Your enneagram type stability

Your enneagram type stability

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This is a discussion on Your enneagram type stability within the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; As I understand it, a desirable path is to traverse the Enneagram in life, ideally absorbing the virtues of every ...

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    Your enneagram type stability

    As I understand it, a desirable path is to traverse the Enneagram in life, ideally absorbing the virtues of every type along the way. However, I seem to see Enneagram discussion oriented in the way we discuss MBTI - as a more-or-less static personality type, notwithstanding the nuance of integration and disintegration. This appears to be a precursor e.g., for useful discussions about the developmental trajectory of a particular type, or relationship stability among types.

    What do you believe about your own type? Have you acquired a type "identity" with its integration and disintegration, and found it has always stuck with you? Or do you think that throughout life, you have walked your way around the Enneagram, adopting each type at different stages? If the latter, did these stages follow the prescribed order (of integration or disintegration)?

    I understand the theory behind the idea that we could traverse the whole Enneagram. However, I'm not yet convinced.

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    The Enneagram does involve movement through the types, but there's nothing easy or simple about it. i.e. the way you say "walked your way around the Enneagram" "adopting each type", as if it's as easy as changing a pair of clothes. Transitioning in some direction, whether it's integration through increased self-awareness, or disintegration through hard times and coping mechanisms, is a hugely involved process. It's like a whole bunch of rusty gears slowly, slowly, grinding. And don't forget that it's not uncommon to never integrate, except in very marginal ways... Inertia is a huge factor in personality, which the Enneagram acknowledges. There's a reason why other personality systems don't acknowledge possible movement... because human personality seems to static. You have to either have the wherewithall to overcome inertia in order to integrate, or face really trying and dramatic situations that make you disintegrate (and the disintegration in that sense is actually a good thing, because it's a coping mechanism, it keeps you from getting more unhealthy in your own type).

    The Enneagram addresses the dynamic quality of human personality, but in my mind, the way human personality shifts is like the way molasses flows over a surface...

    To be honest, the notion of moving around the entire Enneagram seems like fantasy to me. I'm not really sure what context that would happen in, or how it would be useful.
    I feel as if I've struggled for years and years just to transition (sort of- not really) into another type that truly fits who I want to be better.... But even in that sense, I haven't truly changed type....


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