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This is a discussion on Enneagram Forum Index within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Did a quick scan of the main board and tried to pick out the more interesting threads. I'm sure I ...

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    Type 6w7

    Did a quick scan of the main board and tried to pick out the more interesting threads. I'm sure I missed some, just as I'm sure I went overboard!

    General Information

    Enneagram resource collection
    Common reasons behind mistyping.

    The Harmonic Groups
    Enneagram Clusters and Opposites

    Fear and the Types
    How We Stay Stuck
    Enneagram types and chakras.
    The Three Vs of the Enneagram

    "Wake up calls" and "red flags" by type.
    Enneagram Integration and Disintegration Points Explained

    Simple steps to ease dealing with each Enneatype
    How Different Enneagram Types Pay Attention
    MBTI and Enneagram - Their Relationship and Complementary Use


    Instinctual Variants
    The Primary Concerns of the Variants
    Enneagram instinctual stackings and writing styles.


    The Go-Getters, The Introspectives, and The Responders

    The Go-Getters: Three, Seven, and Eight
    The Go-Getters: The Motivator, The Visionary, and The Activator

    The Introspectives: Four, Five, and Nine
    The Introspectives: The Individualist, The Observer, and The Universalist

    The Responders: One, Two, and Six
    The Responders: The Worker, The Helper, and The Networker

    Descriptions of the Nine Enneagram Personality Types

    General Discussion
    What Is Your Enneagram Tri-Type?
    Instinctive Variant Discussion

    Inwards vs outwards self
    Typing by Projection
    Projections by Enneagram Type
    Enneagram Types at Parties

    Can someone explain the dis/integration thing?
    Does Each Type In Your Tritype Have a Different Variant Stacking?
    Fears in the shame triad?

    Frustration on peoples approach to the enneagram
    Which Enneagram Type Do You Find Most Difficult to Understand?
    What MBTI type do you associate with each enneagram?
    Enneagram type and DSM categories.
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    The secret here revealed!

    What is the enneagram really based on? No one knows except me. We are never told anything except that there are nine types. Why nine types, and why these nine and not others?

    The source of the types has been kept hidden because it might make the enneagram less popular among modern folks. It has, in fact, an esoteric source. It may have come through Gurdieff.

    The nine types are:

    drum roll............

    the nine planetary types in astrology!

    Yes, the world's oldest science and typing system is astrology. It is the queen of all knowledge. Not counting Pluto (which may not be a planet anyway, and was unknown when the enneagram was made known in the West), there are exactly nine planetary types in astrology. These types and a few keywords are:

    The Sun -- outgoing leadership, charisma, romance and gaming, glamour, radiant, life-giving, center of attention/power, important people (ruler of Leo)
    The Moon -- nurturing, receiving, feeling-oriented, sensitive, protective, tenacious, mothering (ruler of Cancer)
    Mercury -- communication, knowledge, teaching/learning, mobile, detail/fact-oriented, restless, nervous, perfectionist or fussy (ruler of Virgo, Gemini)
    Venus -- harmonizing, peace-loving, artistic, sensuous, attraction, love, values (ruler of Libra, Taurus)
    Mars -- aggressive, warlike, ambitious, tempermental, athletic, adventurous, pioneer, energetic, advocate of the underdog, or bullying (ruler of Scorpio, Aries)
    Jupiter -- philosophy, religion, clubby, expansive, prophetic, thinks big, prodigal, adventurous, generous, joyful, indulgent, big talker, moral guidance, good fortune (ruler of Sagittarius, Pisces)
    Saturn --anxious, practical, limiting, respectful of authority, status-oriented, structured, logical, disciplined (ruler of Capricorn, Aquarius)
    Uranus -- inventive, eccentric, electric, revolutionary, scientific, detached, individual liberty, intellectual, humanitarian, idealist (ruler of Aquarius)
    Neptune -- romantic, delusional, artistic, subtle, dissolving, escapist, oceanic, mystical, aspiring/pining, imaginative, addictive, compassion (ruler of Pisces)

    What do you think are the types that correspond to these? Hint, they are all in numerical order, except they don't start at the top and move down the list, to kind of disguise the correlation from those who aren't ready to accept it!

    This does not mean, however, that astrology is the source of all the ideas that have been added on to the enneagram besides the descriptions of the types themselves (e.g. wings, triads, directions of growth and decline, etc.). And they do not correspond to the circle in the way usually presented, but in a different way!

    Want to read more? Google: The Enneagram is Astrology by Meece
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    2 tests that might help you in knowing what direction to take. Don't take it as conclusive or definite:

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    Outside Link:
    Happiness Tips for Enneagram types (issuu.com Jackie Wells Smith): Happiness Tips by Ennaegram Type
    The profiles in this link are in the above document but here they're in colour: Enneagram Reference Cards
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    Type 9w8

    Thanks for condensing the links like this.

    I have a couple of resources to add:

    Stackemup Enneagram

    Then here is the Stackemup list in the form of a photo layout (based on the list above), a shortcut to get a sense for the representatives of each type, wing, and stack without having to peruse through the videos:


    The breakdown is very pared down to the point that also leaves open the question of whether tritype is even necessary.

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