How Does your Enneatype Interact With your MBTI Type?

How Does your Enneatype Interact With your MBTI Type?

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This is a discussion on How Does your Enneatype Interact With your MBTI Type? within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I'm trying to find differences between certain Enneagram and MBTI combinations in order to better understand certain discrepancies between behavior ...

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    Type 4w5

    How Does your Enneatype Interact With your MBTI Type?

    I'm trying to find differences between certain Enneagram and MBTI combinations in order to better understand certain discrepancies between behavior types, like why some ENTPs are more goal-oriented than others, etc.

    Feel free to add your personal experiences and observations about any ennatype and mbti you want.
    I'm personally interested in those variations :

    Differences between Enneatype ONE INTJ and ISTJ;
    Differences between Enneatype TWO ENFJ and ISFJ;
    Differences between Enneatype THREE ESTJ and ESTP;
    Differences between Enneatype FOUR INFPs and ISFPs;
    Differences between Enneatype FIVE INFJs and INTPs;
    Differences between Enneatype SIX ISFJs and ISFPs;
    Differences between Enneatype SEVEN ESFPs and ESFJs;
    Differences between Enneatype EIGHT ESTPs and ENTJs;
    Differences between Enneatype NINE ISFPs and ISFJs.

    To those who wish to share their personal experience, i'd like to ask you the following questions:

    How do you deal in your daily life with your main passion and fear (anger, pride, deceit, envy, avarice, fear, gluttonny, lust and sloth)?

    Have you met someone with the same Enneatype as you, but with a different MBTI type? I so, which differences have you noticed?

    How would you say your main functions (four conscious ones) operate whithin your enneatype? For example, does your dominant Extroverted Intuition meshes well with your EIGHT enneatype?

    Thank you for all your input :)

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    Type 7w8

    It's not easy to explain, but when it comes to Enneatypes by themselves: (maybe you'll find a way to apply these in the context of certain MBTI)

    The number BEFORE the Wing is what you want on the inside.
    The number AFTER the Wing is how you obtain it.

    7w8 has fun by taking control. (I have to control everything to ensure the fun will never end.)

    8w7 takes control by having fun. (I have to fuck around to prove that people and surroundings are my plaything.)

    7w6 has fun by being loyal. (I have to be loyal to people so that they will keep giving me fun experiences.)

    6w7 is loyal by having fun. (I will prove that I am loyal by giving you fun experiences.)

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    Type 4w5

    Quote Originally Posted by Ecchi View Post
    It's not easy to explain, but when it comes to Enneatypes by themselves: (maybe you'll find a way to apply these in the context of certain MBTI)

    The number BEFORE the Wing is what you want on the inside.
    The number AFTER the Wing is how you obtain it.
    That's quite interesting, never heard this explanation before! Is it coming from your personal observations or some other source?

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    Type 7w8

    Quote Originally Posted by Karkino View Post
    That's quite interesting, never heard this explanation before! Is it coming from your personal observations or some other source?
    That's my personal observation.
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    SP dominant

    I'm comically SP-dominant, and all my life it's been such a priority and obsession that it's essentially warped my entire personality (not type)-- although idk what my personality would be like without that, so who knows.

    I think that SP-dominance + inferior Si is an...interesting combination.

    For me, any T aspects to self-pres work extremely well. Si stuff is a colossal failure/malfunction.

    Stuff that comes easily to me...
    - SP-related strategies around financial security: preoccupied with money, stuff related to work, checking/validating potential business ideas, retirement planning/investing for retirement, etc. (This stuff is mostly T based, some N)
    - health related rules (Ti). I care about it but have a hard time managing it "organically" (see below) so I made some rules for it, then it is straightforward
    - intersection of money and health stuff (budget, grocery shopping, etc.) (mostly T)
    - keeping stuff but not too much stuff; not losing stuff; maintaining stuff insofar as making sure my stuff is in a usable and accessible state
    - maintaining an independent sense of self and personal space apart from any groups/relationships/people

    Stuff that...doesn't come easily to me...
    - virtually no attention paid to bodily sensations or physical state unless I'm exhausted, sick, or something is really uncomfortable
    - obsessed with making sure I drink enough water. But I seem to either drink almost no water or like 2 gallons of water
    - inattention to temperature, smells etc. (with the notable exception of annoying noises); can't tell if familiar food/drink tastes different
    - basically any of the "comfort" and "cozy home environment" related things that SPs often prioritize, I just completely ignore. I could learn more rules to actualize this someday, I just haven't bothered yet.

    Sometimes, I see comments that inferior Si is incompatible with SP-dominance. But instinctual variants are about preoccupation, while inferior Si is a reality. I'm preoccupied with self-preservation just the same; inferior Si just means I can't actualize my self-preservation priorities as well as someone with stronger Si. (I've even thought that the neuroticism about Si is part of what made me SP-dominant, but I think this is not true, as both my parents are SP-dominant and one is an Si ego probably.) But, having strong T functions, I also have some advantages in terms of self-pres. Most Si stuff can be transferred to other functions by e.g. creating rules (Ti) or whatever else. Mostly, this will still work well.

    The big positive of SP-dominance IMO is the focus on pragmatism. I don't think I'd be pragmatic at all otherwise lol. But as it is, I'm focused on making money, investing money, doing well at work, business ideas that might actually be successful (not only unrealistic stuff), etc.

    I don't have the option of being a stereotypical ExxP Enneagram 7 who jumps from thing to thing to thing to thing...and drops things when they get bored, never going into depth, never specializing, etc. That tendency is absolutely still there, and it still happens sometimes. But I'm not nearly as severe a case as what I've seen people post here. I'm compelled to prioritize SP stuff first.

    I'm a core 7, but I have a strong 1 fix that I think also impacts the presentation of my type. I recently wrote a post about that here.
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    How do you deal in your daily life with your main passion and fear (anger, pride, deceit, envy, avarice, fear, gluttonny, lust and sloth)?
    I'm ISTP sx/sp 5w4 with a strong 8 fix and second 3 fix. Avarice comes in wanting something more. More than what appears and that's why I learn and that's why I research: to see if there's I can get, something more. I read Wikipedia and watch informative videos to get more, knowledge and whatnots. For not knowing, comes uncertainty and proses something that I am not prepared for. For me, that is humiliation in its greatest form. 5w4 is knowledge seeking thru artisté and individualistic judgement rather than source and authority, and it's why 5w6s (and 6w5s) get confused on my confidence on something they themselves haven't uncovered yet.

    Most 5w4s tend to be INxx, so rarely can they be grounded and realistic. Me being ISTP 5w4, I have the luxury of seeing reality and being somewhat idealistic. Not because of *complete* idealism not being viable, but the other choice isn't desirable to me. The INxx 5w4 are awestruck on my groundedness and not be disappointed or dissatisfied.

    5w6s I get annoyed by their obtuseness and shortsightedness. We are united by knowledge seeking, but sometime I feel like a human explorer (5w4) with human desires while 5w6s are computers looking to add onto their databases. Not all bad, but rather tasteless imo. But I digress.

    8w9s are (excluding the fairly common ISTPs) Te doms, ESTPs, and rare ENTPs. To them, I'm a smartass and nerd who has guts. They get meatheady with me and harsh, but nothing too abrasive. They like me and I like them. The Te doms get a little competitive with me, but nothing malicious.

    8w7--woah momma, they know how to crush your balls (and know how to massage them if you get dominating but that's besides the point). They are overwhelming. I'm friends with this INTJ 8w7 and he gives me hustler advices from times to times. A little domineering, but nothing a little fucking up can so.
    3w4s tend to be extraverts, so I get cold shoulder from them ofren. I know this ENTJ 3w4 who was faggot narcissist and bragged off without anyone asking. This guy was so annoying tbh. He's got banned and no longer visits from Discord server, however, so I don't need to worry about him.

    3w2 is the more extraverted version of 3w4 and can't seem to find the pause button for their talking. I know this ESFJ 3w2 who showed off nearly everyday and humblebrag to the point of him not even being humble. He's more intrusive than the ENTJ 3w4 tbh.

    SX/SP we vibe instantly and get mutual respect for each others.

    The 5w4 interacts with my Ti and Ni, making Ti dominant and Ni almost if not totally equal to Se. 8w9 makes my Se forceful but reserved and I get the image of quiet but badass cowboy ascribed onto me. 3w4 is compatible to my Se-Ni axis and I get an ideal image of what to become.

    My enneatypr is somewhat common with my MBTI type, so there shouldn't be any significant disparities to your experiences as a fellow ISTP.
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    Type 6w5

    I believe myself to be an ISTP 6. Wing 5 seems more probable but I can definitely see a 7 wing. My tritype is 649, and my variants likely sp/sx.

    6 is a highly versatile type that makes sense for anyone from an ENFJ to an ISTP; the core fears and values can relate to any type, just in different ways. So I don't think it's contradictory for one to be an ISTP and a 6 at the same time. I definitely relate to the worst-case scenario way of thinking as well as the constant troubleshooting that comes with the need for security and I think this connects very well to dominant Ti and tertiary Ni.

    However, ISTPs tend to be withdrawn cores (5 or 9), so being an attachment core makes me, well, more "attached" than average. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not clingy to others in any way, but as mentioned earlier, I do long for a sense of security and it drives my behaviors. Not necessarily through people, but also to ideas. I think this need to constantly be safe can also be attributed to me being a self-preservation type, though.

    I think it's possible that I am an sx/sp, because I do relate strongly to the sexual instinct even though I rarely act on it. I'm really picky about connecting with other people or getting into interests that I enjoy, but it feels worthless unless I go in all the way. I'm not really sure how my variants specifically connect to my MBTI because I don't think my combination is particularly rare in this case.

    My tritype is one most associated with Fi-doms. And to some people, I do seem like a Fi-dom on the surface. It makes sense since my 4 fix is quite strong, but I think my way of processing information is closer to dominant Ti and inferior Fe rather than relying on the personal morals associated with having dominant Fi. I don't really think about enneagram through tritype stereotypes, instead I try to analyze how people relate to each individual fix.
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    I'm an ENTP 5w4 548 sp/sx and I am much more emotional than the stereotype of ENTPs (which probably fits better with enneagrams 3w4, 8w7 and 7w8), but still don't feel a lot of empathy towards a lot of people (which doesn't mean I can't easily imagine what someone is feeling and sympathize with it). I generally empathize more with people who are in a way intimate with me, or with fictional characters (for example, I cried for around 25 minutes yesterday while watching anime). But despite that, I'm a very forgivable person for the reason that I can understand almost all different points of view and therefore see the validity and reasoning behind them (even if they're wrong and I argue against it).

    I'm a quick learner at almost all intellectual subjects (fuck P.E.) but I'm rather undisciplined and I have a hard time keeping a routine, which every now and then comes back to bite me in the ass, but I always end up doing things in a way that eventually works out (not that I pride myself in that); that, of course, after I have had some type of emotional situation because of anxiety and/or insecurity. I also have a very good memory and even though I'm not very good with all types of details, depending on the subject I can remember them clearly. Furthermore, I've been described by an INTJ 1w9 friend as "someone who's eternally curious about everything", "someone who isn't afraid of loving" and "someone who seems to know exactly who he is".

    All in all, I'm a mix of a serious, emotional and introspective person, with a random, spontaneous, asshole-ish (in the good sense of the word) goof. I'm also known as being stubborn, isolated and calm.

    Now, being more technical, I'd say my Ti is equally potent as my Ne, such that not a single person who knows about MBTI/Junguian Typology doubts me of being an ENTP (not that I base my verdict on that), but I've also been called stuff like "ENTP with dominant Ti" or "ENTP with Fi", which brings me to the subject of emotions: my Fe is kind of ambivalent. It is undoubtedly Fe, but I seem to have a much better idea of myself than most low-Fe people I've seen. Despite being a little egocentric (I admit it), I'm humble too (and I know it's fishy to say that, but hey, you believe it if you want) and really avoid depending on other people and making other people do stuff for me. I tend to be very giving and helpful too, whenever I can (meaning that I don't pretend to know something if I don't).
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    I am ENTP 5w4 584 so/sp. My extraversion is kind of light. I do have an emotional life, even if it is somewhat contained, except my musical life. I have a strong enough voice that I can lead with or if I feel the men around me are singing sotto voce I will try to amp the sound (this is my 4 animating my 8). My wife is INFP 2w1 296 sp.
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    I’m newer to the whole typing scene, but after 6 months of reading and some serious YouTube hours, I feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of the cognitive functions.

    I’ve been typed as various types of IxxPs. When I take the Enneagram, which I know very little about, I get type 6s or type 4w3 very consistently.

    I hope this helps.
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