What do Enneagram types think of Enneagram?

What do Enneagram types think of Enneagram?

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This is a discussion on What do Enneagram types think of Enneagram? within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I have seen somewhere on internet (but sadly can't find it again) what are enneagram types thinking of, when you ...

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    Type 5

    What do Enneagram types think of Enneagram?

    I have seen somewhere on internet (but sadly can't find it again) what are enneagram types thinking of, when you tell them about Enneagram. Only parts I remember are, that 7's and 8's don't like this idea so much, while 4's and 5's love it. Rest is something in middle.

    These were things from that site. I can't find it again, so I ask you - what do you think is each type thinking of Enneagram?
    (If you think you found the link, post it here)

    My personal experience (even throught I haven't typed so much people) is, that only 8 I know hated the Enneagram idea, while only 5 I know (ME! :foreveraloneface:) loves this idea and wants to learn about it as much as he can. And one 7 I know doesn't care at all about it (but I neither told him about it, so that may be the reason).
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    Well I'll be happy to inform you that I'm a type two, and I love the enneagram. Could be my 4 wing needing to learn more about and explore myself... but I'm a 2 and I love enneagram if it helps!

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    I'm a 5 and I love it for the same reason it seems like most 5's do. Finally, a reflection of how I am that actually makes sense. Since 5's are also a rarer type it was really nice to now there were others out there who operated in the same way. I'm also the kind of person who LOVES doing self-work - I tend to see life as a long personal growth process, so it was another tool to add to my arsenal. It has been extremely helpful for me.

    Because I'm an enneagram nut, most of my friends and family now know their types so I'll give you the run down of these particular peoples reactions:

    6w7 (partner) : likes it, but only on a very surface level.
    6w5 (parent): mildly interested in the insights I give about family members, but wouldn't seek out info on his own.
    9w8 (parent): interested in the info I pass on, but again, wouldn't seek out info on her own.
    7w6 (sibling): completely and utterly uninterested in any way and annoyed when I bring it up
    5w? (friend): somewhat interested, but we haven't had an opportunity to discuss very much, so they could be more intersted than I think.
    1w9 (friend): very very very interested and loves learning about it.
    6w5 (friend): interested and I think looks a few things up, but not as in depth as her 1w9 sister.
    9w8 (friend): very slightly interested, would never look up info on their own
    4w3 (sibling): interested and reads things I pass on that i think would be helpful. He's not sure what to do with the info.
    2w? (friend): somewhat interested, has collected their own info, but not a ton

    I also work in a Centre where most of us utilize the enneagram but some have a bigger interest than others:
    4w?: very interested, has tons of her own books
    6w5: very interested, lots of her own books too
    8w7: interested but a very busy person who feels they don't have time to look in depth, occasionally glances at co-workers books
    9w8: slightly interested
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    @darude11 , interesting thread so don't be sad! ^_^

    @sleepyhead , thank you! That was insightful. Also I have some Nine friends whom I have introduced Enneagram. None of them will probably deepen their knowledge but both were very interested (at least for Nines). One of them is a Nine with balanced wings, one is 9w8. Both of them recognized their type quite easily and also I had thought they might be Nines. Both of them probably have a Four in their tritype, I have been wondering whether having a Four in the tritype makes one more likely to be interested...

    My father is also a Nine, with a One wing though, and those same issues apply to him too except that I do not know his heart fix. Anyway, also he was interested enough to listen and talk about it but not enough to bother to do anything by himself.

    My brother is 8w7 and was interested enough to read short descriptions and identify himself as an Eight but that's it.

    My SO is 6w7 with a Four as his third fix and is quite interested. We compare our perceptions and interpretations and discuss about the theory every now and then. He has been interested in figuring out his own tritype etc. but has never been even nearly as enthusiastic as I am about it. It took him some time to recognize his core type since he has a lot of One issues too. He's still a bit unsure about his type though but pretty much 6w7 :)

    My mother is tritype 612 and is not interested. I think she would (or at least should) recognize her core type quite easily, she is the most phobic Six I have ever met.

    I have a friend who is 4w3 and she was somewhat interested, she found her type quite easily.
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    Type 5w4

    I'm not sure whether etype matters as far as interest goes. That said, I find it way too interesting and I have to restrain myself from talking about it because others could give a crap. I also have to keep myself from thinking about it all the time. I'll react in some way anymore and I find myself, reflexively considering it within the sphere of the enneagram. But that goes for all the things that interest me- I find lots of obscure things interesting while others don't seem to care. This is pretty much how the majority of my conversations go (pretend I'm Peter Parker):

    Peter Parker: Some spiders change colors to blend into their environment. It's a defense mechanism.
    Harry Osborn: Peter, what possibly makes you think I would want to know that?
    Peter Parker: Who wouldn't?
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    Type 9w8

    The only people in my life I know who are interested in Enneagram are people I initially met on typology forums, same people also cover the 'people in my life interested in MBTI' area.

    Of course that then leads on to the question of are there more common types found typology forums, or do people on typology forms frequently type a certain way (mistyped and not).

    Personally I see it as an aid in the journey of self-awareness and in turn self-improvement.
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    That's funny.
    I'm a 5 and I love it.
    I know a 6w5 who is interested, but not as much as I am.
    while I know a 6w7 who is not too interested.
    I've only really suggested enneagram to other people I think are probably Type 5's and they seem very interested, which makes me think even more that they are probably Fives.
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    Type 5

    I am not still sure about it, but I think it was like this on the site:
    7 and 8 hate Enneagram.
    1, 2 and 6 are neutral with Enneagram.
    3 and 9 like, but don't feel to learn more by themselves about Enneagram.
    4 and 5 love Enneagram.

    Here I have seen examples of other people, and since I am not sure until I will find that site, I can't tell for sure, that this is right (even if it was what was actually written on the site).

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    Quote Originally Posted by darude11 View Post
    I am not still sure about it, but I think it was like this on the site:
    7 and 8 hate Enneagram.
    Why would we?
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    I'm a 7w8, and I think it's really interesting; I don't hate it at all. I've been studying it for like the last 12 years. It's helped me realize exactly why I am the way I am. I think it can also be useful in my dealings with others...prolly the con-artist in me, looking for a way to one-up someone ;)

    I also find it incredibly useful just for fathoming why others have a completely different viewpoint on reality than I do.
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