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The Ambitions of an ENTJ

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This is a discussion on The Ambitions of an ENTJ within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Bolderousness The problem with being born into an above average family that spoiled you for more than ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolderousness View Post
    The problem with being born into an above average family that spoiled you for more than half your life is that you really have to make your own ambition. It's easy to just get a nine-to-five and live off what you have and work hard to maybe get promoted. It also has to be specific. None of this broad "Help humanity" or "stomp out pretension."

    I like this. Ambitions don't have to be these bombastic "Succeed in millions" "changing the world" goals. Some of them can just be personal quests, or good enough for their life.

    Now what's my ambition so far? Conan said it best. "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." Granted, not as barbaric as he would imply, but I am totally motivated by trying not to be inferior to other people, and I just might like the attention, too. It's why I work out, why I stay motivated when working, why I'm even socially active. It's not the happiest existence, as some have said, and it is stressful, but I'm where I am because of it.

    Also, I'd like to get at least a 3.8 GPA when starting college. It goes back to the not being inferior thing. What's great is that it's a never-ending goal, and there's a lot of personal situational factors involved to make it difficult for anyone else I know to understand what the Hell I'm talking about.

    And here's the thing, I don't really have a physical ambition that goes beyond college grades, so the other ambition is planning a lifelong ambition with my first two years of college while knocking out core classes. We'll see where it goes.
    ENTJ's talk a lot of shit about being strong. I think one of the greatest strengths one can achieve is to just not give a fuck what others think you should you be.

    No one's said it flat out but I know some think it: " You're not loud and self-agrandizing enough-you aren't well off-you aren't ENTJ!"
    I don't fit a shallow stereotype!? Oh noes!

    I didn't grow up with the support most people have. TBH, I don't think the chronic debilitating disease was the problem but how my family deal with it.
    " You have a disease that's just going to kill you so why bother doing anything with your life?"
    Since they were lazy my Grandmother raised and she was flat out crazy. I had ambitions she had narcism, a martry complex and something akin to munchousen by proxy. ( I say a kin because I did have severely limiting health problems but nearly to the extent that she made out to be) she made them out to be mental, like a serious developmental disorder, she hired a baby sitter when I was 24. She put me on government help before I was out if HS and had a chance to try on my own. In HS they didn't believe my disease was real. They said I was lazy and a bad kid ( I slept through class because I was sick) tbh, I only technically graduated-they just gave me a diploma because they were sick of dealing with my Grandmother.

    When I told her I wanted to go to college she said " Oh honey, you can't! You just can't!"
    I finally escaped from her and a week later I started college by accidentally taking the wrong bus- I paid for classes with money I saved up from my first job.
    I got my AA there, and a BA in law, paid for by the head of DECA in my HS. I hate business but I needed the credits. I got the best grades without trying. I wanted to quit but stayed on as a TA in exchange for a few years of law paid for ( I wanted marine biology but he had no clout there).

    No, I didn't get to be a lawyer. By that time my disease progressed and I ended up on disability for the reason that " No one will hire you with those limitations."

    But I live with a wonderfull husband in a decent home in a pretty great area. I have friends who respect me and know what I'm capable of. I look for work where I can find it but as was predicted, no one will hire someone who can't sit or stand for four hours and sure as hell not someone who will miss more than two days a months because thier body just decides to take the day off.
    In the meantime I became an artist. I have a small following/group of clients. I don't want to get too popular. The world if " big art" just doesn't appeal to me.

    No one thought I'd live past nine, no one thought I'd live in my own they sure as hell thought I'd be alone forever.

    Point is, according to some I haven't done much but I did it all on my win with the world working against me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fumetsu View Post
    Point is, according to some I haven't done much but I did it all on my win with the world working against me.
    Don't know about the shitheads who comment you haven't accomplished much, but I find that a rather impressive story and am glad to hear your outcome in the end. Also comforting to hear you can not become a lawyer after a law degree and settle down with a family of your comfort still.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fumetsu View Post
    I think one of the greatest strengths one can achieve is to just not give a fuck what others think you should be.
    It really helps. The image of being an emotionally expressive, intensely moral, Christian guy was heavily hammered into my head when growing up, when all it did was really stunt my growth. I eventually learned to actually think and act for myself, and that was met with harsh criticism. My brother thinks I'm not a good person, as he uses me for his own emotional benefit. My dad's Christianity is more harmful, contradicting, inarticulate, and destructive. My mom wants me to be more emotionally expressive and "happier," but she's the one who cries the most out of the family. While I learned to deal with their positives throughout the years and appreciate their physical providence, their bads are eventually going to hold me back as my parents are pressuring me to take care of them when older, which is shitty to me. My future career when I choose one is not going to be held back by them because I morally owe them something.

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    I want to help others realize what they're capable of.

    People are awesome and resilient, but a lot don't know what they can truly do. "I don't know if I can...", "Is that possible?", "You make it sound easier than it is!" All mental blocks I hear a lot and try to actively crush by showing peeps how it's done, as well as teaching them my methods of problem solving. Giving a man a fish and teaching a man to fish, and all that.

    The "Aha!" moment they get is rewarding on a whole other level. It makes the world more positive and pushes back the negative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsBossyPants View Post
    A bipedal, feathered, flightless carnivore? So, a velociraptor penguin? Sounds about right.
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    Make the best films since Tarkovsky and Kubrick, because people deserve better than the shit being shown now, in both the Hollywood and independent film worlds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultio View Post
    Actually, not. Penguins are piscivores.

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    Make a damn good product. As figurative or literal as it has to be. Make a damn good product and stand up for what's logical and right even if no one else does.
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