Levels of development. How common?

Levels of development. How common?

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This is a discussion on Levels of development. How common? within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; How common is it for people to be in certain levels of development? I would expect that type 9 is ...

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    Levels of development. How common?

    How common is it for people to be in certain levels of development? I would expect that type 9 is difficult to become a level 1 in mental health because it is hard for these people to take action.

    I'm just curious to find out about this type of thing since I have been unable to find any information on it when I have been searching.

    When I read anything about it people seem to think that they are in 3 or 4 different catagories at the same time. I think for myself I am in a more steady position, so its kind of confusing.

    Could someone please help shed some light on this issue for me? Thanks in advance.

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    Type 3

    Hi- that's a good question! I don't know if there is one definitive answer. For myself, I also feel like I fluctuate across a span of two different levels- possibly three at extreme times. But it''s sometimes hard to judge yourself. I wonder if I'm being impartial, and maybe when I am less healthy, I would see myself (at that point in time) as more healthy than I actually am.

    From my observations, I feel like when people are pretty healthy, like say, levels 2-5, they fluctuate less. Meaning the healthier you are, the less highs and lows you have. the more even keeled you are. But when people are at lower levels, say 5 and under, their fluctuations are more extreme. They can rise and fall thru levels quickly even in the expanse of one day.

    You're right in that there is not much written on the topic. I wrote one post on it if you want to check it out here:

    If you don’t have your health… | AllPersonality.com


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