What do you think someone with a tritype of 459 would typically be like

What do you think someone with a tritype of 459 would typically be like

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This is a discussion on What do you think someone with a tritype of 459 would typically be like within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I don't know my dominant type, but I'm pretty sure 459 are all part of my tri-type (4w5, 5w4 and ...

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    What do you think someone with a tritype of 459 would typically be like

    I don't know my dominant type, but I'm pretty sure 459 are all part of my tri-type (4w5, 5w4 and 9w1). What do you think somebody with this tri-type would be like. Like what personality traits and habits would they most likely harbor?

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    Type 9

    Well I don't know. Considering that they don't exist, so it's kind of like meeting a unicorn or watching the pope shit in the woods.

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    At this point I believe I am a 459 as well.

    Basically you will feel very detached, indifferent and envious of the world when you are in a negative space.

    You will feel authentic, objective, and peaceful when you are in a positive space.

    Or at least from my current understanding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixty Nein View Post
    Well I don't know. Considering that they don't exist, so it's kind of like meeting a unicorn or watching the pope shit in the woods.
    I do so exist >.<

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    Type 9

    I imagine they would be very quiet and private people, not liking to share much of any information about themselves. They'd be rather passive, not liking to get into conflict very much, but also individualistic. Whenever anything negative happens, I imagine they would need a lot of alone time to cope with it. But these are just guesses. Don't mind me. I'm not even close to that tri-type. (269)
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    Very introverted people who like to stroke their mighty intellectual penis.
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    I'm guessing: introspective, detached, introverted, creative, curious, a fan of art/culture, possibly dramatic or self expressive in some way, such as poetry or through clothing. Probably capable of conceiving and completing a lot of creative work, especially when motivated.
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    I'm guessing the following comes from the fauvres:

    "459 The Contemplative Archetype


    If you are 459 is described as being intuitive, knowledgeable, an accepting. You want to be original, wise and peaceful. Highly self aware and reflective, you are very shy, reserved and self conscious. You need regular quiet time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Easily flooded with emotion, it is difficult for you to voice your feelings and ideas to others.

    Your life mission is to delve deeply into the mysteries of life and share your insight with others. A true philosopher (also, contemplative), you are happiest when you can write about your discoveries and discuss them with others. Making sense of your world is a never ending quest.

    You can be so focused on your inner world that you can become inhibited and appear to be indifferent to others. Insecure, you become moody and expect others to initiate and come toward you.

    your growing edge is to recognize that your need to pull away into the private world of your making to ponder your thoughts and feelings keeps you from engaging with others. true contemplation leads to higher knowing that we are all connected in the universal unconscious.

    *Most withdrawn/introspective-459, 954, 549

    The 416, 459 and 469 all struggle with painful self-consciousness and inhibition.

    Both the 451 and 459 are reserved and introspective and self conscious. The 451 is very critical of themselves and others.They are very particular and have a lot of shoulds. They can be strident. Dissatisfaction is visible as their energy can be prickly. The 459 is more reserved and passive. They wait to be included. They are approachable but hope that others will come towards them. They are quiet in their demeanor. They project a sense of stillness. Their energy is soft and yielding. Dissatisfaction is hidden like in the 479.

    The 954 is more contemplative and the the 952 will be more focused on others.

    9s have a great capacity for depth, they just avoid conflict. Introspective 9s with 5 in the tritype are the intellectual 9s. (9s with 4 are the deep, emotional 9s. The 9 with the 459 tritype is all of the above.

    The 459 is the most reclusive type on the Enneagram. They are humble, modest and discreet. They can be ethereal and dreamy They are passive and unassertive. They are shy but usually display a pleasant countenance. They have complex inner worlds. the objective with the subjective. They are gentle, sensitive and avoidant. Since they are so reserved, they express their anger in a passive-aggressive manner.

    459 is a triple withdrawn...I imagine 459 to be more removed and cut off as a way of addressing any inner anxiety.

    Yeah you would have a difficult time with the triple withdrawn 459, many people do because their withdrawal and withholding feels harsh or very uninvolved. That's the type most likely to not realize their anger until much later, or not express it at all because they get stuck in not expressing themselves and experiencing everything more internally. The 1 in your tritype makes you more likely to exprsss discontent or negativity while the 7 still wants to keep things light and airy. The 459 can have a heavy feeling which can be daunting to someone desiring to keep things positive and productive as your tritype or the 371 might be inclined to do.

    A 459 would be pretty comfortable with separateness and solitude.
    [459]: Differences with 469 comes from the differences between 5 and 6 minds. 5 is like a withdrawn mind working alone to handle situations, life, and understanding, while 6 is more oriented to connections with collectivity and other people with thoughts. It's a receptive/expressive mind, using people as support for understanding and guidance. While 5 is more working alone, with its own maps and ideas.

    As for the 4 5 9 part, ..It speaks to me, because it points to the actual awareness of the lack of love and the feeling of separateness for a 9. 5s and 4s are normally described as having the experience most rooted in separateness. Perhaps the distinctions are finer though. 5s representing a feeling of separateness of self, 4 representing separateness of identity, and 9 representing an awareness of separateness from "love" or from the "whole" of the universe.

    E4 has the tri fixes 468 and 495 to deal with...where 468 push for a response while 459 move away. For example:
    4x5 moves away...stops to....push for the response.
    4x3 pushes for the response while moving away.

    all three Reflective Solutions Enneacards
    (Enneagram Types: 4, 5 & 9) in your Enneaspread.
    Naturally reserved and reflective, you see yourself as intuitive, introspective, perceptive and thoughtful. Responsible and diligent, you resist taking action that is not first well considered and thought out. You dislike making sudden changes and prefer to take time to think things through before acting. When opposed, you tend to take a step back or move away from others to evaluate your circumstances to manage problems.

    The 945 is very shy, sensitive and introspective. They need time to contemplate before taking action

    594: Accepting and intuitive 5. Most sensitive and withdrawn 5, especially if self-preserving. Tends to be remote.

    4-5-9 - The Introvert

    A true introvert. The withdrawn likes to delve within them self in order to release their tensions and stress. The more problems that arise in their life the farther the find themselves from the external world.

    459 - Knowledgeable and accepting 4. Most withdrawn and introspective 4, often an artisan, especially if self-preserving. Shy.

    five with a nine fix: pattern seeking above all. whimsical exploration,
    disposition of reluctant idealist. open minded,
    philosophical perspective. can seem to lack focus
    while associating groupings of information into larger
    theories. likes people and humanity as a whole,
    shares ideas and is relatively easy to get along with.

    945: Intuitive and knowledgeable 9. Most introspective, withdrawn and reserved 9, especially if self-preserving or introverted [or both].

    Another example would be a 4-6-8. Here we have a more aggressive and reactive Type 4 than say a 4-9-5, who would be more withdrawn, passive (9) and avoidant (5).

    4-5-9 would rely on their sensations completely. This makes them the most self-focused of the types. Its about what you experience. Like a 9, they tend to avoid things they find uncomfortable (the keyword here is what they find uncomfortable. Not what is generally accepted as uncomfortable). Like a 5, tend to lean towards enrichment. And like a 4, establish their identity towards what they live through. Naturally, what we personally experience in ourselves (our emotions) are a part of what we experience. Since this type is so internally focused, they tend to live the most in their own minds and their own world. Thus, their five-fix tends to gather a lot of information on themselves. Their four-fix and ever changing sensations may make them slightly more likely to feel confused as to who they are. Experiencing this confusion, they may analyze this as a problem and perhaps something that shouldn't be(?). Well, like I said, I'd need to think about it more. But mainly, this fix relies heavily on what they go through and what they live through. Especially on feeling sensations. I'm not really quite sure on what else to say, really
    5-4-9: shy, somewhat fragile and a bit romantic, such Fives tend to put on a congenial façade to hide their rich inner worlds from the society. They outwardly appear friendly but reserved, usually mysterious to other people who sense there is more depth and intensity hidden behind their amiable mask. These Fives have rich imaginations and love to immerse themselves in thoughts and fantasies. They are introspective, dreamy, creative and socially withdrawn, but also disorganized and painfully avoidant.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-9-4, 9-5-4, 4-5-9
    flavours: insightful, imaginative, enigmatic and unstructured

    5-9-4: reclusive, modest, discreet and quite dreamy and unassertive, such Fives possess a vast imagination in which they spend most of their time among their theories, fantasies and vivid memories. They have a somewhat bohemian charm to them – they are relaxed, casual, creative and a bit reckless. Usually pleasant and undisturbed on the outside, they hide complex inner worlds in which reality interweaves with fantasy, real with imaginary, the objective with the subjective. These Fives are gentle, sensitive and avoidant and tend to express their anger in a passive-aggressive manner.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-4-9, 9-5-4, 4-5-9
    flavours: laid-back, unconventional, imaginative and random"
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    Type 4w5

    @Promethea thank you, I really identified with most of that :)
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    Type 4w5

    I'm 459, or 495, can't determine which.

    I'm very withdrawn, and secretive. I don't talk much about myself, unless I'm on PerC! :P

    I've known other people with this tritype. We're all pretty removed, and non-confrontational. We are not quick to speak, and we don't mince words when we do. Often VERY much absorbed within our own inner-worlds, though that can manifest in different ways (can be an inner-world of intellect and learning. Or a world of fantasy, passion and imagination). We may appear observant, and we can be when we need to be, but mostly I think we tend to zone out.

    Reserved, non-confrontational, but also not very malleable. Very inwardly grounded. We may appear to be conforming because we do not outwardly challenge things very often, but really the seeming indifference is more like a partial immunity or buffer against external influences.

    Very, very hypersensitive.

    This is in my experience and observation.

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