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Tritype Descriptions

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This is a discussion on Tritype Descriptions within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I found this a while back - I've got no idea how accurate it actually is, but it was pretty ...

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    Tritype Descriptions

    I found this a while back - I've got no idea how accurate it actually is, but it was pretty interesting anyway.

    From Enneagram Tritype Descriptions(thrown together/inacurrate) - Socionics Forums

    Enneagram Tritype Descriptions(thrown together/inacurrate)
    Posted 09-13-2010 at 06:47 AM by Azeroffs

    3-6-9 - The Citizen

    This tritype would be most characterized by being influenced by their society. They usually embody everything that their society is. They need to adapt in order to relieve tension and stress.

    (2)-6-9 - The Normative 2
    2-(6)-9 - The Positive 6
    2-6-(9) - The Compliant 9

    The most loyal friend. This tritype would do anything for you, and is very conflict-avoidant. This is the type that wait on you hand and foot.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9

    This tritype has many self-confidence problems. They may often feel as though they need help from others, but that they are unable to get it. They fight between needing others and striving for seclusion.

    (3)-5-9 - The Withdrawn 3
    3-(5)-9 - The Normative 5
    3-5-(9) - The Competent 9

    This tritype is a dreamer of sorts, but also somewhat intellectual. They have many ideas of what they would like to happen in their life, and may construct plans to accomplish it, but an isolationist.

    (2)-5-9 - The Withdrawn 2
    2-(5)-9 - The Positive 5
    2-5-(9) - The Power-seeking 9

    This type often struggles with depression. The may feel as though their needs are right in front of them, but reaching it is not as satisfying as they would like. Their fixation drives them into more issues elsewhere, and they are hard to satisfy.

    4-5-9 - The Introvert

    A true introvert. The withdrawn likes to delve within them self in order to release their tensions and stress. The more problems that arise in their life the farther the find themselves from the external world.

    (3)-7-9 - The Positive 3
    3-(7)-9 - The Normative 7
    3-7-(9) - The Aggressive 9

    This type somewhat of a gung-ho optimist. They are great at getting along with people, and often a lot of fun to be around. Also a bit of dreamer.

    2-7-9 - The Positivist

    Characterized by unbridled optimism. They don't allow anything to get them down, and they love to enjoy themselves by surrounding themselves with great company and fun atmospheres. They may be a bit unrealistic however.

    (4)-7-9 - The Positive 4
    4-(7)-9 - The Withdrawn 7
    4-7-(9) - The idealistic 9

    A dreamer in every sense of the word. They love to go on flights of imagination, and dream up fantasy worlds. They may often find themselves disappointed in the real world however.

    (3)-6-1 - The Compliant 3
    3-(6)-1 - The Competent 6
    3-6-(1) - The Normative 1

    Very self critical. Strong ideas about how they should act and have man guidelines that they must follow and cannot deter from.

    2-6-1 - The Obedient

    This type ignores their own desires. They are very loyal and act as they feel they should and often for others. They want to serve and they tend to expect others to as well.

    (4)-6-1 - The Compliant 4
    4-(6)-1 - The Idealistic 6
    4-6-(1) - The Reactive 1

    This type is somewhat neurotic. Perfectionistic. May push themselves beyond their physical capability. At the same time they tend to believe themselves to be better than most.

    3-5-1 - The Objectivist

    They conduct themselves in highly competent and rational manner. They usually know exactly how to reach their goals and work very diligently to reach those goals.

    (2)-5-1 - The Competent 2
    2-(5)-1 - The Compliant 5
    2-5-(1) - The Power-Seeking 1

    Very controlling and demanding, but also very helpful advisers. They feel they understand much of the world and how it should be. They try to help people by providing them advice sometimes unwanted advice. They have high expectations of others, and may tend to push people to their limits.

    (4)-5-1 - The Competent 4
    4-(5)-1 - The Idealistic 5
    4-5-(1) - The Withdrawn 1

    Intellectual. May be involved in philosophy. They enjoy coming to understand themselves and their world.

    (3)-7-1 - The Idealistic 3
    3-(7)-1 - The Competent 7
    3-7-(1) - The Aggressive 1

    Pseudo-realist. They believe they know who they are and what the world is like. May suffer from delusions.

    (2)-7-1 - The Idealistic 2
    2-(7)-1 - The Compliant 7
    2-7-(1) - The Positive 1

    Very friendly and somewhat delusional type.

    4-7-1 - The Frustrated Idealist

    Characterized by I having strong ideals which can never quite be met. They want things to happen a certain way have high expectations, but they usually fall short.

    (3)-6-8 - The Reactive 3
    3-(6)-8 - The Aggressive 6
    3-6-(8) - The Normative 8

    Characterized by confrontation. Immovably disagreeable. They stay firm in their direction and beliefs and won't let anyone but themselves change that.

    (2)-6-8 - The Reactive 2
    2-(6)-8 - The Power-Seeking 6
    2-6-(8) - The Compliant 8

    This type is characterized by the issues they have with others. They tend to get easily frustrated with others. They want help others but they also want things to go their way. They have a 'let me help you' quality.

    4-6-8 - The Hot Head

    This type is characterize by their reactivity. The tend to initiate conflict and take offense easily. They me feel that everyone is out to get them.

    (3)-5-8 - The Power-Seeking 3
    3-(5)-8 - The Aggressive 5
    3-5-(8) - The Competent 8

    Extreme narcissism. They believe that they are better than everyone else, and that they can handle anything that comes at them. They feel as though they are capable of anything and have ambitious plans.

    2-5-8 - The Dominator

    These types, more than anything, need to have the upper hand on people. They may be manipulative and/or domineering. Very often, power hungry.

    (4)-5-8 - The Power-Seeking 4
    4-(5)-8 - The Reactive 5
    4-5-(8) - The Withdrawn 8

    Impenetrable inner world. They are complex individuals, but they are more characterized by the way they tend to push everyone away from them.

    3-7-8 - The Extrovert

    This type is very outward focused. They must keep themselves involved with the external world in order to be relieve of stress and tension. Being alone and inactive causes anxiety.

    (2)-7-8 - The Aggressive 2
    2-(7)-8 - The Power-Seeking 7
    2-7-(8) - The Positive 8

    Very hardy individual and other-focused. Fun, charming, and sexual.

    (4)-7-8 - The Aggressive 4
    4-(7)-8 - The Reactive 7
    4-7-(8) - The idealistic 8

    Somewhat manic. Dramatic and somewhat confrontational. Uncontrolled emotions.
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    heres some more by someone else (i think)

    anyway, basically the 125 for example is also the same as 215, 521. any combo of the three just like yours. they are very general but honestly it really nailed me, and the other bits the fauvres have posted on my tri have really resonated too


    The 125 is focused on helping others through their information, being a mentor and being of service. This is a scholar archetype. Caring but practical and knowledgeable. The life mission is to manifest ideals that help people in need and the blind spot is an over-focus on procedure or protocol that gets in the way of being of true service to others


    If you are a 126, you are discerning, caring and inquisitive. You want to be ethical, helpful and cooperative. Highly responsible, you are most comfortable when you do things by the book and know what to expect. Focused on the needs and concerns of others, you seek ways to be of service.

    Your life mission is to find structured ways to give, and be of assistance to others. A true helper, you are happiest when you are in a position to support others achieve their goals.

    You can be overly fixed in your opinion of what is right and be rigid in your expectations of yourself and others and thus come across as disapproving or militant.

    Katherine described it as a person needing to find structured ways to play and be of service. They like to teach and to support others. It's the classic elementary school teacher archetype that wants to find innovative but structured ways to make learning or improving enjoyable to people. The blindspot is they can become so attached to their way of doing "fun" and innovation that they can gloss over negative feelings that need to be addressed or become too rigid in their expectations thus making things not fun.


    If you are a 135, you are diligent, focused and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, efficient and wise. Highly rational, you seek systems and procedures. Detail oriented, you like mathematical concepts and finding ways to breakdown and understand complex material. You are very precise and good with your hands.

    Your life mission is to be focused and to use your powers of observation to achieve goals. A true technical expert, you feel happiest when you use your knowledge and precision skills to create, achieve and teach.

    You can be so focused on what you perceive is accurate, effective and logical that you can appear to be cold and distant. Your attention to detail is so critical in your life that the key is to recognize that it governs your decisions.


    The 361 is an incredibly discerning, focused and responsible type. She said they will be the most inclined to want to live up to a successful image by societal standards and to focus on duty in order to feel valuable. She called it the "true taskmaster" that is inclined to create structure and rules that others in society can follow and to implement them. She said the blindspot is that one can be so overly focused on the rules that they can loose touch with their own values and feelings in deference to what is acceptable or societally defined. This is the type at risk of becoming robotic (along with the 135). However the 351 is less relational than the 361.


    If you are a 137, you are diligent, ambitious and innovative. You want to be ethical, efficient and upbeat. You are self-motivated and want to achieve your goals in a positive and effective way. You want to do your best and want to enjoy doing it. You focus on success and seek ways to measure it.

    Your life mission is to figure out what needs to be done and find a pleasant way to do it. A true perfectionist, you are happiest when you enjoy life while successfully meeting your goals.

    You can be so focused on what others view as appropriate, positive and successful that you miss seeing what is necessary and truly important to you.


    If you are a 145, you are diligent, intuitive, and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, original and wise. Highly intellectual, you are focused on what you perceive is correct and above reproach. Research oriented, you seek and quote the opinions of experts to avoid being seen as ignorant.

    Your life mission is to study and learn as much as you can and then teach the wisdom of what you have learned to others. A true researcher, you are happiest using your investigative skills.

    You can be so identified with the information that you have gathered and the correct way of doing things that you feel exhausted and can appear to be a persnickety know it all.


    If you are a 146, you are diligent, intuitive, and inquisitive. You want to be ethical, original and certain. Morally focused, you have strong emotions and are inclined to voice your feelings and intuitions. You care deeply and want to help others improve the expectations they have of themselves.

    Your life mission is to find truth and help others understand what has intrinsic value. A true philosopher, you are happiest when you can use your intuition to help others find meaning.

    You can be so identified with what you perceive is the morally correct way of being that you can come across as overly prudish, rigid and inflexible.


    I experience myself as being intensely idealistic and perfectionistic. I also experience a lot of internal tension from having both 7 and 1 in my tritype. Sometimes I allow myself to be bold, playful and uninhibited, and other times I feel very serious, reserved and self conscious. I'm still pretty optimistic for a 4 and I think the future can and certainly should be better than it is and that there's a way to get there. I find myself to be frustrated with present circumstances though.

    Yeah, what you wrote above really echoes what Katherine has found with the 471. It is the most idealistic of all the tritypes having all 3 idealists. This is the type that is both diligent, creative and intuitive. She said the blindspot is that the identification with the high ideals can create a sense of being inflexible in standards and rigid. She also said this is the type most likely to alternate between being the life of the party and feeling inhibited and needing to be appropriate. The life mission is to bring visualize ways to create meaningful change and teach or inspire others toward higher values of excellence.

    The 7 is what allows you to be bold (and the 4) but that 1 in there creates a stronger superego that likely says "you must be good, ethical, right, and appropriate" so there will be a clamping down of the spontaneous energy. With a 3 wing and social subtype I would imagine this person would be very productive and inclined to stay busy in order to avoid to inevitable emotional flood of the 4. With a 5 wing there might be more of an interest in academic or intellectual pursuits.


    She says this tritype wants to really be of service by providing useful information to others and protecting others through their knowledge or expertise in a particular area. The energy seems quite split because of the introverted 5 interjecting with the extroverted 2 and 8 energy mingling. She said it can be a confusing type because there is a hot/cold quality to them that can be difficult for people to understand. One minute they are helpful and warm, the next cold and rejecting, and then another seemingly directive and blunt. On the high side they really know what is needed to protect and guide others. They can sometimes feel they don't have the internal resources to help others but want to have something to offer (which contributes to the hot/cold quality). I have an aunt who is this tritype (with 2 in charge) who really exacerbates the giving with strings attached things. I'd imagine if self pres were in charge it would really amplify the notion of feeling protective over resources creating tension against the need to be a resource to others.

    Here's what Katherine wrote about it:

    If you are a 258, you are caring, knowledgeable and protective. You want to be helpful, wise and straight- forward. You are an intellectual ambivert both extroverted and introverted. You are caring and can easily move towards others to help, or feel over extended and feel the need to be pull away.

    Your life mission is to help, inform and/or protect others. A true analyst, you are happiest when you are in a position of leadership and can use your natural instinct to understand strategic principles to guide others.

    You can be so identified with your opinions that you can be too forward or too distant from others, which can appear intense, unpredictable and intimidating.


    If you are a 259, you are caring, knowledgeable and accepting. You want to be helpful, wise and peaceful. You have a very shy, gentle and reserved nature that focuses on what is harmonious. You need companionship and avoid loneliness by focusing on the needs and concerns of others.

    Your life mission is to find the information needed to help others manage their difficulties. A true problem-solver, you are happiest when you are able to be in the role of a good Samaritan and help others.

    You can be so focused on the helpful information you have collected that you can be too passive and miss opportunities that would allow true presence.

    If you are 268, you are caring, supportive and protective. You want to be helpful, engaging, and straightfor- ward. By nature, you want to be in charge of your world and are attracted to the noble cause. You wish to shield others from harm and challenge what is unjust. You want to know the rules to feel safe to break them. Your fear is of feeling unappreciated, uncertain, blamed and/or underestimated.

    Your life mission is to track the needs of the vulnerable and take action on their behalf. A true rescuer, you are happiest when you can use your people skills and desire to protect others to help those that feel alone, desperate and are in crisis.

    Your blind spot is that you can be so identified with the pride of knowing how to help others that you may give unsolicited advice or meddle in the affairs of others. You over-give to others to be liked which prevents a deeper connection to your true self.

    This tritype is the gentle, supportive type. They are identified with getting along with others and not making waves. They are one of the most passive tritypes and avoid confrontation. They struggle with indecision. They are not identified with their aggression and are passive- aggressive.

    The 827 is extremely positive, upbeat and helpful. They take charge but do so with a light touch that is sensitive to the needs of others. They are often humanitarians that focus on manifesting their vision..... Excess meets gluttony and pride... When the core fears of these three types unite it can create a defense strategy that is quite compassionate but can also struggle with issues of arrogance and/or pride about what they do.


    As a nine, I hate conflict. It's unbearbale when someone gives me the silent treatment, is angry or withdraws. Especially if I had a loving friendship before and when it hugely matters to me. I really like to bring things in the open and get things resolved. Talk things through. See where it went wrong. I do this without criticism. Though when somebody has hurt me and things have bottled up for a long time I can be very critical, precise and to the point. That's before a conversation to get things resolved where I couldn't control my outburst. Because it unsettles me and makes me sad. Then I can move forward again. When I try to discuss the situation I keep it light. Do not want to feel pain. I want things to be on the same level and harmonious as before and we do not need to delve deep, no need to dwell on the negatives. And let's forget about it. I will acknowledge my errors and empathise, even when I sometimes know I do this more then I should. I think the above is my 7 tritype. I think 4 is not the other tritype as I do not feel envious. It's not a passion or drive so to speak. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

    Have you ever taken the enneacards test on It will help you identify your heart center, or at least give you somewhere to start.

    From what you've described above I would guess you had 2 in the heart center, with two positive outlook types (2 and 7) and the 9 there is a need to keep things positive, a driving need almost or else it is unbearable. The criticality and bottling up phenomena could be due to the 9 in charge, and the 1 wing, as well as the social subtype who all are prone to a sort of indignant, critical anger.

    Here's what Katherine wrote:

    If you are a 279, you are caring, innovative and accepting. You want to be helpful, upbeat and peaceful. You are very kind and tend to see the best in others, focusing on easy and comfortable ways of relating. You hate conflict and/or strife and use your sense of humor to smooth out difficulties.

    Your life mission is to create and promote smooth and harmonic ways to handle conflict. A true peacemaker, you are happiest when you can ease tension and help others get along with one another.

    You can be so identified with keeping life free of conflict and negativity that you may turn a blind eye to conflicts that need to be managed as opportunities for change.


    If you are a 358, you are ambitious, knowledgeable and protective. You want to be efficient, wise and straight-forward. Tough-minded, you are good at studying a problem and finding both original and practical solutions others miss. Highly tenacious, you work tirelessly until you find solutions and prevail against adversity.

    Your life mission is to use your cleverness and astute powers of observation to serve the greater good. A true problem solver, you are happiest when you can evaluate what is needed and take action to create change.

    You can be so focused on your goals and ideas that you become an opinionated, hardnosed thinker that are in denial of your feelings. You can feel so vulnerable that you refuse to let in the importance and wisdom of your painful emotions.

    didn't find it

    The 368 is very dynamic. This is the toughest fighter on the Enneagram. They focus on justice and are quick to react and seek the advantage in the service of justice. The 6 with this tritype identifies with type 8 and is counter-phobic.


    She said this is the type most likely to be able to be the chameleon and will be able to adjust themselves according to whomever they are around. Having the 3 relating types and the 3 primary types they can have the most difficulty pinpointing not only their tritype but their dominant strategy. She said they will almost always think they are 3s, because they will value success and will be inclined to adjust to fit a given situation. She said they need to stay engaged and have harmony to feel happy which is what causes the constant adjustment.

    They are most likely to fit into the cultural millieu of what is expected of them but that their life mission is to bring harmony and she calls this the true mediator archetype. She said they can be so focused on fitting in and belonging that they lose themeselves and forget to speak their personal truths for fear of not relating to others.


    If you are the 378, you are ambitious, innovative and protective. You want to be efficient, happy and straight-forward. You are a dynamic go-getter, focused on the prize. An expansive powerhouse, you see the big picture and a positive future with the will to make it happen. Seeking success, obstacles are seen as competitive challenges.

    Your life mission is to see what is possible and find innovative ways to achieve your goals. A true mover and shaker, you are happiest when you are in a position of power to manifest your vision and make things happen. You need to be doing to feel alive.

    You can be so expeditious, assertive and results oriented that you miss your impact on others and the deeper meaning and significance of why you are doing what you are doing.

    You all report the need to be upbeat, positive and easygoing...but you want to make a difference and be a part of something meaningful. You are all embracing and look for the good in people and the gold and the end of the rainbow. You are ...good at mediating problems but prefer to avoid negativity and negative situations.

    One Enneagram friend with the 379 Tritype said that she was a rainbow person. I liked this term as all of the 379s report that it feels uncomfortable to be negative. This Tritype that feels it is important to be upbeat. One 379 said down feelings and negativity feel like acid rain. Another said ...she is solar powered and needed the energy from the sun and positive encounters.

    Most say that they see the glass have full. In your search for happiness you can turn a blind eye to problems.


    she said this is the the most intense type, particularly if sexual. Intutiive, knowledgeable and direct. This is the type that really craves knowing what makes people tick and builds what she calls mental or internal maps that are quite astute as to what makes people do what they do. This tends to be the darkest of the tritypes because of the intensity of the 3 types (particularly if 4 or 5 is in charge). David said there is a propensity toward the grotesque, anatomical or intensely esoteric. This is the "true scholar" and the life mission is to disseminate what information is found. The blind spot is this has 3 types that can be prone to arrogance and the attachment to the internal map of what they've found can make them blind to new information as it comes in. So there will be a tendency to become fixed in their worldview or ideas particularly about people and not take in new information. So while the map is quite extraordinary that they've painted they may miss a whole region and thus not have the full picture. This is also the most cynical and the tendency to be so overly opinionated can make people turn off to their wisdom. She said when 8 is in charge there is a bit more compassion, and with an integrated 5 or 4 in charge you get a gifted spiritual teacher (Russ Hudson for example)

    the fauvres also describe the 548 as the "least political" even less so than the 478


    If you are 459 is described as being intuitive, knowledgeable, an accepting. You want to be original, wise and peaceful. Highly self aware and reflective, you are very shy, reserved and self conscious. You need regular quiet time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Easily flooded with emotion, it is difficult for you to voice your feelings and ideas to others.

    Your life mission is to delve deeply into the mysteries of life and share your insight with others. A true philosopher, you are happiest when you can write about your discoveries and discuss them with others. Making sense of your world is a never ending quest.

    You can be so focused on your inner world that you can become inhibited and appear to be indifferent to others. Insecure, you become moody and expect others to initiate and come toward you.


    If you are 468, you are intuitive, inquisitive and direct. You want to be original, certain and straight-forward. You are highly sensitive, track inconsistencies and are like the ‘canary in the coal mine’ calling off unspoken agendas, motives and emotions. You are also very intense and can at times be rebellious and emotionally reactive.

    Your life mission is to identify what is insincere and not what it appears to be, and alert others of potential hazards. A whistleblower, you are happiest when you are in a position to help others from being misled.

    You can be so focused on what can go wrong and on potential hazards that you miss how controlling you become and your impact on others and what is truly important and meaningful.


    If you are 469, you are intuitive, inquisitive and accepting. You want to be original, certain and peaceful. You are a very sensitive and can experience intense feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. As a result you need multiple sources of confirmation. You want to be individualistic but can fear being separate from others.

    Your life mission is to raise the questions pertaining to the mysteries of life and share your findings with others. A true seeker, you are happiest when you feel you can answer the question of who you are.

    You can be so focused on your feelings, insecurities and doubts that you can feel paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision and of being misled or duped.


    I need to create like I need to breathe. I suffocate without creativity, and likewise without freedom and independence.

    Additionally, the habit of distinguishing myself from others and rejecting anything normal or expected is so deeply ingrained that I was not even aware, until recently, how much it forms the fiber of my being. It comes naturally to the point of seamlessness.

    There is also a consistent habit of regeneration in my life. Compared with people I know, I tend to face more challenges (whether due to personality conflicts or circumstances, I don't know), but I always overcome them and transmute the pain within into new strength and passion without.

    A point of irony: my greatest talent is the one I'm most conflicted about sharing with others. When I create in that way, it's so intensely personal and meaningful to me, that the thought of facing rejection for it is painfully unnerving. When I do share it, the reception is always incredibly positive and people tend to be struck in ways that surprise me (one person actually told me that it literally took away the pain in his tooth), others have mentioned how it goes straight through you and grabs at your heart.

    Sexual 748 is a very flamboyant type (think figure skater Johnny Weir)...748/847/478 is the most in need of freedom. This is the messenger archetype that feels they have a message to impart and wants the freedom to explore themselves and their external worlds. WIth 7 in charge it's an extremely hard to pin down type, that typically has no problems expressing the flamboyancy this tritype can bring (with 4 in charge the self consciousness can take over, like with myself, and with 8 in charge you get more of a playful 7ish 8, like Pink or Katherine Fauvre). She also said it's the least political of the tritypes (except maybe the 548 tritype) because of the outspoken nature of the three types coming to together (which helps explain why the whole political nature of grad school completely evades me).

    Here's what she wrote about 478:

    If you are the 478, you are intuitive, innovative and straight-forward. You want to be original, inspirational and self-possessed. A cutting-edge tracker of both your internal and external worlds, you are an unconventional, passionate master of solutions. Outwardly, you are confident but inwardly you are emotionally vulnerable.

    Your life mission is to find truth and communicate your findings. A true messenger, you are happiest when you use your creativity to find compassionate ways to understand yourself and empower others.

    You can be so focused on your opinions, insights and what is new and profound that your freedom seeking nature can come across as arrogant, resistant, and/or uncooperative.

    This tritype is the most creative type on the enneagram regardless of which type is in charge. This creativity may or may not have artistic talent but always has a sense of aesthetics. All three crave authenticity, depth and individuality,

    The 487 craves attention, affirmation and mirroring more than autonomy and freedom. They need to be mirrored as not only unique but highly original. Their greatest demands are those they make of themselves.

    The 847 craves autonomy and must be the master and commander of their lives. The 847 does not seek mirroring unless very narcissistic. All narcissistic types demand an undo amount of mirroring to feel safe. The 487 uses the power of indifference when in defense.

    That blind spot was huge for me, having everyone in my life nod in agreement when it's read to them was a little hard, I really don't see myself as uncooperative but that's the nature of having a blind spot. My grandmother is a sp7w8 748 and we are very similar, she can seem so adamant about getting her way that it can look extremely childish if she really digs in. However, I try other tactics before getting to that but eventually the boundaries harden and flexibility I normally have completely disintegrates.


    This is the sort of sprite or fairy like tritype. There is a need to remain positive while still searching for meaning. The blindspot is that there is an attraction to magical thinking and missed opportunities to speak their truth so they find themselves glossing over negative feeling states in favor of something more comfortable or positive. When 4 is in charge there's a tendency to not see all the ways in which depression or sadness is evaded through this magical thinking process.

    the life mission is that this is the true healer archetype. They are often found doing bodywork or other healing practices as these are the 3 types that have a desire to transform. They like to inspire people toward happiness through expressing their creativity in a peaceful non-intrusive way.

    She said this is the most lyrical type, a sort of ethereal archetype (so is the 459 but it is a more withdrawn ethereal quality, almost wispy and ghost like) whereas the energy here is lighter and more impish or I think when it's a male energy you get a strong trickster archetype (like dfgray). Playful yet meaningful. Very idealistic (although not quite as idealistic as the 471) but still concerned with maintaining positivity and feelings of being up. I think Regina Spektor is an example of this archetype with 4 in charge.

    I'm actually put off by the idea of being in a "healing profession", though there's a strong likelihood that 7-4-9 is my tritype. I guess it's a reluctance to mix energies with society at large, or something of that nature. I wouldn't want to be in a profession where I constantly had to touch people. I'm not a cold person, I just wouldn't want a day filled with people-touching, if that makes sense.

    EDIT: Oh, also, I would have to say "reluctant to show anything negative" is not such a likely descriptor for me.

    Katherine said the 479 (749, 947) all took some kind of issue with the term "healer", even if they were in healing professions or were attracted to it. She was wondering what it was about that term that was off-putting, so what you've shared above is interesting (from a 7 perspective).

    She said this is the gentle soul tritype that has a healing presence on others whether or not they intend to so when she says healer this is what she means as opposed to being vocationally attracted to the healing arts (although this is very common with this tritype).

    I think for me when I was deciding between 479 and 478 I realized that my tendency to push, and shake up overrides my tendency to calm down. Although I can do both. I ultimately didn't end up going into counseling because I am a.) too impatient b.) too bossy and directive and c.) need to have more freedom to invite change than that discipline can allow.

    So while I consider myself attracted to healing, and am interested in healing arts (energy healing, reiki, etc). I want to manifest it through a more intense and provocative way. Something that shakes people up in order to invite growth and development.

    When 8 replaces the 9 you get more of a sense of groundedness or at least more practicality and realism that can seem a little harder edged and less lyrical.

    For me there's less of a tendency toward optimism for the sake of being positive or keeping it light, although I don't like for things to get too serious, but if things need to be serious than I'm willing to go there. It's more of an if it's ugly, let's look at it. I actually struggle with that within myself; needing to see it if it's ugly (4 and 5 wing) with a propensity toward evasiveness and denial (with the 7 and 8) it's a strange mixture. Katherine says with 9 it (whatever "it" may be) must be transmuted into something lyrical, beautiful or playful to be tolerable. - View topic - fauvre tritype archetypes descriptions

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    "The most loyal friend. This tritype would do anything for you, and is very conflict-avoidant. This is the type that wait on you hand and foot.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9"

    truuuue. but please, don't tell anyone!
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    Type 6w7

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie.Ether View Post
    "The most loyal friend. This tritype would do anything for you, and is very conflict-avoidant. This is the type that wait on you hand and foot.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9"

    truuuue. but please, don't tell anyone!
    Sorry Jamie, but... You were thinking of the 2-6-9.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9

    This tritype has many self-confidence problems. They may often feel as though they need help from others, but that they are unable to get it. They fight between needing others and striving for seclusion.
    It's okay, though, the 1-4-6 isn't that much better :P

    (And FWIW, I thought I was 469 for ages and being told I, basically, had inherent self-esteem issues wasn't all that fun. Now I get to be told I'm inflexible -_-)
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    What do the bolded and parenthesized ones mean?

    I found these from Personality Types: Enneagram Tritype Descriptions: Type One - Enneagram and Myers Briggs he also has a list for type 5:

    1-2-5 : these Ones are kind, helpful and altruistic, but also a bit more introverted and reserved. They usually give to others without asking very much in return, mainly because they dislike receiving something from other people. They can have a vague push-pull dynamic to them: they can be very generous and involved with people, but they will as well demand time alone to rebuild their energy and sort out their thoughts. They often have a wise appearance and enjoy learning and teaching things to others.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-5-2, 2-1-5
    flavours: dutiful, altruistic, considerate and wise

    1-2-6 : a devoted, friendly, affiliative and altruistic One, very dedicated and conscientious but also more controlling and possessive of others. Seek people’s company and want to help them but sometimes tend to become a little manipulative and demanding, expecting appreciation and loyalty in return for their efforts. They are affectionate, caring and reliable friends and partners, but at times they can struggle with anxiety and start worrying about things going wrong.
    usual subtypes: social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-6-2, 2-1-6, 6-1-2
    flavours: helpful, devoted, giving and demanding

    1-2-7 : this is usually a very friendly One: fairly generous, caring, optimistic and also a bit playful when having a good day. Prefers being around people and is afraid of being lonely and unloved. This tritype is more compassionate, tolerant and understanding and has a desire to help other people and make their lives happier, therefore they have many friends. They enjoy a good laugh and occasionally a bit of variety as well.
    usual subtypes: social, sexual, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-7-2, 2-1-7
    flavours: friendly, sociable, kind and approachable

    1-3-5 : a rather ambitious, elitist and goal-oriented One, very hard-working and somewhat intellectually arrogant. They rarely show their feelings and therefore they usually seem cold and very self-assured. These Ones are generally well-read, well-mannered and quite intellectually refined: they like to impress others with their intelligence, wisdom and irreproachable work.
    usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w9
    similar tritypes: 1-5-3, 3-1-5, 5-1-3
    flavours: competent, intellectual, ambitious and refined

    1-3-6 : this One is usually very hard-working and well-organized. Dutiful and diligent, they also keep an eye on their own interests and like to receive prizes and praise and boost their reputation among their peers. They prefer a leading role and can be excellent managers and leaders: they can get things done as they’re efficient, more pragmatic and also more cautious and calculated. They can sometimes suffer from a bit of paranoia, and worry about their status, finances or health.
    usual subtypes: social, 1w9
    similar tritypes: 3-1-6, 1-6-3
    flavours: hard-working, pragmatic, efficient and cautious

    1-3-7 : a more socially-adaptable, goal-oriented and competitive One, that usually has many friends and connections. Usually extroverted, assertive people, they make natural leaders although they can be a little too narcissistic and self-important. They’re good motivators and can come up with visionary ideas which they have the required determination and self-discipline to put in practice. They normally have a handy social network and can be quite entertaining and charismatic when needed.
    usual subtypes: social, 1w2, 1w9
    similar tritypes: 3-1-7, 1-7-3
    flavours: assertive, ambitious, attractive and ingenious

    1-4-5 : a rather introverted and withdrawn One, more creative, original and abstract than most. Prefers the realm of imagination and has very high ideals and standards, especially in what concerns romantic relationships. They’re harder to get to know because they can be very reserved, moody and somewhat picky. They have artistic inclinations and can be quite whimsical and creative. Tend to feel overwhelmed by the real world and hide in their own perfect worlds of fantasy. Prone to bouts of existential depression.
    usual subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 1w9
    similar tritypes: 1-5-4, 4-1-5
    flavours: solitary, melancholic, critical and whimsical

    1-4-6 : these Ones are quite imaginative, creative and a bit melancholic. They are extreme perfectionists and can easily feel discouraged and let down by the imperfect world around. They don’t easily trust others and tend to avoid society, but at the same time they crave being loved and belonging. They also have a bit of a temper so their anger can show especially when feeling misunderstood. They tend to support the underdog and they can have a passionate, belligerent streak to them.
    usual subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-6-4, 4-1-6
    flavours: imaginative, passionate, suspicious and sensitive

    1-4-7 : perfectionistic, whimsical and rather picky, these Ones tend to be quite expressive and passionate. They want things to be a certain way and tend to reject whatever doesn’t precisely fit their desires. However when they appreciate something (an idea, a person, an activity), this tritype can over-indulge in it in an excessive, obsessional manner. They’re not as self-disciplined as other Ones and they’re prone to giving in to their fantasies and desires more, believing they are somewhat special and deserve special treatment.
    usual subtypes: sexual, self-preserving, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-7-4, 4-1-7
    flavours: fastidious, expressive, impatient and original

    1-5-2 : this is an introverted, intellectual and rather altruistic One, who desires to invest their efforts in building a better world for all. Although they’re reserved and somewhat hard to get to know, they prefer to work for selfless, humanitarian purposes and they are excellent teachers with lots of patience, knowledge and a wise kindness to them. The world of academia fits them well as they are erudite, idealistic and they like people.
    usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w9, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 5-1-2, 1-2-5
    flavours: wise, knowledgeable, scholarly and kind

    1-5-3 : usually introverted and elitist, prefer the scientific approach in nearly everything they do. These Ones appear colder and very self-certain but can be rather sensitive and fearful on the inside. Are afraid of failure and not meeting the expectations of others, mainly because they think they do not have enough resources for all their projects. They are hard-working, thorough and very meticulous and their work is usually impeccable. These Ones are particularly intellectual, knowledgeable and objective.
    usual subtypes: self-preserving, social 1w9
    similar tritypes: 1-3-5, 5-1-3, 3-1-5
    flavours: cerebral, scientific, meticulous and objective

    1-5-4 : a reserved, cerebral and fairly intuitive One, who has a preference for the realm of the thought and the abstract. They can be very theoretical and philosophical and like to be alone and ponder things for a long time. They have a developed imagination and a deep insight into the nature of things and people. Mainly isolationists, they have a tendency towards spareness and austerity and are generally economical and even avaritious. At times experience gloomy moods which they strangely enjoy.
    usual subtypes: self-preserving, 1w9
    similar tritypes: 1-4-5, 5-1-4
    flavours: theoretical, philosophical, hoarding and insightful

    1-6-2 : responsible, dutiful and devoted friends, these Ones are more affiliative and empathetic than others. Friendship and mutually-supportive relationships are important to them and so are trust, loyalty and integrity. They can be more rigid and rule-bound because of their insecurities: they are slow to change their old beliefs even when they’re proven wrong, and they’re usually steadfast and honest people. They’re somewhat suspicious and skeptical, but once they trust someone they are capable of great generosity.
    usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-2-6, 6-1-2, 2-1-6
    flavours: responsible, loyal, honest and traditionalist

    1-6-3 : conscientious, responsible, cautious and efficient, these Ones are very practical and productive. They’re down-to-earth, realistic and typically good managers of people and resources. They’re also quite good at predicting and avoiding possible pit-falls and are talented trouble-shooters: they’re preventive and like to play it safe. Want their hard-work and thoroughness praised and (financially) rewarded, and sometimes they might act arrogantly and engage in self-praising when they feel unappreciated.
    usual subtypes: social, self-preserving, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-3-6, 6-1-3
    flavours: efficient, practical, cautious and hard-working

    1-6-4 : very dutiful and faithful but also prone to angry reactions and, rarely, depression bouts in isolation. This is a more anxious One that finds it harder to hide his anger and his concern with the loyalty and reliability of those around. Can experience strong like/dislike feelings about people and situations and is more suspicious and prejudiced towards newcomers and different groups. They are typically traditionalists, but will at times go against tradition in a rather rebellious way, especially when insecure.
    typical subtypes: sexual, social 1w2
    similar tritypes: 6-1-4, 1-4-6
    flavours: faithful, anxious, discriminating and sometimes defiant

    1-7-2 : this is usually a healthier One: generous, open, friendly, and willing to kick back and have fun more often. Avoid loneliness and try to keep a busy schedule, with lots of projects and things to do – they usually also bring most of them to completion. This tritype is more tolerant and accepting of change and differences: they enjoy trying something new every once in a while. They are more flexible and outgoing, more playful and optimistic than other Ones.
    typical subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-2-7, 2-1-7
    flavours: friendly, generous, optimistic and humorous

    1-7-3 : these Ones are quite charming and socially adept. They are more flexible and open-minded and seek having a good time and knowing the right people. They are more selfish and less rule-bound: they have a tendency to only consider the rules that suit their goals and interests. This tritype can become a bit boastful and arrogant at times. They like having a larger group of friends that cherish them and follow their ideals.
    typical subtypes: social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-3-7, 3-1-7
    flavours: sociable, resourceful, engaging and self-confident

    1-7-4 : more eccentric, versatile and unconventional. This tritype characterizes some of the more energetic and self-indulgent of Ones. They are somewhat more enthusiastic and dramatic, and have some difficulty finding and keeping a balance: they’re occasionally rather scattered. They can become obsessional and manic about certain ideas and things, while being surprisingly careless in other areas. When stressed out, they can get quite moody.
    typical subtypes: sexual, social, 1w2
    similar tritypes: 1-4-7, 7-1-4
    flavours: expressive, eccentric, energetic and selfish
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    Type 6w7

    <.< withdrawn 6 it seems to be.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9

    This tritype has many self-confidence problems. They may often feel as though they need help from others, but that they are unable to get it. They fight between needing others and striving for seclusion.
    :\ this description is freakishly accurate:


    If you are 469, you are intuitive, inquisitive and accepting. You want to be original, certain and peaceful. You are a very sensitive and can experience intense feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. As a result you need multiple sources of confirmation. You want to be individualistic but can fear being separate from others.

    Your life mission is to raise the questions pertaining to the mysteries of life and share your findings with others. A true seeker, you are happiest when you feel you can answer the question of who you are.

    You can be so focused on your feelings, insecurities and doubts that you can feel paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision and of being misled or duped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funcoolname View Post
    What do the bolded and parenthesized ones mean?
    It just means whichever one is the main/root type, and the non-bolded ones are the other two in the tritype.
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    (3)-5-8 - The Power-Seeking 3
    3-(5)-8 - The Aggressive 5
    3-5-(8) - The Competent 8

    Extreme narcissism. They believe that they are better than everyone else, and that they can handle anything that comes at them. They feel as though they are capable of anything and have ambitious plans.
    Someone just penetrated my brain.....kudos for this, my friend

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    Type 9w1

    Here is a list of archetypes and other info: Tritype - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The 27 Tritypes
    PHP Code:
    Tritype    Archetype
    251512    The Mentor
    261612    The Supporter
    271712    The Teacher
    351513    The Technical Expert
    361613    The Taskmaster
    371713    The Systems Builder
    451514    The Researcher
    416614    The Philosopher
    417714    The Visionary
    582825    The Strategist
    592925    The Problem Solver
    682826    The Rescuer
    692926    The Good Samaritan
    782827    The Free Spirit
    792927    The Peacemaker
    583835    The Solution Master
    593935    The Thinker
    683836    The Justice Fighter
    639936    The Mediator
    738837    The Mover and Shaker
    739937    The Ambassador
    548845    The Scholar
    549945    The Contemplative
    648846    The Truth Teller
    649946    The Seeker
    748847    The Messenger
    749947    The Gentle Spirit 
    Here 3-6-9 is called "The mediator" instead of the citizen. I can relate to mediator a lot. Gonna have to look into 3w2 some more. Getting closer!
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    Type 5

    I've yet to see descriptions of all 162 individual tritypes. Does such a listing exist anywhere?

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