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This is a discussion on The Gently Honest Mistype Revelation Thread within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Azranaes First of all, I'm older than you so don't call me kid, kid. Secondly, the post ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azranaes View Post
    First of all, I'm older than you so don't call me kid, kid.
    Secondly, the post you claim to be talking with emotions was this:

    Care to explain in what ways discussing MBTI is talking with emotions? Sounds to me like an evasion. Whenever I ask for a logical discussion, I get some condescending cutdown instead. You called me an INFJ. Okay. I'm open to it. If you give logical rationale for the hypothesis. I am seriously up to discussing ANYTHING, if you can do so logically, rather than just trying to cut me down in some way.
    C'mon. Have at it. Prove you're not just here to troll.
    a) I did not claim that any specific post was talking emotions, I said that because you're starting to make some personal remarks as if you were throwing a tantrum over WHAT?! Additionally, you seem behaving odd compering to the previous days... To me, you are triggered. And I've learnt it's not the best state to discuss anything hence I told you to go and sleep= calm down, remove yourself from the situation, get a perspective
    b) It was you who called me/us INFJ first (and it seems that logic: I don't get along with them = they must be mistyped is yours), I do not know what type you are, nor I care. I did, perhaps you didn't understand- my fault, what I did in the other thread, I told you to look at yourself. I mean, why is it us and not you? You don't ever doubt yourself?
    c) despite all of that I have no idea where you took 80% of the things you wrote in that post directed at me from. Moreover, no one (at least not me) hated or judged you for your thoughts or opinions. Perhaps we are here due to your believe you were. FWIW, I thought you were rather a friendly and smart guy. I simply do not understand why you got stuck at something so silly and why you won't listen/doubt.
    d) she did not appreciate your joke for whatever reasons she had, she wasn't beating her chest for it because it's not who she is, you might not like it but there is nothing more to it. Get over it.
    e) now I go and not coming back because as I mentioned I'm getting irritated, not annoyed with you, irritated at myself that I spent my day on this idiotic thing and not something productive. I shouldn't have had time for this.
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    Type 5w4

    Quote Originally Posted by Azranaes View Post
    I had A BPD mother and narcissist father.
    Yeah, I was go to call you out on having Mommy issues (very obvious to me for a couple of reasons) when you decided to take it to the level of unsolicited typing but I decided to try in earnest one last time with you instead. My mistake.

    Been engaged to a BPD, and the love of my life was a BPD
    Yep, you have massive confirmation bias.

    Stawker had you all wrong.
    You know better than the guy with the 160 IQ who actually knew me, eh? The one who had effortless communication with me and shared almost all views. Whatever you need to believe...

    I'm happy you're done using me as a punching bag and we can all move on now.

    I'm sorry you've had a hard time in life and are unwell. Good luck to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic Chaos View Post
    Hmm to start with whats your reasoning behind the 2 and 4 and btw what rules out 3?. Also I think determining what triad you are is handy. Like if you are 2 fixed you will be double positive and double rejection outlook and if 4 you would be triple withdrawn.

    Ok, I'll get back to this when I have more time than rn. Thanks.

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    This thread idea is interesting and amusing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic Chaos View Post
    Hmm to start with whats your reasoning behind the 2 and 4 and btw what rules out 3?. Also I think determining what triad you are is handy. Like if you are 2 fixed you will be double positive and double rejection outlook and if 4 you would be triple withdrawn.

    Ok, sure. Btw, I like the new name. I'm sure I have more reasons than this, but this will be a good start. Just ask me if you have any questions.
    @mistakenforstranger I'm mentioning you since you also messaged me asking me about this.

    TWO -
    I don't relate to...

    » Needing to be needed
    I don't like it when anyone is dependent on me. I also don't like depending on other people. If there is to be partnership (be it a job, relationship, roommate, etc.) I am most comfortable with either equality or having the upper hand (but I don't abuse it, I just take the position to prevent them from abusing it).

    » Attending to needs for affirmation or to feel good about myself
    I do it for the other person's benefit, not to feel good. I grew up with a mom who used her "generosity" to manipulate and guilt trip while it simultaneously strokes her own ego and makes her feel like a valuable person. I told myself I refuse to be like her.

    I do relate to...

    » Caring more about those who are closest to me more than myself.
    I sometimes don't know how to care for myself unless in a roundabout way through close ones (I care about them, thus care about me).

    » The typical E2 mistype reason: warm, caring, generous.
    However, I'm uncomfortable expressing that unless I really grow more accustomed with a person. During times when I displayed that side publicly I had a lot of anxieties over it. If people are close to me they start to see a side that is unexpectedly warm and self-sacrificial. When I was unable to tell someone no and let them suffer, I gave beyond my means in a rather large way. After I suffered the price for it and they didn't even remember the sacrifice I made, I was never quite as selfless in my giving again, but still struggle to do things for myself the way I can be motivated to do them for others. There are more examples, but that was the biggest one. I have a track record of overgiving without expecting repayment.

    » Friends sometimes get annoyed when I act like I don't matter, but I don't see how I do that. (That may be E9 though...minimizing self and own needs.)

    » Wanting to be liked
    I do tend to try winning people over and drawing them in, but I learned this a few years ago as a method for bringing things into the peaceful realm and avoiding having enemies.

    THREE -
    I don't relate to...

    » Needing affirmation from others

    » Developing my own ideas about what makes a valuable person and then becoming that.
    I value people equally based upon the premise of being human. I'm a huge advocate for diversity and acceptance of differences, seeing each of us with our own human lives. We're all going to die in the end and my shit stinks just as much as anybody else's, I'm not fooling anybody with polish. No one is fooling me into thinking they're more valuable for their accomplishments, either. I'm not impressed nor convinced.

    » Shame.
    I may experience some insecurity over my own imperfections, or shame about poor decisions I have made...but that's not the same as 3s who go as far as self-reassuring, seeking accolades, and maintaining an image of success.

    I do relate to...

    » USED TO think my value lied within my accomplishments and felt inferior, but
    1) That is what society ingrains where I live(d), 2) some events led to that changing later on.

    » Sometimes I have a workaholic streak in me.
    I've been known to set myself aside and neglect my needs or emotions for the sake of success--hungry for wealth and prosperity, competition, efforts to rise to the top of the success ladder. It's not consistent, so maybe integration. It aligns with it anyways because I was more assertive and had an attitude of, "my space is mine and I'll claim it." (I said that before discovering that was a gut triad thing, it was weird to stumble across WoE talking about it.)

    FOUR -
    I don't relate to...

    » Identity issues
    I'm the opposite. I lack a strong sense of self and I stress as a result of trying to form one.
    I have little attachment to a sense of identity. I forsake myself and adjust to those I'm around. It's not a conscious process, and when someone points out that I'm mirroring, or when I suddenly consciously become aware myself, I can become a little uncomfortable. I don't really like that I mirror people, yet at the same time IDK how to stop. Little by little, my views or stances fall by the wayside due to the avoidance of potential friction. I take on their traits, mannerisms...I'm somewhat of a chameleon (one of the types that actually do blend with their environment). It is in this process that I become molded into their tastes and preferences. I once lived far from family in search of who I actually am without taking on others' traits or preferences, but I either retained the traits of those I was connected with or adopted traits of new acquaintances. I never really was able to locate my sense of self.

    » Victim / rescuee role
    I'm the opposite: fearing the vulnerability of being manipulated via rescue scenarios, I retain control and independence. At times I have difficulty admitting I was a victim when I genuinely was, because to admit it is to concede to being helpless. Rather, I retrace where and why things went wrong and think of ways I could prevent any recurrences. A lesson gained is better than helplessness.

    » Needing to see myself as special / unique somehow
    I'm the opposite: I blend, prefer having a low presence; "I am nothing, no one, just a ghost, a passerby, a grain of sand in the sea, invisible, insignificant..." and I prefer it this way.

    » Issues with envy
    Idk, just naturally never really had this problem somehow...grass isn't greener on the other side.

    » Seeking Emotional Intensity / Amplification
    I'm the opposite: Avoidance, intolerance for intense emotions (my own, but also others' because they threaten to spread to me), inertia; have been known to have difficulties with playing ostrich to avoid emotional experiences (no longer even consciously aware of a problem I'm avoiding until I actually crack apart and remember).

    » Seeing self as a prisoner of my past and believing there is no hope
    I reiterate...I passionately hate the victim mindset. I would be too stubborn to allow someone or something to damage me for the rest of my life.

    I do relate to...

    » Artistic

    » Intuitive

    » Symbolic aesthetic self-expression

    » Proficient with making unique / original ideas.
    I am very much an idea overabundance.

    » Authenticity, honesty about faults

    » Perpetual feelings of social isolation in the past, especially in group or community settings.

    TRIADS -

    » 953 / 935 ... No, I'm at least 1 reactive fix.

    » 963 / 936 ... Out of all of my friends and I, no one saw me as triple attachment. More importantly, I don't relate to 6 as a constant thing, only when I start cracking at the seams E9 style.

    » 964 ... Double reactive Sx Dom with an 8 wing is bordering on triple reactive Sx...
    There's no way. I do at least have diagnosed emotional dysregulation and clinical depression, but I'm not reactive at all except under severe stress. If I tried to tell my roommates I'm reactive they would look at me like I lost my mind.

    » 954 ... Triple withdrawn is possible.

    » 952 ... IDK about double positive, but after scraping through Enneagram resources, E2 seems to be more present in me than E4 so far.

    SIX FIX -
    I'll throw this in there because if I don't it's going to come up anyways, since it's included in the tritype reasoning...

    I don't doubt my own mind or seek guidance unless under extreme stress. E9/E6 both go along with things, but they're different on a fundamental level: in E6 it's rooted in fear or lack of stability, while in E9 it's rooted in cooperation or a lack of strong preferences. I do lean on decisive people, but it's almost for the opposite reasons: E6 cares with much neuroticism involved, I just literally don't give a shit or have no strong preference. So, basically...I just don't see many of the core 6 traits in myself. The way I go along with things is strongly E9 instead.

    7 fix is impossible. I relate to that and 1 the least.
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    Type 3

    What's with this thread and its affiliations with drama?

    Temp close while I sort through my multitude of feelings.

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    Type 9w8

    Forgot to reopen so reopened :) plz follow rulez plz


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