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    ENTJ - The Executives

    I've compile this thread in to one list, makes for some amazing reading:

    1. Overload of emotions, want to share them.
    2. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but ENFPs like to make out more than other types!
    3. Connection with animals/insects.
    4. Oops sorry.
    5. Do Y’All Like Getting Special Attention From Weird People?
    6. You guys care. Like, a lot.
    7. Do you ever get tired of opening peoples hearts?
    8. Givers in an ocean of takers.
    9. Describe what your soul looks like.
    10. Why do you like to huge hug/say I love you so much?
    11. What’s your soul song?
    12. Seeking an ENFP girl with a yellow toothbrush??
    13. Do you play pretend?
    14. Do you need me?
    15. Do we ever learn not to get our hearts stomped on so easily?
    16. If you sense someone is not happy and its awkward, do you need to make them happy?
    17. If a goat fucked a squirrel, would that equal a squirroat?
    18. We care because we are square
    19. Mostly likely ENTJ to pet a unicorn while naked and wearing a cape
    20. ENTJ singing on video thread
    21. Let’s vocaroo our farts
    22. How to be really, really, ridiculously good looking
    23. the VENTING thread
    24. I’m done with this capitalist society and its stupid fixation with money (A rant)
    25. The sex advice thread
    26. Why are we considered the most hardass personality type?
    27. Lets watch MsBossyPants shake her pom-poms thread
    28. songs about your current feeling
    29. I’m so emotional I’m having trouble making practical decisions, I just want everyone to like me )= help me
    30. Feelings being hurt, being very sensitive at times
    31. Is Star Wars happening to the United States
    32. Grinding?
    33. Advice for first time at a club
    34. Your thoughts on this valentines day idea…
    35. Shedding tears & what other people think of me”
    36. Feeling like you don’t mean as much to your friends as they mean to you…?
    37. Are you okay with being vulnerable?
    38. New year; new me?
    39. Something she said to me and I was offended
    40. Rant about your feelings here…
    41. Too much love… what do you do?
    42. Is this ever okay?
    43. How did you fall in love
    44. Crap… I can’t explain my brain.
    45. ENTJ Art, no harsh criticism please <3
    46. I wish I could fit in
    47. Your last peaceful vacation
    48. Finding myself
    49. Cartoons/Anime that has impacted your life/changed your perspectives
    50. Advice please! Tip toeing around a (possibly) jealous friend…?
    51. Need help separating myself from a hurtful friend.
    52. Doormat? Too closed up?
    53. Follow Your Heart: Find Your Values.
    54. Are we easy to talk to?
    55. Need inspiration for a poem (about myself).
    56. Rainbows and Sunshine
    57. Imagine if one day, we woke up and lost our shyness…
    58. Can we be best friends? :) I want you all! :)
    59. Ever notice that you tilt your head to the right?
    60. Seeking an ENFP girl with a “yellow” toothbrush.
    61. Feelings being hurt, being very sensitive at times
    62. The stream of consciousness – Venting thread for ENTJs
    63. You’re so quiet
    64. What do you hate about yourself
    65. Do you get persecuted for caring too much for animals like they are people?
    66. Daydreaming
    67. How do you deal with feelings of inadequacy?
    68. In what ways you avoid conflicts or avoid crowded places?
    69. Why do cats like boxes?
    70. When Was the Last Time you Cried?
    71. Can You Explain How Your Fi Works?
    72. Feeling like I’m a Bad Person?
    73. How do we get out of toxic relations and heavy manipulations?
    74. Rainbows and Sunshine
    75. Entirely from my heart and my soul
    76. Do you make excuses for everything you say and do?
    77. Are you really Idealistic/Optimistic?
    78. Lyrics that you feel show a facet of your spirit
    79. Scared of Life
    80. Healers – Hooponopono
    81. Issues with Disrupting Other Peoples Lives
    82. Strippers Have Feelings Too?
    83. Are You OK With Being Vulnerable?
    84. How Do You Express Your Emotions in Public?
    85. Meltdowns
    86. I’m Reaching Out for Support Today
    87. Do You Have A Tendency to Apologise?
    88. The Tribulations of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
    89. Dogs: Man’s best friend or worst enemy?
    90. Hypothetical situation… about love. Awwww
    91. The Happy Thread!
    92. Feeling Misunderstood, Left out, & Abandoned.
    93. Facebook: A tool for helping people
    94. Isolation and desire to connect
    95. Hello everyone, would anyone like to be my friend here?
    96. Let’s talk about some of our Ideals
    97. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but ENFPs like to make out more than other types!
    98. Too Affectionate?
    99. Help with my Confidence Levels
    100. Do I have Histrionic tendencies?
    101. Learning to let go…
    102. Why do ENTPs kick so much ass?
    103. Plagued by the darkness of my soul and drowning in my own sea of emotions.
    104. I just want to spend the rest of my life looking at puppies.
    105. Favourite soap opera???????????
    106. The Zen of ENTJ
    107. Why doesn’t anyone like me?!!!!
    108. Do ENTJs Fall in Love (Or get Fond) Too Easily?
    109. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor is a song, yes?
    110. The Deep and Meaningful Winnie-The-Pooh Character Test
    111. Have you ever had a crush on a non-human cartoon character?
    112. Have you ever felt too much of someone else’s sadness?
    113. Why do some chords make me cry
    114. How much are you a Justin Bieber wannabe?
    115. Science is flawed.
    116. What’s a good way to describe yellow to someone?
    117. How to Make People like me????? :(
    118. Taking Things Too Personally
    119. LOL I’m such a slacker…
    120. Why do you guys not stand up for yourselves??
    121. Inspirational Art Moods?
    122. You’re So Quiet
    123. Do you daydream/fantasise a lot?
    124. I know that you are probably right, but I’m still gonna disagree with you.
    125. Laziness and Productivity: Advice?
    126. Expressing Sympathy to your boss
    127. Why Capitalism just doesn’t work
    128. How to cheer up instead of being sad or worrying?
    129. Accidentally Ate My Own Shit.
    130. How to feel
    131. How are you feeling today?
    132. Can you hear shapes?
    133. Too Emotional at Work — now what?
    134. Horrid Weather – How do you cope?
    135. I Feel Helpless Because I’m Tall
    136. Does anyone else daydream a lot?
    137. Where should my opinion of right and wrong come from?
    138. Tips to mend your [sic.] broken heart
    139. Stories about being polite to the police officer.
    140. I am actually an idiot
    141. I just adore small talk
    142. The earth is flat
    143. So much inner complexity it hurts :(
    144. Tips on how to emotionally cope with insults?
    145. Any homemakers out there?
    146. Why ESTJs make our life better.
    147. A nice tip to stop negative self talk
    148. Your favourite cereal and what it says about you
    149. How does one socialise?
    150. How to overcome self-loathing
    151. I’m always the one saying sorry
    152. I’m afraid to stand out HELP
    153. Expert astrologist advice on getting your ex back!
    154. The joy of a rigid schedule
    155. The beauty of repetition
    156. How astral projection can save your soul
    157. Why your feelings know more than your head
    158. What’s that emotion called that’s kind of like 20% happy but also 10% sad and 30% angry and 50% depressed?
    159. Should I name my child a happy name or a sad name?
    160. My astrology symbol is x and my boyfriend/girlfriend is a x, can we still marry?
    161. Why is everyone just like me?
    162. Does this shirt make me look fat?
    163. Why do my ENTP friend keep yelling at my garden gnome?
    164. Domesticating the ENTP.
    165. There is Nothing More To it Than the Literal Level. Shut Up and Just Accept It
    166. Problems with Low Libido
    167. Cubicle Life is Really Interesting
    168. I’m Being Accused of Being Too Organised and Punctual. Help!
    169. Share Your Cross Stitch Patterns!
    170. Inspirational Quotes that Made You Cry
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