the fact that I'm a SP 4 doesn't mean that I still don't do things out of an image-conscious perspective. When I decorate my home I'm always mindful how that would represent me and 'speak' to my visitors, lol. Also I'm still conscious of how I dress(much less avant-garde, but chic now that I'm older) and how I express myself when I speak to other people, particularly people who are not close to me. In order for a 4 to grow and become healthier getting away from its 'image', being more accepting and present is what's recommended. This is where, thankfully, I'm finally slowly moving towards in life and it's really freeing to do things fully authentic to me without caring as much how the public eye would see me and if they'd find me significant or not. I'm SX second and if I do seek validation then I look towards my closest friends, family and partner for that.
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    Type 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Merkurin View Post
    I seriously start thinking if I might actually be Sx last.
    Sorry. Just noted a little mistake in here. I meant to say that I start thinking wether I might actually be SP - last and not SX last.
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    Type 4

    Seriously, go with what feels right to you in the end of the day. :) Even if you're not 'correct' initially and change eventually that's absolutely fine as well. It's taken me time(years) to really raise my self-awareness and figure out stuff for myself.
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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by Karkino View Post
    Hi folk!

    I'm going off a new tangent here and want to ask people on why they think they are this type/instinct/tritype etc.

    So, this thread is all about you SP doms! Regardless of your core enneatype/MBTI/Tritype/etc., why do you think you're an SP dom?

    Not SP so I'm gonna skip my two cents on that one...

    Thanks in advance!
    SP doms tend to stockpile TP. It's a pretty good sign.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzafari View Post
    Because I know I'm So-last and out of the Sp/Sx and Sx/Sp descriptions Sp/Sx seems the most likely, but I don't really know for sure. Instincts are confusing.
    Now that I know I'm a 1 not a 9 and understand the instincts better I can give a better answer... I know I'm Sp because my perfectionism is turned mostly on myself. I'm a repressed boi in more ways than I can possibly list and any mistakes I make in anything I do frustrate the ass out of me, I have to keep fixing and fixing and fixing and fixing everything I do and I'm never fully satisfied, and whenever I do anything I feel a constant anxiety over whether I'm doing it the way I should be. My 9 wing usually overtakes my Sx-second need to reform my intimates, I usually don't want to risk he fallout of telling them what they should or shouldn't do, but I do worry a lot about it and have to really bite my tongue if I think they're doing things badly, but sometimes if I'm feeling confident enough or a conversation segways in that direction I can't help myself, though I think I'm pretty tactful about it. Think my Sp repression plays in too. And I don't really relate to the So need of being an example for society to follow at all, I know I'm not as perfect as I try to be. Fix yourself before you try to fix the world, to paraphrase a certain controversial psychotherapist.

    Sp/sx descriptions also say that in ennea-1 the Sx instinct below the Sp surface wants you to throw out all of your repression and just live, and that's something I relate to a lot. I've often seriously considered throwing it all out and just being the person I feel like in reality I'm supposed to be but I just can't bring myself to do it.
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    Type 4w5

    Honestly, I wouldn't know without my core Enneatype. And, for that matter, wasn't completely sure of my core Enneatype without the synergy of instincual subtypes, either. Looking at just SP, SO, and SX, I could make a case for or against each one. And my thoughts used to change depending on which quiz I took, or what I read about the instincts.
    Then when I discovered the Enneagram countertypes, and how they can show up very differently than the stereotypes for their respective core types--especially in 6's and 4's-- and read and heard about what a SP 4 was like, it finally all clicked into place.

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    Type 4w5

    ...ok but to actually answer the question as asked, I thought of this: the prevalent stockpile of a wide variety of vitamins, supplements, and natural care products might be some kind of indication. Although then again, it might not be. And actually, I couldn't swallow pills until I was almost 18 years old, which seemed to be due to some kind of SP-related anxiety.

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