Which type you are & which type do you admire and why

Which type you are & which type do you admire and why

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This is a discussion on Which type you are & which type do you admire and why within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Which type you are & which type do you admire and why I'm a 5w4 I admire 8, specifically social ...

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    Type 5w4

    Which type you are & which type do you admire and why

    Which type you are & which type do you admire and why
    I'm a 5w4 I admire 8, specifically social 8. Though, I'm very influence by the 8 enneatype". Why I admire them? Well, fist of all I love people who actually work for something, to achieve something. Also I think people who are leaders are needed. People who fight for what they want (of course when is a healthy 8, because otherwise would be Aah.. ). People who stand up for what they believe. That's it I think.

    I, as a 5 am, of course, really introverted and quiet and all that stuff... But when I have to defend something, or when I see something isn't fair I become almost an other person.
    Someone who does that 24/7 , from my point of view, has to be admired.

    And you
    Which type you are & which type do you admire and why?
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    Type 9w1

    I don't know enneagram well, but I like the question for MBTI, too, so I'm INFJ and I admire ISTP... they are really tough, solid, and easy to be around.

    I want to mix with them and become a super human.

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    Type 5w4

    I'm also a 5w4, and I admire 1, 7, and 9 most of all. I admire 1s (especially 1w2s) for their commitment to moral goodness, 7s for their vivacity and enthusiasm for life, and 9s for their peacefulness and almost mystical quality when healthy.

    If we throw MBTI into the mix, I am an INFP. :) I admire ENFPs and ENFJs for their people skills. I also admire ISTJs because my crush is one. I only *wish* I could be as productive and accomplished right now... I must have it buried within me because we share the same functions.

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    Enneagram speaking, I'm a 4w3 and I admire 2s, which are severely underrated on this forum and 9s for attempting (and failing) to keep cp6s from attempting to blow up the world (8s are much rarer and plus wouldn't develop nuclear weapons merely out of fear, they'd just be like BOOM BOOM MOTHERFUCKER). Thanks for trying, guys!

    Oh, and sexual variants are awesome, except there's definitely not that many crawling around here, just secondaries like myself who happened to like the sexual description much more than their dominant one.

    MBTI speaking, I'm an ENFP and I really admire INFJs. They're portrayed as the Jesus-y type but I know one that's super nice and also a cunning Slytherin gut type, probably a 9w8 or 1w2 or something similar. (All's I know is that she kicked an ISFP 9w1 with some major 4 depression or just super bad self esteem that broke up with me after a day. Still, she was like "YOU BE NICE TO OTHER PEOPLE!" while said kicking occurred. Fe justice bitch!) I also admire her iNuition and how it manifests itself much differently than mine. We're both spacey and creative but hers is much more precise and mine is much more random, despite hers coming from within and mine drawing from my external environment. It's fascinating!
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    I am 6w7 and I admire 4 or 8. For MBTI, I am an INFJ and I admire INTJs for not having their emotions get in the way of their daily lives.

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    Type 6w7

    I don't know much about Enneagram, but as for Myers Briggs, I'm an ISFJ and I really admire ESFJs and ENTJs.

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    Type 1w2

    I am 1w2 (so I think). I think all types and personalities are necessary for the full expression of the human spirit, but I admire 7s for their ability to have fun and also because they do not care about ideas and ideologies so much.

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    Type 6

    i've admired 6's for calling out the bullshit when it needs to be done and often before the crap does blow up. 3's i've admired for remaining stoic on the surface despite crap going off. 1's for often articulating their viewpoints with steadfastness and for trying and improving where others remain ignorant.
    til laterz.

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    Type 4w5

    I am a sx 7 and I admire 3s (sx the most). I can befriend and even relate to them a lot - as I have a lot of 3 friends, and we've had similar childhoods - however I feel like 7s and 3s are two sides of one coin. We're both trying to fill in this.. void, but I admire 3s because they see a vision of what they want to be, and they simply.. become it. To make their work, theyselves obssessed and goes on and on and on without a bit of rest, and that is the only way for them to achieve their level best. They really, earn the things they do, and earn the image they become.
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    I'm 9 and I admire and "look up to" 7's... that is I try to emulate 7's and I think it improves my life. Being more 7 is kind of my personal goal at the moment although I know they have their own problems.
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