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This is a discussion on The 27 Tritype/Archetype Descriptions within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Monadnock The 458 Scholar is me, it is certainly me. "Studying what makes people tick", "wanting to ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monadnock View Post
    The 458 Scholar is me, it is certainly me. "Studying what makes people tick", "wanting to discover what is innately human and share it with others". wanting to collect and build "maps of reality" to explain things.
    Heh, 548, and I'd regard it more as a Lovecraftian masochism and a related impulse to curse others with the madness knowledge. Lovecraftian sadomasochism.

    "The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination."
    "The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."
    along with
    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."
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    Type 7w6

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    479 Gentle Spirit Archetype


    This is the sort of sprite or fairy like tritype. There is a need to remain positive while still searching for meaning. The blindspot is that there is an attraction to magical thinking and missed opportunities to speak their truth so they find themselves glossing over negative feeling states in favor of something more comfortable or positive. When 4 is in charge there's a tendency to not see all the ways in which depression or sadness is evaded through this magical thinking process.

    the life mission is that this is the true healer archetype. They are often found doing bodywork or other healing practices as these are the 3 types that have a desire to transform. They like to inspire people toward happiness through expressing their creativity in a peaceful non-intrusive way.

    She said this is the most lyrical type, a sort of ethereal archetype (so is the 459 but it is a more withdrawn ethereal quality, almost wispy and ghost like) whereas the energy here is lighter and more impish or I think when it's a male energy you get a strong trickster archetype (like dfgray). Playful yet meaningful. Very idealistic (although not quite as idealistic as the 471) but still concerned with maintaining positivity and feelings of being up. I think Regina Spektor is an example of this archetype with 4 in charge.

    I'm actually put off by the idea of being in a "healing profession", though there's a strong likelihood that 7-4-9 is my tritype. I guess it's a reluctance to mix energies with society at large, or something of that nature. I wouldn't want to be in a profession where I constantly had to touch people. I'm not a cold person, I just wouldn't want a day filled with people-touching, if that makes sense.
    EDIT: Oh, also, I would have to say "reluctant to show anything negative" is not such a likely descriptor for me.
    Katherine said the 479 (749, 947) all took some kind of issue with the term "healer", even if they were in healing professions or were attracted to it. She was wondering what it was about that term that was off-putting, so what you've shared above is interesting (from a 7 perspective).
    She said this is the gentle soul tritype that has a healing presence on others whether or not they intend to so when she says healer this is what she means as opposed to being vocationally attracted to the healing arts (although this is very common with this tritype).

    I think for me when I was deciding between 479 and 478 I realized that my tendency to push, and shake up overrides my tendency to calm down. Although I can do both. I ultimately didn't end up going into counseling because I am a.) too impatient b.) too bossy and directive and c.) need to have more freedom to invite change than that discipline can allow.

    So while I consider myself attracted to healing, and am interested in healing arts (energy healing, reiki, etc). I want to manifest it through a more intense and provocative way. Something that shakes people up in order to invite growth and development.

    When 8 replaces the 9 you get more of a sense of groundedness or at least more practicality and realism that can seem a little harder edged and less lyrical.

    For me there's less of a tendency toward optimism for the sake of being positive or keeping it light, although I don't like for things to get too serious, but if things need to be serious than I'm willing to go there. It's more of an if it's ugly, let's look at it. I actually struggle with that within myself; needing to see it if it's ugly (4 and 5 wing) with a propensity toward evasiveness and denial (with the 7 and 8) it's a strange mixture. Katherine says with 9 it (whatever "it" may be) must be transmuted into something lyrical, beautiful or playful to be tolerable.

    you are very identified with the defense of optimism and tend to hid your more painful feelings and pessimism for fear of being rejected. you see the wonder in beauty and are gentle, lyrical, and idealistic in the way you relate to others. you are attracted to the healing profession or arts.
    your life mission is to identify what is truly meaningful in life and help people transform negative feeling into positive change. a true gentle spirit, you feel happiest when you have creative expression to reconnect with your innermost self and facilitate change.
    your blind spot is that you can be so focused on ideal circumstances that you become trapped in magical thinking and fail to speak your higher truth and act in accordance with your true feelings.
    your growing edge is to speak your truth even if it will create conflict with others. going along to get along or to keep things light and upbeat denies the truth of the moment and can cause you to become distant from yourself. higher love has a voice and true joy is not dependent on the image of being happy.

    This tritype [927] is the most identified with seeing themselves as peaceful. More than any other tritype, they need peace and positive relating to experience a sense of being... so are extremely uncomfortable with negativity in relationships. The 479 doesn't like it but expects it.

    4 and 7 together combine to create a sense of the creative, intuitive, magical and imaginative. The gut type determines the flavor. 479s are elegant, wispy and ethereal. When 4 is dominant the 4 is reluctant to show their edgy, more negative emotions. The emphasis is on having an image that is deep but not seen as difficult. Suffering is more private.

    The 749 is the 7 that is the most elusive, liquid and fluid. They are positive in a gentle way with a touch of sadness. They are identified with being deep but still future oriented and forward moving whereas the 479 is identified with past and what is missing and believed to be of importance.

    The 947 usually thinks that they are the 4 as they see life as bittersweet and feel deeply but they are not as intense as the 4 or as hungry for diversity and experience as the 7. The 947 and 974 seek harmonic resonance more than the the 479 or 794. They want depth and beauty but seek peace and tranquility more. They pine in a quiet gentle manner. They lack voltage...and struggle with naming their preferences in the face of adversity. Think of Dr Zhivago as an archetype of the 947. The 479, 749 and 947 are all very gentle and nostalgic.

    If you have the sexual instinct as dominant you could easily identify with 974. The 972 is less ethereal and more focused on being positive. The 974 knows that they feel unhappy, they are more inclined to hide so that....

    I wonder why this post has so much negative... not all of us are afraid of "showing" bad emotions because we are "afraid" of being rejected, so many of these posts speak of the un-grown, un-world-seen, adolescent or even hurt and upset states of people, that others who are just sensitive and reading in an attempt to reconnect with themselves after a painful experience, or a loss of identity tend to feel a pang of pain when these things are "stated" so nonchalantly

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    report that they feat that if they show negative emotions they might be rejected
    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    If a flaw is pointed out if feels disheartening. With negative feedback, the 479 will have trouble holding on to their sense of self... Self esteem suffers as the 479's sens of self is too fluid and takes the shape of the last mirror.
    it's almost like we aren't people, but test subjects that resulted in these "observations" which "describe" this type. This is so un-human, and honestly depressing for any of the type to read, without having to "accept their flaws" which many probably already have, have worked on them, and are experiencing a range of emotions ranging from "WTF this shiz is messed up" to "meh", but human touch is important when speaking to humans, or you might as well speak to a wall, this is all the more important because this is an Internet forum, available to everyone online, and typing "479 tritype" brings this up in the topmost search result.

    Not everyone especially those who're a 479 are looking their type online to discover "scientific research" on themselves, some of them are just looking to "mirror" so they can get back to themselves after a traumatic event, they could be spared the trauma of having to read through their flaws, again.

    I'm sure this applies to other types as well. Not discrediting the author, I'm sure he/she spent several hours/minutes/days working on the post, and only meant to share the truth as is, with its "flaws" and all, I just think it is more important to be considerate.

    For example, a 369 or a 379 reading about a 479 might not react the same way as the 479 would, reading about themselves, presented in a "scientific" "this is it" manner, nor would they, 479, feel the same way reading about another, as much as the post is educational, it also needs to be considerate, and not "all inclusive" simply because not everyone are at the

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    The 479 report that
    state, and this is important for the sake of 479s and others like me who come here and get upset by the non human descriptions of their type, especially when this is the top of the list and possibly the only resource available online on these subjects, I'm not saying we should take responsibility for everyone, though that is exactly what I'm saying we should, I'm just saying that if one person cannot do it, someone else must step in, for the sake of those affected. I'm not making this personal, though I said so, I'm simply saying that there is a possibility, like it just happened, that this could be the only resource available to someone, to make sense of their circumstances, and find themselves.

    Wow, this quickly got personal, and I'm not "evading" because I fear being rejected, but because it simply isn't the point, what good is there in going "ME" when there are "OTHERS", though this "IS" "ME", I am so, "OTHERS", but "I" am NOT JUST "ME" nor is "EVERYONE" "ME", but "I" am, so "OTHERS", and the anxiety exists for these reasons, because everyone and everything is through "ME", hence the mirroring. But "I" am NOT "EVERYTHING".

    I mean, I am, so others, but I am not "anxious" to speak about things that are "negative" because I fear rejection, it's because I see no point, when life simply cannot exist without light, then why speak about darkness, because you are alive, and light is what you need, without light, you are no life, and you will have no problems, but the problem in itself, is that you lack light, or you possess too much of it, but know that if you chose the path of darkness, damn, I went "I should so write a book" and lost the flow, but I think you see the picture-ish, that path just makes no sense, because it is essentially against life, how are you alive, if you "choose" darkness? And if you are alive, then how are you dark? You simply have chosen to move away from light, but you are essentially still filled with life.

    In Vedic Astrology, there is this thing (nakshatras) where they classify you in 3 categories "God", "Human", "Devil", I think "Demon" is more appropriate because "Devil" is like "The One", the absolute, the king, point is, they classify people into three types (and it FORKING works) where "God"s are those with an excess of light, they live in the light, they "give" light, and they just always live and love excess "light", you know, the good life, but generous and benevolent, like if that dude in Star Wars, the kind and generous rich guy, only remember a face, but nothing else, if he, and some robes I think desert ones, or I'm making this up (lol) , but I think he had a beard, mustache plus goatee, trimmed, darker skinned, just became a king, that would perfectly describe the "God" type of people, full of light, and much to give, though not all necessarily preposterously (I think) benevolently excessive,

    "Humans" are kinda in the middle, they have a balance of both, and they are as full of life as they are empty, half full/empty people, they give and they take, they love excess when it happens and they love silence and demon traits which I will explain in the demon section, basically they take, as much as they give, though they don't make a fuss about it, unless you don't give, and then they go Vader on yo ass, and psych (force I mean) choke the stuff out a ya, while the "God"s would just be meh whatev, take some more yaay, yo, peace, excess, love, yahl, Yanni (I think xD)

    "Demons" on the other hand are the ones that are full of darkness, or lack light, they prefer to conquer, achieve, take, to work with the dark arts, Snape maybe? But they are not "dark" or "darkness", they just lack enough light to "give", life to them, involves "sanctity" or "taking", it's either or, they will either Vader the crap outta you, or just Snape, Lily probably was a "light" ("God"), or a "human", and Snape loved her light, but George (right? Daddy?) stepped in and stole her light, and he became the defense against the dark arts (potions) master,

    Look it up, it's pretty interesting try the calculator here,

    Vedic Astrology Chart Calculator

    scroll down and find your "Gana" from the "Planetary Details" under "Moon"('s) "Nakshatra"

    and find your "type" ("Gana") as per this numbering (image)

    Deva = God
    Manushya = Human
    Rakshasa = Demon


    Like wow, I SO not started this post expecting (to end) (at) this.

    Also, I think Luke's a "Manushya" ("Human"), what do you think?

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    Type 9w8

    I love how most descriptions have the same adjectives and sometimes very lookalike descriptions


    blabla blabla all these words don't mean jackshit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkguy View Post
    I love how most descriptions have the same adjectives and sometimes very lookalike descriptions


    blabla blabla all these words don't mean jackshit
    I know, it's tough. But it's human nature. As organic as the E itself and its fixations/avoids. The problem is that many of these adjectives, "descriptions", etc, in as much providing the generalized info needed to help steer or introduce people at basic behavior levels, become a sticky wicket that many (enthusiasts, pundits, even authors) can't release themselves from. The buzzwords that were useful in the discovery phase remain in the lexicon as identifiers during what would ideally become the awareness/process/work phase. The E is only is useful as the persons/ppl using it.

    Edit: people doing E literature have a vested interest in making the system accessible. It can't just be the E of negatives, that turns people off. I mean, who would identify with that? Again, sticky wicket.
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    Type 6w7

    I wish there were more texts on the topic of tritypes, either by the Fauvres, or by someone else. Most of it is just copy paste across the platform, because there doesn't seem to be more written.

    I would read up on the Justice Fighter, esp in the order 863.

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    well if the 451 description isn't me
    i thought for a while i was 6 because many things about 6s made sense to me but those almost same things can be linked to 4s as well so i'm not sure. but the 451 description(s) really hit close home and felt accurate.

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    Type 4w5

    Hi, does anyone know more core differences between 461 and 469?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TABASCO View Post
    Hi, does anyone know more core differences between 461 and 469?
    Hmmm...I don't have the best understanding but I will give it a crack. I am a 461 tritype so I will draw from my own experiences.
    461 (The Philosopher) is triple critical. The addition of 1 makes it more concerned with living up to certain standards imposed on the self, especially to avoid viewing oneself as been corrupt or bad in anyway. I am incredibly critical as a 1-fixer even though it is my last, I feel like I have to do everything the 'right way' and if I don't then I am 'bad'. At times I feel like I have a bit of Hermione Granger in me wanting to improve the world around me (at least having the desire to do so) and get a bit of impatient when others do not see this same need as I do. Sometimes I intrude upon people's boundaries because I have such a strong desire to help them when in fact I am actually projecting what I want people to do to me onto them.

    An example of a 416 is Holden Caulfield from 'The Catcher in the Rye'. He constantly withdraws from people, feeling he can never belong with the superficiality of 'phonies'(4) whilst being somewhat contradictory between wanting support and reassurance from other people vs completely doubting/rejectubg any support systems, wanting to feel absolutely safe and secure in having the 'perfect support system' that won't let him down (6) and at the same time exposing strong expectations upon himself in wanting to make the world a better place to the point of being self-righteous, judging people for being bad and not conforming to his own standards of goodness (1).

    469 (The Seeker) is perhaps triple self-doubting. The addition of 9 makes a stronger focus on maintaining peaceful image and wanting to withdraw from the world to avoid and diffuse conflict. Compared to a 1, there is more of a pull towards completely numbing oneself to anger, not wanting to deal with the ramifications of having uncomfortable feelings. There is sense for a 9 of really wanting to remain undisturbed, to be one with the environment around you. It may be harder to pull away from other people's opinions especially as 9 does not like feeling disconnected. Does not necessarily mean a 9-fixer can't stand up for themselves but there is always more of an awareness of how uncomfortable they feel doing so especially when comparing it to a 1-fixer who has more of a reaction to initially repress anger (but still bottle it up inside) only for them to moralise.

    I don't have an example for 469 tritype fictional characters. Sorry.

    Also look at this (
    Also FunkyMBTI is a good source to use. There is stuff you can search up on both 469 and 461 that they have written about. Additionally they have enneagram typed both 461 and 469 characters.
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    Essentially, the Fauvres just mainstreamed Multiple Personality Disorder. Only people with MPD shift to different personality styles/strategies under stress and this phenomenon results from childhood trauma (typically sexual abuse). To date, the Fauvres have failed to produce research to counter the mountain of evidence gathered on MPD.

    Tritype falls into the bin of enneagram sci-fi (fake enneagram, pseudo-pop enneagram -- the business side). Learn real enneagram here. If Tritype were real, I would not have been able to take 2500+ people and organize them into a conceptually/logically/structurally flawless breakdown for every type, wing and stack.

    That's not to say Tritype has no practical benefits. Tritype can and does work like a placebo effect for people who are mistyped.
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    Type 4w5

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
    459 The Contemplative Archetype


    If you are 459 is described as being intuitive, knowledgeable, an accepting. You want to be original, wise and peaceful. Highly self aware and reflective, you are very shy, reserved and self conscious. You need regular quiet time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Easily flooded with emotion, it is difficult for you to voice your feelings and ideas to others.

    Your life mission is to delve deeply into the mysteries of life and share your insight with others. A true philosopher (also, contemplative), you are happiest when you can write about your discoveries and discuss them with others. Making sense of your world is a never ending quest.

    You can be so focused on your inner world that you can become inhibited and appear to be indifferent to others. Insecure, you become moody and expect others to initiate and come toward you.

    your growing edge is to recognize that your need to pull away into the private world of your making to ponder your thoughts and feelings keeps you from engaging with others. true contemplation leads to higher knowing that we are all connected in the universal unconscious.

    *Most withdrawn/introspective-459, 954, 549

    The 416, 459 and 469 all struggle with painful self-consciousness and inhibition.

    Both the 451 and 459 are reserved and introspective and self conscious. The 451 is very critical of themselves and others.They are very particular and have a lot of shoulds. They can be strident. Dissatisfaction is visible as their energy can be prickly. The 459 is more reserved and passive. They wait to be included. They are approachable but hope that others will come towards them. They are quiet in their demeanor. They project a sense of stillness. Their energy is soft and yielding. Dissatisfaction is hidden like in the 479.

    The 954 is more contemplative and the the 952 will be more focused on others.

    9s have a great capacity for depth, they just avoid conflict. Introspective 9s with 5 in the tritype are the intellectual 9s. (9s with 4 are the deep, emotional 9s. The 9 with the 459 tritype is all of the above.

    The 459 is the most reclusive type on the Enneagram. They are humble, modest and discreet. They can be ethereal and dreamy They are passive and unassertive. They are shy but usually display a pleasant countenance. They have complex inner worlds. the objective with the subjective. They are gentle, sensitive and avoidant. Since they are so reserved, they express their anger in a passive-aggressive manner.

    459 is a triple withdrawn...I imagine 459 to be more removed and cut off as a way of addressing any inner anxiety.

    Yeah you would have a difficult time with the triple withdrawn 459, many people do because their withdrawal and withholding feels harsh or very uninvolved. That's the type most likely to not realize their anger until much later, or not express it at all because they get stuck in not expressing themselves and experiencing everything more internally. The 1 in your tritype makes you more likely to exprsss discontent or negativity while the 7 still wants to keep things light and airy. The 459 can have a heavy feeling which can be daunting to someone desiring to keep things positive and productive as your tritype or the 371 might be inclined to do.

    A 459 would be pretty comfortable with separateness and solitude.
    [459]: Differences with 469 comes from the differences between 5 and 6 minds. 5 is like a withdrawn mind working alone to handle situations, life, and understanding, while 6 is more oriented to connections with collectivity and other people with thoughts. It's a receptive/expressive mind, using people as support for understanding and guidance. While 5 is more working alone, with its own maps and ideas.

    As for the 4 5 9 part, ..It speaks to me, because it points to the actual awareness of the lack of love and the feeling of separateness for a 9. 5s and 4s are normally described as having the experience most rooted in separateness. Perhaps the distinctions are finer though. 5s representing a feeling of separateness of self, 4 representing separateness of identity, and 9 representing an awareness of separateness from "love" or from the "whole" of the universe.

    E4 has the tri fixes 468 and 495 to deal with...where 468 push for a response while 459 move away. For example:
    4x5 moves away...stops to....push for the response.
    4x3 pushes for the response while moving away.

    all three Reflective Solutions Enneacards
    (Enneagram Types: 4, 5 & 9) in your Enneaspread.
    Naturally reserved and reflective, you see yourself as intuitive, introspective, perceptive and thoughtful. Responsible and diligent, you resist taking action that is not first well considered and thought out. You dislike making sudden changes and prefer to take time to think things through before acting. When opposed, you tend to take a step back or move away from others to evaluate your circumstances to manage problems.

    The 945 is very shy, sensitive and introspective. They need time to contemplate before taking action

    594: Accepting and intuitive 5. Most sensitive and withdrawn 5, especially if self-preserving. Tends to be remote.

    4-5-9 - The Introvert

    A true introvert. The withdrawn likes to delve within them self in order to release their tensions and stress. The more problems that arise in their life the farther the find themselves from the external world.

    459 - Knowledgeable and accepting 4. Most withdrawn and introspective 4, often an artisan, especially if self-preserving. Shy.

    five with a nine fix: pattern seeking above all. whimsical exploration,
    disposition of reluctant idealist. open minded,
    philosophical perspective. can seem to lack focus
    while associating groupings of information into larger
    theories. likes people and humanity as a whole,
    shares ideas and is relatively easy to get along with.

    945: Intuitive and knowledgeable 9. Most introspective, withdrawn and reserved 9, especially if self-preserving or introverted [or both].

    Another example would be a 4-6-8. Here we have a more aggressive and reactive Type 4 than say a 4-9-5, who would be more withdrawn, passive (9) and avoidant (5).

    4-5-9 would rely on their sensations completely. This makes them the most self-focused of the types. Its about what you experience. Like a 9, they tend to avoid things they find uncomfortable (the keyword here is what they find uncomfortable. Not what is generally accepted as uncomfortable). Like a 5, tend to lean towards enrichment. And like a 4, establish their identity towards what they live through. Naturally, what we personally experience in ourselves (our emotions) are a part of what we experience. Since this type is so internally focused, they tend to live the most in their own minds and their own world. Thus, their five-fix tends to gather a lot of information on themselves. Their four-fix and ever changing sensations may make them slightly more likely to feel confused as to who they are. Experiencing this confusion, they may analyze this as a problem and perhaps something that shouldn't be(?). Well, like I said, I'd need to think about it more. But mainly, this fix relies heavily on what they go through and what they live through. Especially on feeling sensations. I'm not really quite sure on what else to say, really
    5-4-9: shy, somewhat fragile and a bit romantic, such Fives tend to put on a congenial façade to hide their rich inner worlds from the society. They outwardly appear friendly but reserved, usually mysterious to other people who sense there is more depth and intensity hidden behind their amiable mask. These Fives have rich imaginations and love to immerse themselves in thoughts and fantasies. They are introspective, dreamy, creative and socially withdrawn, but also disorganized and painfully avoidant.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-9-4, 9-5-4, 4-5-9
    flavours: insightful, imaginative, enigmatic and unstructured

    5-9-4: reclusive, modest, discreet and quite dreamy and unassertive, such Fives possess a vast imagination in which they spend most of their time among their theories, fantasies and vivid memories. They have a somewhat bohemian charm to them – they are relaxed, casual, creative and a bit reckless. Usually pleasant and undisturbed on the outside, they hide complex inner worlds in which reality interweaves with fantasy, real with imaginary, the objective with the subjective. These Fives are gentle, sensitive and avoidant and tend to express their anger in a passive-aggressive manner.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-4-9, 9-5-4, 4-5-9
    flavours: laid-back, unconventional, imaginative and random

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