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Any ENTJ gamers here?

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This is a discussion on Any ENTJ gamers here? within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I game quite much and have played a large amount of games and have reached a conclusion that i have ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I game quite much and have played a large amount of games and have reached a conclusion that i have different categories:

    Story games:
    Rationale: These games i usually play single player where i enjoy the story, immersion and feel of the game, these games i consider spare time luxury and me time. Like an interactive book. Funny is that old space games usually qualify here. Also in these games you can usually rally people and makes changes to the world as you fit.
    Example: Baldurs gate 1&2, Neverwinter nights 1&2, Commandos 1, Freespace 1&2, Freelancer, Fallout 1&2& New vegas, Morrowind, Dawn of war 1: winter assault, Demon's souls, Dark souls, Half life 1&2.

    Interesting games:
    Rationale: Usually games that appeal to my interest and hobbies and allow me to implement my own tactics and strategies, usually plays multiplayer also. And my interest here is military history, i have read much books on the subject and have some shelves of books on it.
    Examples: Total war series, Paradox grand strategy games, Arma 1&2, Close combat series, Wargame: European Escalation(W:EE), Men of war assault squad (MoW:AS), Supreme commander, total annihilation.

    Buddy/Competitive games:
    Rationale: Fun competitive games i have or force friends to play with me, these game i also can play some quick online matches to wind of from study and such. These are fun because of the competitive match setting, usually land in my acting as a group chief.
    Example: Dota 2, Dawn of war 2, Arma2, MoW:as, W:EE, left 4 dead 2, Project reality mod for BF2, BF3, SC2, Space Marine.

    Are you other ENTJ actually able to role play a character in an RPG? I find that really hard and have been trying to do it, but usually i just make decision that i would have done, not "in character" or something like that.

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    RTS has always been my thing. I like roguelike games because I'd like to know I can beat random aspects.

    I do play some kinds of RPG because I enjoy maxing out skills and rpgs, guess due to my age some RPGs from Japan were entertaining.Not a fan of FPSes because I'm out of that phase though was heavily into things like Quake 3 and UT back in the day.

    I do like some stealth action games. I like games that are challenging because it's fun to beat when I'm tired.

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