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ENTJ Depression

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This is a discussion on ENTJ Depression within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Inferior Fi is a bitch. We feel everything so strongly and deeply and rarely let it make it to the ...

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    Inferior Fi is a bitch. We feel everything so strongly and deeply and rarely let it make it to the surface. We live externally, in Te land, so for our emotions to be purely inside of us, never reaching our external worlds where we can shape them and control them is difficult. I would say try to bring your emotions to the external world. Speak them out loud. "Say your truths" or whatever. It'll probably help.
    Also, I find solace in literature and poems and music with respect to my emotions. Singing along to my favorite emotional songs, reading words that actually feel like they understand me, etc. It helps. Hope the best for you!
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    Does it make you better?
    No. Stop doing it!
    Will it make you better?
    Yes. Do it!

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    I am an ENTJ who struggled with depression and all I can tell is it was because I was stuck in a situation where I couldn't develop my potential and felt out of control over my life (felt like I can't do anything about it and change the unwanted situation). As an ENTJ I feel I have to constantly work on reaching some goals. I like the challenge and I like to find best paths and efficient solutions to problems. So no wonder when I found myself in a situation where I couldn't follow my goals and was surrounded by not ambitious people, I got depressed. I can see now that instead of resigning, being afraid and not trusting my abilities to get something better, I should have gathered my strenght, come up with a plan and escaped the situation as soon as I realised it's not what I want and not what will allow me realise my ambitions.

    I found this to be very accurate:
    When levels of high stress being to arise the ENTJ may exhibit less logical means of problem solving. Instead of their usually capable of selves the ENTJ may find themselves focusing more on their internal emotions. The ENTJ may struggle with making important decisions and will place more emphasis on how they feel about the problem. Instead of placing emphasis on the importance of factual solutions, the ENTJ may place more importance on what is morally right or wrong. They may begin to lash out at others in anger and frustration, and appear more uneasy and less focused than usual.

    How to Deal: To reconnect with their normal selves, the ENTJ needs to place more focus on the importance of efficiency. They need to maintain order once again and focus on implementing their strategies. The ENTJ needs to regain trust in their ideas and their ability to find powerful solution to their problems. Regaining focus on their natural skills and talents, and placing more importance on the future outcomes.

    source: personalitygrowth . com/the-different-levels-of-stress-for-each-personality-type/
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    Getting proper sleep helped stabilize my morning mood so I could focus on ways and tricks to keep myself motivated. Keeping a journal helped me vent when there wasn't much to vent to (even though the stuff I read back on really makes me wince). Working out can help distract from things that piss you off and relieve unnecessary stress; also makes you feel like you're being productive. Having a group or important person to be with can also really help, because talking to people--extroversion and all--can really make a moment better. There's no immediate solution, but three years of depression later and I'm out of it for the most part
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    I get depressed because I don't have a lot of friends to hang out with, and don't have (haven't ever had) a girlfriend... I definitely WANT a girlfriend, and WANT more friends to hang out with, buy my ENTJ personality keeps me back. I see what you mean though. I actually also have ADHD and something called Asperger's Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum, and while I function normally, it's harder for me to make friends and learn how to form a relationship since I lack some of the social skills (but am learning) necessary for that, and therefore get depressed because I get jealous of other friends hanging out with their friends, and friends who have a girlfriend or boyfriend.
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    Oh. My. God.

    I will help you, Follow the steps, and this will cure your depression

    Take melatonin before sleeping and sleep 8 hours

    Take a psychologist for you

    Understand Depression, Anxiety and Happiness with Books

    Sport , Running and Fight.

    Stop you're shit , Porn , Sugar , Addiction.

    Stop lying, 80% of mental illnesses come from lies to others and have either be true with those who make you angry and those that make you happy.

    Read this

    Take care of yourself, Dress, wash, think of either before others.

    Take Natural Vitamins A , B , D and magnesium.

    Now Step 2

    Put your life in order.

    Clean, Store, Sort, Objects, Use Time,

    Make an update

    Step 3

    Go out in the sun, walk with people, if you are alone then go to sports bands and tell yourself that you have an incredible chance.

    A chance to be alive, to have food, to have parents, to have a choice in a free country, because we are the small minority in the history of mankind who have the chance And the comfort of accomplishing great things.

    I also have an ADHD, I have my problems, I am only a man, weak and strong, filled with fear and courage, pain and philosophy with his own vision of things.

    My friends I believe in the world where the darkness wants to engulf us

    We must fight because it is in the darkness that we see the most beautiful lights, it is in the rain that the most beautiful battles have been conducted.

    Life is short, you are powerful because you know your weakness, you are millions of years of evolutions.

    Are not you happy?
    Your lifestyle? From your body? From your relationships? What about your work?
    You work with assholes?
    Spoiler life is unfair and it is not by giving up and falling into a despair that you are going to get better.

    There is a solution to all the problems, it is painful, you will cry but we do not build a castle with flowers, but with hours of work in the cold

    Nothing Is free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drog View Post
    Oh. My. God.

    I will help you, Follow the steps, and this will cure your depression

    Take melatonin before sleeping and sleep 8 hours

    Yes, IMO you are right that things listed by you works but way you express it is not proper for somebody in depressed state.
    This is long way to get out from this kind of state. It is mostly related with life habits and often with people around.

    When I was getting out from similar states I have found out that family and many people around didn't anderstoos me (they claimed that they do) and were toxic to me.

    The most important from my point of view is to keep going - and this is what IMO we ENTJ'a can do well when we are focused on it :)
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    Are you depressed or anxious? Or Both? I don't like how many professionals lump them together.

    “If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

    ― Lao Tzu
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    Hello OP, i would say i have some exp with depression, first memory of my 2 year old self... is dad trying to kill himself by laying a belt around his neck and loosing conciousness ;) no need for further information i guess... yeah and that shit continued to this day... so i will give you some advice that helped for me. but dont necesarrily work for you... see for yourself. i had 4 major depressions so far. every 6-9 years a new one is coming.


    1. make the Decision to get out of it... yey i know that sounds maybe stupid but ask really for yourself.... maybe you just want to be sad at the time ?.... i had this time by myself and was ... totally good with me being really really sad, lonely, frustrated and so on... sometimes you just have to be in a shitty mood... aahhh weird isnt it? (yes, for years)

    2. make a plan to get out of it containing this 3 big areas, define the goals for yourself, because it needs to fit your personal taste
    -a) Body
    -b) people around you
    -c) anchorpoint

    a) Sport, Food, Sunshine
    b) Family friends colleagues
    c) Religion Hobbies Ethics Home

    Investigating in this topics also increase your knowledge and therefore your arsenal to fight on this ground. If you cant do something because you dont know HOW TO... please go for the internet, and search what you need, lets say when it comes to the right nutrition wich is REALLY important !!!
    Move your Body at least a few KM a day just by your self... no cars... bicycle is allowed movement is GOOD
    Sunshine... omg i hate it... i hate happy smiling faces in the bright sunshine... but i cant deny it is making me feel better *grunt

    Family friends and colleagues... ditch the assholes and go for the lonely road until you find better and more honorable people.
    you really have to kill all bad toxic relationships no matter if family or not... it will poison you throughout your entire life... just stop being around assholes !!!

    Anchorpoint... yey the first thing here is religion but listen carefully... its not the religion that is important but what it stands for... you can have basically every believe that you can imagine as long as it gives you something as an individual something to hold on...

    for me its my Ethic codex that im using for many years now... as long as i listen to my own rules that i set in this codex... i can not feel guilty for what im doing... ofc im outside of my Rules... from time to time ^^ but when im depressed... im back again and it helps a LOT !!

    3. Make out the weakest points of yourself and work around them to get a better access... also you need to set a simple goal within a realistic timespan... the thing is you can also manipulate your self by starting with too easy to loose goals and motivate yourself more and more and then go for the medium goals before you are loosing interest.

    also dont try to be perfect in all points, it really doesnt matter, just start out one by one... i usually make my long time goal last for about one year before reaching it, thats my personal preference.

    Good luck!

    I hope i was able to help you a bit.

    If not,... feel free to ask again and more specific ;)

    Greetings Sca

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