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The 27 Tritype/Archetype Descriptions

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This is a discussion on The 27 Tritype/Archetype Descriptions within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Drift Hello everyone Newbie needs help: I think I may be a Type 4 My highest score ...

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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by Drift View Post
    Hello everyone

    Newbie needs help: I think I may be a Type 4
    My highest score juggles between 4 and 5
    Closely, as in only 2 scores of a difference from the highest, followed by 6 and 9. I read that there are only meant to be 3 definite types so how do I find out my tri-type?
    I would really recommend determining your core type first, before you determine your tritype. The two other types in the tritype are meant to feed your core type. I would say read up on type 4 and 5, and not just the descriptions. There's a wealth of information in this forum, spread all around. Read about the triads, the fears, the core motivations, etc. You can always find something to relate to in each type. But when I found my type, it was like a punch in the gut. I don't know if other people experienced something similar. Anyway, the tests are no good, except for pointing you in a general direction. You have to do some research, and now you have a few types to look into and see how you click.

    As for finding out your tritype, you have one type from each triad or center: the Gut center (8, 9, 1), the Image center (2, 3, 4), and the Head center (5, 6, 7). And the type you choose tells you how you deal with the core issue of each center. For example, I'm 9-3-5. When I exhaust the strategies of 9, my wing, and my lines of integration, I'll move to 5 or 3; I become a very aloof 9, influenced by the 5; I become very focused on getting the "job" done, so to speak, an all-business, no-nonsense 9...this latter mode of mine made me think for a while that I was 358, and I relate to that archetype a lot. But I didn't know my core type yet. The process of finding your tritype could help you if you're still stumped on your core type, but hopefully that's not the case for you, as it was for me. As a 9, I related to almost everything except 9, go figure.
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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by PixieSaysHi View Post
    wow, hatter, this must have taken you awhile. thanks for all the info!
    You're welcome! :) I just did it while watching TV anyway. Yay for multi-tasking!

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    946: Intuitive and inquisitive 9. Most inclined to hesitate and feel doubt and uncertainty. Most gentle, passive 9. High anxiety.
    I think this is my type. Yay.
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    Type 9w8

    Here I got all excited and the most I get for a 9-5-3 tritype is two lines of text, or did I miss something? Or is it that the tritype is rare perhaps? Oh well, it's not like a description is the most important thing to discovering myself anyway.

    Great job compiling all of this information by the way, I can imagine it took quite some time.

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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by OwLY View Post
    Here I got all excited and the most I get for a 9-5-3 tritype is two lines of text, or did I miss something? Or is it that the tritype is rare perhaps? Oh well, it's not like a description is the most important thing to discovering myself anyway.

    Great job compiling all of this information by the way, I can imagine it took quite some time.

    As for the rarity of 953, I wouldn't say it's a rare type. I would say that it's not a popular type. From my observations, in the personality/enneagram internet community in general, everyone wants to be a 4 or a 8, probably because of some romanticizing delusions about what those types are really like, and no one really wants to be a primary type (3-6-9), because let's face it, they suck lol. In fact, all the Enneagram types suck, because they get at our root fears and expose what we want to keep hidden from ourselves. I know I certainly did not want to be a 9, because it sucked; it hit too close to home. The primary types are more blatant about this, while the romantic image of 4 or the powerful stereotype of 8 appeals to people, because IMO that's how people want to be viewed by others or by themselves. Therefore, those are the tritypes that are discussed the most.

    When it comes to the individual ordering of the tritypes, it was really hit or miss on the amount that I found. I wish I could have found more, especially since 953 is my tritype as well. But keep in mind that most of the time when it says "359", it's referring to the overall archetype, which is the umbrella term for all the various orderings (359, 395, 593, 539, 935, 953). So while it may not be the ordering that you identify with (or what others may identify with for their individual tritypes), my hope was that you would find something to relate to in the archetype, because we are sorely lacking in the tritype description department.

    While I can't focus on it right now because of school work, I'm going to go back and see if I can dig up anymore information, or perhaps write some of my own. Perhaps, PerC members can get a collaboration going. That's another hope that I had in posting this thread.
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    This is very interesting. I've officially found my tritype.

    The 845 is the somewhat introverted, intelligent, headstrong, detached, hyper introspective problem solver with strategic thinking and emotional astuteness.

    I originally thought myself to be 8-4-6, but I didn't relate much to the descriptions I had seen, so I looked at other possibilities.

    Almost everything this says about the 458 is me, and I am an sx variant as well.

    Though I'm sure that if I looked at any tritype, I could see something in it resembling me, the 458 is very accurate.

    Thank you for posting this.
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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    145 The Researcher Archetype
    Found some more! @PixieSaysHi

    The foremost 145 in my experience is an old friend, a 4w5-5w6-1w9 SO/SP INFP. He has the guiltiest conscience of anyone I've known. He doesn't chide himself for doing evil so much as his superego haunts him like something morbid and ghastly, like an Edgar Allen Poe narrative, for behaving inconsistently with his values. Even minor and practically inconsequential transgressions of this kind are amplified in his imagination. He has it bad. When he was 13, he was described as "13, going on 21," so serious and conscientious at such a young age. Outwardly, he's glum, droll, biting.

    I'm an sp/so 4w5, and had strong moments of "reckless/dauntless" stuff, that sometimes sound like 8. The "flaming" of a 4 can sometimes look like 8. Also so4 individualist "honour" is close to 8.
    Finally my gut fixation in tritype is 1, and it took me a lot of time to see it. To see it, I need to be quite balanced (not melancholic), and it showed through the following :
    - perfectionist : especially in trying many solutions to find the best one : leave no stone unturned. It sometimes turns a little obsessive and counter-productive.
    - having a quite "discrete" attitude of controlling people to a proper behaviour, and a desire to educate them (though my 4 and 5 both don't this idea very much)
    - a strong desire of precision and accuracy in the things that I write, checking my words several times
    - a message coming from the gut saying "I'm a good person"
    - strong "good boy/good student" tendency
    - elitist in art (4+5+1), rather idealist
    - I like rules (making them, improving them, trying to convince people to agree with them and comply to them). In the things that matter to me, otherwise I can be very much of rebel actually...
    In more unhealthy times, this is more a global fuzzy resentment against the world and people for not being more perfect.

    I used get completely out of control with anger very frequently, but as soon as I calmed down I'd get frustrated with how irrationally and counter-productively I'd been behaving,
    That is such a classic One response to their outbursts. Almost immediate frustration (self-beating up, large or small). And the particular words chosen to explain why she was frustrated with herself: irrational and counter-productive.
    But now that I'm thinking about it, the One frustration about the outbursts at average levels also come with a strong sense of guilt (when they see how other people respond to them). And this definitely holds for the 5-4-1.
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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    135 The Technical Expert Archetype
    Another update:

    1-5-3 is triple competence. They are going to be good boys and girls and want to do things right. They will tend to be intelligent, do well at school, probably be a professional, often tend towards the scientific.

    Descriptions I've read of this tritype have over-emphasised its coldness, imo. But they are stubborn and tend to think they're always in the right.

    When I think of 153, the first person I'd think of is Mr Spock, along with the Vulcans, who are sometimes seen as 5's.

    As far as I can see, both the strength and weakness of 153 thinking is that's it's often based on scientific rationale. You've mentioned some of the advantages. However, Kirk and other leaders show that the likelihood of success with any plan is based on factors other than just facts, figures and logic that the Vulcans value. Another issue with 1's is that they're inclined to think that if the benefits of a particular course of action are obvious, then there's no need to motivate people towards a given objective.

    The Fauvres call this the most rational type on the E. Laser-focus, often very skilled with their hands. Can make very good surgeons. Rarely get rattled.
    The challenge for this type would be getting in touch with their feelings and those of others and seeing the benefit of sometimes putting feelings first.
    thomg - you said you think the "coldness" is overemphasized. This could be true. I'm wondering if all triple types make greater use of their wings and lines than other types just to avoid this one-dimensionality.

    Their focus on detail can get in the way. My brother can be so focused on precision that practicality and expediency goes out the window. He can completely miss the bigger picture because he's so focused on smaller stuff being correct. Haha, to a really ridiculous extent. He can start out with an objective in mind and then get sidetracked by detail until he's sitting there taking 5 minutes to straighten a stack of papers. So, ironically, because he's so focused on competency he can end up being very incompetent.

    And yes I want to do what is right and I often use a very scientific way to get it right. For example when I decided to get an aquarium I first read everything about aquariums, how to set them up, which fishes to put together and so on and so on. I became quite obsessed until I was confident that I would be able to install my new aquarium the right way.
    When it comes to school and work I am very organized and confident, I know that everything I do is done well and somehow I just feel it in my guts that I do better than most of the other people. When it comes to my private life I am not as sure of myself, I am very introverted and keep my feelings to myself. (wow this probably makes me sound like a horrible arrogant [blocked due to guideline #4 violation] but I assure you I am not... at least most of the time but when I need to be a [blocked due to guideline #4 violation] to get things done the right way then....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    378 378,837,738 If you are the 378, you are ambitious, innovative and protective. You want to be efficient, happy and straight-forward. You are a dynamic go-getter, focused on the prize. An expansive powerhouse, you see the big picture and a positive future with the will to make it happen. Seeking success, obstacles are seen as competitive challenges. Your life mission is to see what is possible and find innovative ways to achieve your goals. A true mover and shaker, you are happiest when you are in a position of power to manifest your vision and make things happen. You need to be doing to feel alive. You can be so expeditious, assertive and results oriented that you miss your impact on others and the deeper meaning and significance of why you are doing what you are doing.
    This is very much me.

    Thanks for the wonderful, insightful post! I appreciate it!
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    Type 5w6

    Quote Originally Posted by JuliaRhys View Post
    This is very much me.

    Thanks for the wonderful, insightful post! I appreciate it!
    You're very welcome! It is the Fauvres' description. I just wish it were longer.
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